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Steven Seagal's TV Show

Suspended By Cops

4/14/2010 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Seagal's A&E reality show has been suspended indefinitely -- and the person pulling the plug is the real life sheriff from "Steven Seagal Lawman."


The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office has announced that they have booted the production crews from their offices, in light of the sexual trafficking lawsuit filed against Seagal in Los Angeles. The reality show follows Seagal on the job as a reserve deputy sheriff.

During a news conference moments ago in Louisiana, Sheriff Newell Normand also announced that he will not be launching an investigation into Seagal -- unless Kayden Nguyen files a criminal complaint in Jefferson Parish.

As TMZ first reported, Nguyen is suing the actor because he allegedly treated her like a "sex toy" during her brief stint as Steven's executive assistant. Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the suit a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth."


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Auntie Lu    

I don't believe this story for a second. She can get in line behind the other girls who cry "lawsuit" instead of "Cop" when they are "assaulted" by a celebrity.

Now that she's outted herself as a little skank, what decent lesbian would have her -- or any man for that matter.

1631 days ago

I don't believe her story, because if other women that she claims Seagal had locked up as his concubine would already defend her complaint. She is in for the money. He can counter sue her for slander.

1631 days ago

linda cortez    

all woman want fame from sexy male actors always make up lies about them just to make the news. it makes us the good woman look bad. these guys try to be nice and get a kick in the butt. if he tells you i do not want you they make up a lie. these girls need to grown up no is no girls it works both ways. i think steven is a honest man we all have faults in our lives.

1631 days ago


She's a bitch.

1631 days ago


Yes I also agree that saving a natural tooth by endo or perio prosedure is a better option than extracting & placing implants really good artical & discussion

1631 days ago


Steven should kung fu that girl in the neck.

1631 days ago


This sounds fantastic ! I honestly can’t wait I hope there isnt too much wait for it to be shown in the UK but the second it does you can count on me watching it.


1630 days ago


So the Sheriff is finding him guilty without a trail? If they are not charging him then they should not be punishing him, if this is proven false they should lokc this woman up for a long time & make her pay Seagal 1 million, plus court cost.

1630 days ago


Their may be two sides to every story but do you really think Steven would do something like this? In plain English no. He is a man of his word and follows it to the tee. I'm sorry he had to fall victim to something like this. If there were more people in this world with his integrity we would be in a better place. This man is full of life and has alot to offer society. Keep strong Steven.

1630 days ago

JVM Fan    

Let me guess--he will be headed to sex rehab this weekend. Geeeeezzz. I know JVM on "Issues" will be be covering this story tonight. I hope she exposes him for who he is.

1630 days ago


I loved this show. I hope that they end up putting it back on. The girl who is saying this is probably not from USA and is a poor girl looking for a way to make a $. she should have went to the police and not the lawyer for money. Hell i would be his assistant and give hime anything he wanted drugged or not.

1630 days ago


Wasn't Seagal a wife beater, too?

1630 days ago


Steven Seagal we all love you and believe you, forever.

1626 days ago

samuel murillo    

she's a whore she just wants ****in money from the hommie!!!!!

1626 days ago


@Heather, lmao!!!!! You were spot on!!! I watched Lawman to laugh. His fatarss teaching other fatarsses how to do the crane kick from karate kid, hahahahaha! They would do a slowmo when he would drive around and notice the "subtle signs" of something wrong. Like someone pulling a machine gun out and running, lol!!! Really you think???? Lets check it out Barney Fife maybe they're up to no good. Then they call the real police to back them up. They always catch up with the camera and they are out of breath and just happen to have apprehended the suspect. Pure hilarity!!!! I miss it already, and him strutting around pulling up his pants and sticking out his chest when people say hey you're Spephen seagal, my grandma has all you movies. You know he would drop kick them if he still could for saying my grandma loves you. He always gets the same grimace on his face. Probably still gets grandmas number though when he slips the autograph. Anyway, we shall see what the truth is, but a lot of big name stars who don't need his fame are saying that he was like that to them before they made it are speaking out. Seems like there is something to it. He certainly has an ego, that is apparent. I guess I can always rent his movies for a laugh if they cancel the show for good. I hope that justice prevails even if it means I laugh a little less.

1625 days ago
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