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'Bachelor' Star Vegas Wedding - Laughing Matter

4/23/2010 4:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Weddings aren't usually hilarious -- but when former "Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas married blogger Nik Richie in Vegas last weekend ... the audience couldn't contain their laughter.

Bachelor" winner Shayne Lamas

TMZ has obtained video of the quickie wedding at the Little White Wedding Chapel -- a wedding that went down just hours after the bride and groom MET each other!

Despite all the laughing, the wedding wasn't a big joke ... because Richie -- the guy behind -- already bought Shayne a $130,000 ring.


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My husband and I only knew each other 6 days and we got married. It's been a rocky road, but we are still together. It will be 17 years in Nov. and we have one son, 15. We also got married at the Little White Wedding Chapel at the Drive Thru part; it only costs $30 back then and the marriage license office was then open 24 hours... It's not open 24 hours anymore; so I have heard. Best of luck to Shayne and her new husband. I watched her reality show and really enjoyed it!! Despite having such a famous father, she seems very nice and down to earth; not a snob. You go, Girl!!

1652 days ago


"Down to earth?" She married a total stranger!! They can say what they want, but I'm sure it's a publicity stunt for the next season of their stupid reality show. Why else would there have been cameras there?

1652 days ago


haha we eloped and got married at the little white wedding chapel last spring after knowing each other for 6 months. Best thing we ever did. The rose they gave was way too mcuh money thought. Totally should of done the drive thru but o no that that classy lol. O and not having someone be a witness was also alot of money so always bring a friend :)

dirty army ftw!!

1652 days ago


That was awesome! Probably one of the more interesting reads in awhile. Damn interesting......

1652 days ago


The bride is pretty....WASTED!
Why is it gay couples have had to claw state by state for the right to marry, but Douche Bag Marriage is legal everywhere?

1652 days ago

me not you    

It really says something about this country when the old white farts in Washington claim to want to protect the sanctity of marriage by not allowing gays who have been in monogamous relationships for YEARS to marry, but straight people like these two who've known each other all of 24 hours are allowed to mock marriage for a publicity stunt.

1652 days ago


I think it is wonderful for people to meet and marry in a short length of time and have it work out--good for you. Everyone loves a "love story." like that but really what are the odds? This is just a stunt nothing for real, I am sure of it and it undermines the committment, and love that a real marriage if suppose to be. it is making a joke out of marriage. In all reality it is more for publicity. I hope they love forever happily who really knows? Time will tell.

1652 days ago


Nik Ritchie a.k.a. "King of the Douches," married a woman who clearly would only be a "6" on his rating scale. Right a man who rates women poorly,women whom he could only dream of bedding. He showed what a poser he really is, by marrying someone he himself would have called a horse with a man chin. Nice one.

1652 days ago


what losers, met for one day, come on I do not a whole lot but if you meet a skank today and marry her before tomorrow....AINT GONNA WORK, say a prayer for them

1652 days ago


Isn't she one of those that had a stupid reality show? Of course it went down under.

1652 days ago


the guy is a complete tool, nice receeding hairline bud- better get some plugs! the whole thing is just a joke to get traffic to their websites, he would never marry something like her, he puts down women that look a lot better than her everyday, just look at her hunchback, it makes me sick to my stomach.
She is just a whoever media-hor looking for more attention.

1652 days ago


He is so gross looking!! He looks really dirty and greasy, kinda pudgy. She looks like your average blond bimbo, and yea, she does look like she has a humped back under that bleached hair. Who are these drunk people? If they married after just meeting each other, then its only for attention, and obviously, not many people care LOL!! too funny, losers

1652 days ago


If you read his site,, you'll see that he is possibly gay. People upload pictures of women and ask Nik if he would do them. 99.99% of the time Richie says no, and then gives a lame reason like "what is wrong with her left elbow?" It reminds me of a young schoolboy saying "Eww, girls are icky!"

So the obvious conclusion: Nik Richie has arranged a sham marriage to cover the tracks of his secret gay lifestyle.

1652 days ago


Hooman Karamian aka Nik Ritchie

Hooman Karamian is a typical self loathing Persian ( similar to ones you see trying to frequent the A list Hollywood clubs) who aspires to be white. Hooman Karamian has been involved in several less than above board businesses using various Caucasian sounding aliases (Corbin Grimes) to dupe his unsuspecting victims.

Hooman Karamian missed his calling he should be on La Cienga & Cadillac selling used luxury cars to L.A.’s underworld like his slime ball fellow country men (,0,5751053.story)

You know the “my friend I give you good deal” guys. Hooman Karamian uses a good old American sounding nome de plume (Nik Ritchie). I guess that’s the first thing Hooman Karamian learned while working in a boiler room, white people hate Iranians. I don’t know why these people continually refer to themselves as “Persians”. The Persian empire fell centuries ago.

They all so ashamed of their country & its recent history so they refer to themselves as Persians. Well we have forgotten about the Iranian hostage crisis & Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavi ( The Shah of Iran) being exiled & Ayatollah Khomeini’s regime hanging people like Hooman Karamian from the light poles in the streets of Tehran.

Hey Hooman Karamian I bet your parents got here in 1979 right? Just like the rest of the Persian Jew refugees that were granted exile in the U.S.

Hooman Karamian uses his site to target African Americans, Asians who refers to “noodles”, and Latinas which he refers to as “Taco Bell”.

According to Hooman Karamian African Americans have “purple crayons” & any women that date them are “purple crayon chasers”.

I find it odd that there are never any posts on Karamian’s site that depict individuals of Middle Eastern origin in a negative light. Its common knowledge that they are oftern referred to as camel jockey’s & sand ******s. Obliviously Karamian has a hands of policy his beloved compatriots.

Ironically Hooman Karamian was married to a white woman(,surprise,surprise. I guess he couldn’t find a beautiful “Persian Princess”. In his defense that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. So what does that make him? I guess he’s got desert fever like all the other Persians who flaunt their money trying to attract any gold digging white aspiring model/actress they can get their hands on.

Hooman Karamian currently is involved in a heated argument on Twitter with Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson where Karamian is ridiculing Johnson for bouncing a check to an alleged escort of Asian decent. Karamian states that he would never pay $1500.00 to a “Noodle”. Karamian is adamant about the fact that Asian women’s vagina’s smell like noodles.

Here is direct quote from Karamian’s tweet to Johnson: @OGOchoCinco Nah keeping it real. They smell like noodles down below. I would throw up if I saw one naked, let alone paid for that torture.
10:52 AM Oct 19th from web

You can read Karamian’s half-witted tweets @ your on leisure if you so choose to. The bottom line is Hooman Karamian livelihood depends on revenue generated from his site. In other words I call for a boycott of . If the level of traffic decreases the less money the site will generate, the less Karamian will be able to charge advertisers & he’ll have to get a day job because he won’t be able to afford the nee Maserati Quattroporte that he likes to floss on Twitter.

It will be back to the boiler room for Hooman Karamian where he will have to come up with another Caucasian sounding name to defraud unsuspecting consumers.

Gotta love Hooman's booking photo from his DUI arrest:(

Nice shirt Hooman.

1652 days ago


Well its obvious this is for real because Nik has not mentioned this at all on his website. Nothing about the marriage or the girl. Everything is hush hush and his people are santizing all the comments by users who read this on TMZ and how much of a horse face she has as Nik would say and rate her like a 4.588593. So it must be love if nothing is being said on his site. Can't have publicity when you don't admit that it happened so what would be the point. I am shocked though he spent 130k on a ring for her. TMZ needs to ask Nik some of the hard questions.

1652 days ago
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