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Kobe Bryant Settles Dog Poop Case with Maid

4/22/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We will never know if Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa, really did order the maid to pull the price tag from a blouse out of a trash bag filled with dog feces -- because the case has settled.

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

TMZ broke the story that Kobe and Vanessa were sued by Maria Jimenez, who claimed Vanessa was beyond abusive, calling her "lazy, slow, dumb, a f***ing liar, and f***ing sh-t."

Kobe and Vanessa denied the allegations by their former maid, but now the case has settled out of court.

0422_hoops_madnessThe terms are confidential -- meaning TMZ doesn't have the poop.

UPDATE:  Kobe's lawyers, Loeb & Loeb, just said the Bryants didn't pay the maid any money to settle the case.


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If the Kobe's were innocent why did they have to settle out of court???

1646 days ago


The only lazy person is Vanessa because she has a maid! She doesn't work she can do a lil housework, but she has a maid instead. So that makes her lazy......Kobe should send his wife to be trained.

1646 days ago


kobe bryant because he's a famous black athlete already has gotten away with rape. you'd think he'd try to have more respect for women
but as we all know people like this who buy their wives diamonds to shut them up aren't going to have a care for a mexican illegal cleaning up his poop. . his wife deserves what she settled for a rapist and a jerk. .

1646 days ago


vanessa is just trailer trash who married rich kobe and still acts like trash. you can take them out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of them.

1646 days ago


Settlement = Guilty.

1646 days ago


Just because you settle out of court doesn't make you quilty. Court cases can drag on forever (it feels like) and cost lots of money in lawyer fees. Sure, Kobe is rich but it might have just been easier to pay a smaller amount to the maid so they can move on and get on with their lives. I'm always suspicious of these types of claims, there is never much evidence and it's a he said/she said situation. If it ever goes to trail a jury might decide to "sock it" to a rich celebrity. I would have settled too.

1646 days ago


For some reason.....I believe the maid....

Vanessa looks like a beotch!

1646 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

Mark a person will smack and lick his lips like Kobe, when they are nervous and lying.

1646 days ago


I hope this maid cleaned these two creeps clock. Kobe is a vile anal rapist and this Vanessa is a low class, foul mouthed, ghetto POS who would be working at Wal Mart if she had not married this rapist. These two people have proven just how ugly they are. I belive the maid and I believe the girl is Colorado. Do you think the D.A. in Colorado would arrest Kobe without any hard evidence? Vanessa and Kobe may wear nice clothes, drive nice cars and live in a nice part of town, but they are both vile, ugly, shallow, souless people and they deserve each other. It's sad that we as a society "admire" people as low as these two. Kobe is a criminal who can put a ball through a hoop. BFD.

1646 days ago


VANESS lazy, slow, dumb, a f***ing liar, and f***ing sh-t."

1646 days ago


I have a maid and she would gladly retrieve the reciept.My sweet irish girl Christina who we pay very well and treat kindly would not hestitate. Kobe's wife ordered her to do this is the problem. You do not treat your staff that way!! If she refused then do it yourself and look for a nice maid

1646 days ago


Excuse me Kobe is on the road working! His wife should take a class on how to treat your employees, if she is uncouth she needs to learn how to do better. By the way that ho in Colorado had 3 different sperm types in her and none was from Kobe, another tramp trying to get paid, she couldn't even wait for the trial to get pregnant by another man. Also she was treated for substance abuse and had accused other men of the same thing, those cases dropped also. She was a crazy tramp and Kobe didn't rape her ugly ass.

1646 days ago


Who cares about this bitch. She has no self respect and dignity. She was paid to stay with this liar rapist. Just to prove you no matter what there are women who love to be treated like doormats.
She is Mrs Kobe Bryant so she's entitled. My ass ! She is stupid.
Just pathetic.

1646 days ago


If the woman didn't want to clean up, pick up, or whatever, she shouldn't be a MAID!

1646 days ago


Vanessa is just another gold digger who needs a reality check. Its not like she has anything else to do with her insignificant life... what jobless loser cant clean their own home? A rich, snobby jobless loser... keep ur employees happy, they'll screw u over in the end WHILE GETTIN PAID! haaha

1646 days ago
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