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Larry King & Shawn -- Never Let Go!

4/19/2010 9:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry King and Shawn Southwick are holding on for one more day.

Larry King & Shawn -- Never Let Go!
The couple -- who filed for divorce last week -- was spotted clinging tightly to each other last night at their son's little league game. When asked if they were reconciling, Larry replied, "You never know."

So far, neither party has withdrawn their divorce papers.

As we previously reported, the duo is trying to save their marriage and agreed to meet with a counselor today.


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who gives a rats ass?

1650 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Yeah, hold on Shawne, he is half dead and the money will soon be coming your way. Yuch....Blood Money.

1650 days ago


You Go Oldie

1649 days ago


I wish they would make up their mind, I was hoping for a go round with her. Plus hooking up with her and getting all his cash would be a huge win win for me and her. Hell I'll even go to the baseball games with her.

1649 days ago


Pretty funny to see my old baseball field on TV so much--Roxbury Park. Some things haven't changed--the entitled still feel entitled. Take a look at where Mr. King "PARKS" his car--right in the red zone on Olympic Blvd. I guess Larry thinks "He is the King"

1649 days ago


Maybe this is all prep work for their own reality show, . . . "Life Like A King". Could air on CNN station TRU tv!!!

1649 days ago


It's a no brainer - she married the King before his heart surgery assuming he would die soon and she would be set for life - It didn't happen that way - she's nutty and tired of putting up with the old jaw frowning goat!!!!!!! She just wants a huge payday so she can date younger men and he can bang any younger woman such as her sister. Larry - YOU TURN MY STOMACH UPSIDE DOWN - YOU ARE SICK MAN!!

1649 days ago


I bet he farts as he walks...Maybe they will kiss & make up for the children..

1649 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

YES! FANTASTIC, I'm rooting for them! I wish this couple continued success, you're doing the right thing by staying together!!!!! You can work things out.

1649 days ago


ARE THEY "TRYING YO SAVE THEIR MARRIAGE" or is it more like neither party wants their sordid "affairs" making headlines, thus, the loving smiles and embrace at the ball game seems to be nothing but show and, as false as a three dollar bill. LK will not be able to hold on to his favorable image if all (you know what) breaks loose. The same for her. Each has too much to lose, therefore, let's play nice and use our sons as "tools." Lately, the more I read about the "rich and famous" the more I am thankful I am "not."

1649 days ago


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1649 days ago


I get sick whem I look at him, so I can.t imaging being in the same bed as him. she must of thought she could turn him into a prince, he is so gross, ohhhhh

1595 days ago


i think it's right that he duo is trying to save their marriage!|SilkRoad Gold

1445 days ago

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