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Kate Gosselin -- Still Room for Jon?

4/16/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin now has two shows on TLC -- and, according to her, the chance of  Jon Gosselin showing up on either of 'em is slim to none.

kate gosselin video
Kate was headed into the Discovery Channel upfronts (industry speak for 'look what we have') last night for her upcoming shows "Twist of Kate" and "Kate Plus 8" -- where she said "typically you don't work with your ex-husbands."  Typically. 

Sooo, she's saying there's a chance?


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mama mia    

Check out Gosselin 15 Minutes Style blog for eyewitness account of Kate's book signing in Santa Monica. Less than 40 people showed up and the blogger was hauled away by Steve when she asked Kate about the child labor laws. Then ROL put the real story up calling her a diva and saying there were no fans, then they changed the story to gush over her. That is the TLC spin effect.

1621 days ago


It's really easy for you spectators to judge a woman with 8 kids and an ex-husband that doesn't give financial support. I've never watched that damn show she was on and I'm very interested in her (other than the fact that she looks pretty hot with those hair extensions), but these unfair comments prompted me to comment.

1621 days ago


Kate we are tired of you and the media is using you for drama-but they are mocking you-Go away from out Internet-TVs and Magazines
You are a ice cold witch

1620 days ago


Who the heck cares - and why do you - TMZ - keep giving this low/no life publicity??

DWTS is a sham as long as she's still on it.

1620 days ago

Judy Smith    

I'm so freaking in love with her. I think I'll send her one of my reamers.

1620 days ago


RE:# 35....ntvnat

I hope if you have children, they are f*cked up with a parent like you. You are a common piece of trailer trash, and your vile comments prove you need mental health help. I'll lower myself to your standard ( its a LONG way down) and hope your family gets totally f*cked, just as you wished upon Kate and her family. I have no compulsion telling you what you wished on Kate...I hope comes back to you 10 fold. You are a worthless human being and the best part of you ran down your momma's leg. She should have swallowed...or aborted a piece of **** like you and kept the afterbirth. Tell me....if your parents divorced would they still be brother and sister?

1620 days ago


If you don't like her or want her to go away, why are you still posting to Kate news? Anyway, its nothing to be read into this video clip. It just sounds like you guys are trying to stir something that really is not there. She was kind enough to play along, though. Unlike others, she was not stuck up.

1620 days ago

LeeAnn Przybylski    

Ok everyone listen up. Kate loves her kids. She was left holding the bag when Jon decided to seed his wild oats. If he was that stressed out he could of gone and seeked some counsiling. Now hes coming across like some great father. Most women complain of taking care of just a couple of kids. She dances stiff because how can you loosen up with all that pressure. If she was my mom I would be very proud of the fact that shes out there doing something with her life instead of not enjoying life. I admire her courage and strength and anyone who doesnt has no clue.

1620 days ago

Linda Baker    

why wouldn't jon be expected to pay some amount of child support, regardless of how much kate makes? he still has a responsibility to help take care of his children.

1620 days ago


The children are lucky to have such a great mom. Kate has to be both mom and dad, because dead beat dad is banging girls, drinking, smoking, spending every dime not on his kids, and refuses to get a job to support the kids. Kate is a single mother doing what is best for her and her kids. Good luck Kate Plus 8. Keep smiling and dancing:)

1619 days ago


People are so gullible.

1619 days ago


People can choose to be kind and understanding.

1619 days ago


Nice Pollyannaish thinking, but I didn’t find you particularly kind to Jon. So, it seems you’re really just kind to those that meet your expectations. And, it also seems you’re willing to distort the truth as means to justify your position. Do you consider yourself kind? I find that kind of kindness to be so subjective it’s strictly self-serving. It doesn’t pay homage to the truth and enables dysfunction. I think a honest statement regarding your philosophy would be: I’m kind to those people I agree with.

1619 days ago


Go AWAY attention WHORE!!

1619 days ago


Today I took my recycles to the bins..I look there was 1 of katie Irene Gosselin books in the recycle book bin..The book looked like it hadn't even been read,plus there was a couple of DVD of Jon/Kate plus 8 in the dvd recycle bin.I believe Katie Irene is being used on DWTS as a comedy act,but Hey! it all about the $$$$..I wish J/K all the best...

1619 days ago
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