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'American Idol' Front-Runner Almost Quit

4/16/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "American Idol" contestant Crystal Bowersox threw in the towel a little more than two weeks ago and was walking off the show, when Ryan Seacrest did some fast-talking and changed her mind.

cystal bowersox and ryan seacrest
It went down in a parking lot after an "A.I." show.  In front of several people, Crystal told Ryan she couldn't handle the competition.... she said she hated the attention and said to Seacrest, "What's the point?"

Crystal said she was going back to Ohio to be with her family, whom she missed terribly.

Ryan told Crystal that being on "Idol" was like starting a business, and if she won she'd get a recording contract and become a millionaire.

Seacrest sealed the deal by telling her, "The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house.  You can buy your mom a house." 

Seacrest out ... Crystal, not out.


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Look at the other woman in England who has continual issues being famous. Susan something?? One cannot imagine the pressure until you are in there shoes. They are all very young people. They are still learning coping skills in life. I just wish the judges were not so harsh at times and they all have there own opinions, but they can be confusing to them all. Ryan at least points this out. I personally like Sioban she is different but Simon always trashes her. I hope one of the girls win.

1616 days ago


I just noticed that Ryan looks like the Shamm Wow guy in that photo.

1616 days ago


Really dont care for her, she needs to go home! She makes Ohio look bad! Ugh

1616 days ago


Oh my, if Crystal left the show I would cry. She is absolutely the best. I can understand there is a ton of pressure, plus seeing people who have become good friends leave each week must be really hard.

She is so talented and will go so far. Please, Crystal, stick it out.

Good for you Ryan for counseling her, although I must say I am not sure the "millionaire" tack is the best, she is a little deeper than that (although, it is a nice perk, and the reality)

1616 days ago


I will make it easy for you and NOT vote for you. There are hundreds of people who would love this opportunity so stop wasting everyone time and just quit. You sound the same in every song and lack energy...It is obvious your heart isn't in it. See how many votes you get next week you quitter. The public will finish what you started.

1616 days ago


Its really hard to be away from you kid for a long time, been there, i'm on her side. I'm not a big fan of her before but Im really warming up to her, she's the only one who feels like a real human being with human emotions on that show... i might have to start voting

1616 days ago


Hey Krazy Kooky Clown, thanks for the chuckle today, I did not expect to see a chicken recipe on here!

1616 days ago


I like Ryan Seacrest too, seems like a cool guy, I like how he messes up on the show, it shows hes normal. And I think he threw Brian Dunklemans name out there for a reason. Maybe hes trying to help.

1616 days ago


Thats cool as hell by ryan, does he have ulterior motives? Yes. But he still has a legit point, I have ALWAYS like seacrest and hope he keeps up the wacky comments.

1616 days ago


Boo Hoo, Crystal. You're obviously not ready for the success that winning this show entails. Pressure is something you'd better get used to negotiating...and quick. I guess Crystal's response to the "fight or flight" instinct is to throw in the towel and head for the hills. I say, "Buh Bye, Crystal". Can't stand the heat? Take your roast chicken recipe and go home!

1616 days ago


Just give her a singing contract...she is one of the best I have ever seen in all the seasons.

1616 days ago



1616 days ago


I agree with #6.
She came this far. If she just ups and quits, she will eventually regret not staying to find out how it would turn out.
I think she is one of the most talented ones on the show and she shouldn't change her style for anyone.

1616 days ago


Bought his Mom a house? His father is a very sucessful lawyer here in Atlanta and they were living in a very exclusive area long before anyone ever heard of him....

1616 days ago


Poor girl. She is feeling the pressure!!! I am personally glad that he talked her into staying, she is amazing. For all of the people talking crap and saying that they are not voting for her anymore obviously are small minded and do not realize the pressure that these contestants go through. Of course at times, they feel like they are going to break. Shows what kind of personality you have and thank goodness you will not vote for her anymore, who needs fans like that?? As soon as you have a hard moment they want to turn there back on you?? I wouldnt. Hang in there Crystal, you are soooo amazing!!! The work and stress will pay off for you!!!

1616 days ago
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