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FBI Investigated Sandra Bullock Murder Plot

4/17/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the FBI investigated a tip about a murder plot against Sandra Bullock that was allegedly arranged by Jesse James' mistress Bombshell McGee -- but the FBI ultimately deemed the tip "not credible."

Law enforcement sources confirm that roughly two weeks ago, McGee's ex-husband, Shane Modica, reported that he received a call from a man in Missouri who claimed Bombshell wanted to put a hit on both Modica and Bullock ... and the mystery caller claimed he was the person who was supposed to carry out the hits.

Sources tell us Modica reported that the caller claimed he received his killing orders before the cheating scandal came to light.

Law enforcement sources confirm that the man in Missouri contacted his local FBI office to inform them about the situation -- and the FBI then contacted the local sheriff's office. 

We're told the sheriff's office told the FBI they had prior run-ins with the Missouri caller -- a person said to have had a head injury that caused him to "lose sense of reality."  Furthermore, authorities have no reason to believe McGee ever contacted the man.

The FBI in Missouri notified the FBI in Los Angeles -- but sources tell TMZ that investigators concluded the threat was bogus.

When called for comment, the FBI had no comment on the situation.


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1650 days ago


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1650 days ago

Caring Kate    

Back in the cave days, couples who mated and remained committed, loyal and "on guard" to protect each other and any children they had lived for a longer time and lived a better quality of life than neighboring uncommitted couples. Those couples, who did not remain a united committed front to protect themselves and their children, suffered endlessly harmful and often deadly attacks to themselves and to their children. There are still people, despite extensive education in modern times, who don't grasp the overwhelmingly serious importance of committed mating. Jesse James has chosen and continuously chooses to remain uncommitted, thus making himself Sandra Bullock’s greatest source of danger. The man Sandra Bullock fell in love with and the real “Jesse James” don't even resemble each other. The sooner Ms. Bullock accepts this excruciatingly painful truth, removes herself from his danger and allows herself to heal the better. She needs to give herself license to seek the support of those who love her and especially God, freeing God to lead her to true safety. This may mean leaving Jesse James' children behind, unless she can legally save them. If she can, she needs to remind those children frequently that “choices” are NOT inherited. She also needs to review with these chidren the need and purpose of committed mating.

1650 days ago


The nuts are falling off the tree.

1650 days ago


What someone tried a murede donvuitton.comr plot

1650 days ago


It's interesting stuff

1650 days ago


this news is bollocks
and either way he is keeping a secret thats Sandra ADORES anal sex she wont divorse him anyway caouse she is crazy about him
i mean c mon who will marry her at 45 , she spend all those years doing bs movies instead of finding partner who will be loyal to her
and jj is not a bad choise at all its just he wanna screw around sometimes caouse he is younger and sexier than she is
end of story

1650 days ago


cmon dana. you're saying that you would share your guy with other women as long as he was "sexy". i hardly doubt you would put up with that. and now you're saying that Jesse into anal sex. well I'm sure that the gay population just simultaneously queefed at that statement. on a scale of one to ten Sandra is 11 how does one (Jesse) go from that to a negative 5?

1650 days ago


Please show us the meat flaps!

1650 days ago


well steve thats because jj is str8 and Sandra loves anal sex
same as gay people does

1650 days ago


i dont care what gay people think
they never been realiable to anything otherwise they wont have been gay

1650 days ago


obviously Jesse isn't reliable, damn hes two for two with having things in common with what you say to be traits of being gay, anal sex and unreliable

1650 days ago


UM! scary......

1650 days ago


Michelle is the sexiest girl on Earth!

1650 days ago


Jesse got Sarah in some deep dodo

.... \....\........... /..../
......./... I....I..(¯¯¯`\
......\.....` ¯..¯ ´.......'
.----. _..............._.----.

1650 days ago
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