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Hulk Hogan: My Insurance Co. Screwed Me

4/22/2010 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk HoganHulk Hogan has sued his insurance company, claiming it compromised his $30 million fortune in the near-fatal car crash caused by his son.

According to the lawsuit, Wells Fargo Southeast -- which provided insurance for the Hogan family -- only paid $250,000 to John Graziano, who is severely disabled -- the result of the Nick Hogan car crash.

Hulk claims the $250,000 policy limit exposed him to personal liability in settling the case. 

Hulk's beef -- insurance company reps never advised him his policies needed to be reevaluated given that he had teenage drivers who posed a greater financial risk. 

Hulk's lawsuit does not disclose how much he personally paid to settle with the Grazianos.

Hulk is suing for unspecified damages.



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I hope Ben Rapistberger gets traded to the Igles.

1644 days ago


how about you get the money from your lameass son who put you in this position? well, no wait.. you put yourself in this position by failing to be a father first.

1644 days ago


**** you Hulk!

1644 days ago


seriously...the guy only got $250k?? that whole family is a bunch of losers.

1644 days ago


Always trying to blame someone else. Your son almost killed another and this young man is a vegetable, and you are worried about your fortune. KARMA!!

1644 days ago


you "celebrities" are a joke. take responsibility in the first place for never taking responsibility for your lame excuse of a son. tabloid tv was always showing clips from your stupid show highlighting that kid's disrespect to you, his parents and your lack of ability to be parents.

graziano is paralyzed and mentally never going to be where someone his age should and it's because of your lame ass son racing his car on city streets and being intoxicated.

you are a sad excuse for a has-been hulk. i don't even think you are up the ladder enough to be able to be that low.

take responsibility for your trainwreck of a family and stop blaming the whole world for your situation.

1644 days ago


"I'm too stupid to know my own insurance coverage so I'll sue the company." If this guy wasn't a TV wrestler he would be the typical Wal Mart shopper. What a tool.

1644 days ago


lol @ OooooNooo! typical walmart shopper...priceless

1644 days ago


So, let me get this straight. Hulk is suing his own insurance company because he might have to pay some of his own money? Insufficient protection of his own money?? Wow, that's a new one. These people are disgusting!

1644 days ago


Wow come on guys.... The insurance Company is screwing with Terry here this is common by a insurance company. Hogan gave the kid money already he wants the insurance company to pay this poor kid . so he is sueing the company to get this kid money. So many Haters out there ..switch rolls then talk

1644 days ago


This guy is definately one of the biggest
piles of **** I have ever seen. What a father
figure, but then it shows in how he raised
his kid.

1644 days ago


Come on Hulk, put on your big boy panties and learn to deal with life. I hope this suit gets laughed out of court. Insurance companies want you to take the highest amounts of insurance. If they knew you'd spring for millions in coverage, they'd sell it to you. Don't blame them Hulk. No one will force you to take it or stop you from taking it. You knew you had a teenage son who drove erratically. It wasn't his first traffic problem, just the worst one. You should have upped your insurance. You were cheap and didn't want to, and now all the insurance company is responsible for is the 250 G's and you has to pay the rest of whatever the settlement is. Waa Waa Waa. Pay this man, he's all but dead thanks to your son.

1644 days ago


This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Take responsibility for YOUR lack of parental guidance. Teach your children that there are consequences for their actions, sometimes monetary. You suk

1644 days ago


Hulkster has been hit in the noggin too many times. His candy ass son needs to get a job and start paying off his dues.

1644 days ago


Has anyone else read their homeowners policy? They will pay what they have to and not a penny more.

1644 days ago
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