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Kate Gosselin -- Still Room for Jon?

4/16/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin now has two shows on TLC -- and, according to her, the chance of  Jon Gosselin showing up on either of 'em is slim to none.

kate gosselin video
Kate was headed into the Discovery Channel upfronts (industry speak for 'look what we have') last night for her upcoming shows "Twist of Kate" and "Kate Plus 8" -- where she said "typically you don't work with your ex-husbands."  Typically. 

Sooo, she's saying there's a chance?


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Jon many have his problems (don't we all?)...but he is the one looking after the children will Kate is away playing hollywood.
His mother is with him and the kids. He was seen with his kids/mother two days ago. The kids spend more time with their father. Kate only cares about herself & her fame. Ohh ya, she phones the kids, that's nice of Kate.

1652 days ago


Why hasn't Jon gone back to working on computers? WTF is he waiting for. He is such a dead beat loser.

1652 days ago


Why is it that the State of PA said that 15% of the proceeds of the show had to be set aside for the 8 kids? Why not 80%? The kids were 80% of the cast.

Children should not have to pay for their own support, room and board, tuition, clothes, vacations, etc. Parents should earn the money for their upkeep not the children earning the parents' upkeep.

1652 days ago


Is it normal that all news in the last few days seem to be related to the Gosselin train wreck or to Larry King?

1652 days ago



If you happen to read these comments, don't let this woman and TLC bully/back you into a corner. Stay strong and hang in there. . .your kids need you. When your GAG order is lifted, I look forward to reading your book:0)

1652 days ago


TLC went from The Learning Channel to The Loser Channel a long time ago.
I don't care about Kate, Jon or their 8 kids, nor do I care about how many kids the Duggars can pop out.
It used to be educational and interesting, now I wish my cable provider would just let me pick the channels I like to watch they would make just as much money charging 2-3 dollars per channel and I would get what I want and nothing else. Too bad for all those channels that crank out junk, maybe then they would reconsider and get back to some quality programs.

1652 days ago


Hey all you single mothers who have a deadbeat Ex-husband: wouldn't you all love the chance to make the money that Kate is making? Honestly now, Kate has been given an opportunity to make some money to support her family, since Jon is not doing it. And he is the one that pulled the plug on the show, not her. So she was put in a position that she needed to make good money, and she was given the chance to do it. Wish we all were that lucky. I respect Kate; she is making the most of the golden opportunity that came her way. I would do the exact same thing.

1652 days ago


I don't know why everyone keeps ragging on Kate. She has 8 kids to support. I only had 2 to corral and that was a full time job. She has to be super organized, and Jon much of the time acted like an airhead. Did she yell at him? Yes. Should she have done that on network TV? Probably not. But when you have 8 small children to take care of, you are sometimes not at your best.

1652 days ago


If neither Kate or her ex had any clue on how to support 8 kids - they never should have had them.
And if Kate doesn't like current public opinion - she needs to leave the spotlight. Does she honesty believe her kids won't hear these opinions as they grow older? She's leaving them open to it too.

Her makeovers are ridiculous, and when she's giving interviews, she appears to be under the influence of one too many sedatives. I always change the channel til she's gone.

1652 days ago


Men: Your insecurities are showing by always dumping on Kate. What's the matter, afraid your wives are going to do a Kate Gosselin on you.

You go Kate, make that money for those 8 kids and yourself and have a great life while you're at it!

1652 days ago



1652 days ago


Forget this old money grubbing snag. Jon is better off without here. Too bad there are kids involved. Oh well, kate can run that into some real grubbing money.

1652 days ago


Between Kate and Sarah Palin having new shows on TLC I will not watch any of the Discovery Networks shows again.

The Learning Channel, really??

1652 days ago


ENOUGH OF KATE...SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY!!!! I'm so sick of hearing that "she's just trying to support her kids"....Bull****!!! She wants FAME...damn FAMEWHORE!!!

1652 days ago


Good for her!!!! Jon tried to take her down and humiliated her with trashy hook ups... She may not be all warm and fuzzy but she is a strong good woman and mother.

1652 days ago
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