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Lindsay Lohan -- Lose a Rolex, Take a Rolex?

4/23/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is both a Rolex victim and a suspected Rolex thief ... and the pictures below could prove both.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay is a suspect in the disappearance of a $35,000 Rolex.  Law enforcement sources tell us they have a photo of the Rolex Lindsay is accused of stealing.  We did some digging and came up with the photo on the left, taken April 14, showing Lindsay sporting a Rolex ... very possibly the same one a friend accidentally left at her house and is now at the center of the investigation.

Now take a look at the Rolex on the right.  That Rolex was stolen from Lindsay last year -- allegedly by The Burglar Bunch.

The two Rolexes are similar but not identical.

As for the current investigation, Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, denies the allegation against her client.


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Put her in jail. It sorta looks like the one they're looking for.

1642 days ago

Rolex sucks    

If anyone is stupid enough to leave a rolex at a drug addicts house what do they expect her to do??! Call the next day and return the watch!!!! sheeesh.......she probably sold it for crack and booze!

1642 days ago


Leave the poor girl alone TMZ, her life is in the gutter and you're hastening her demise. Shame on you. Leave her alone!

1642 days ago


The watch on the right is a fake Rolex... look at the stem. The watch on the left is a different model, the hour markers are diamonds. Whoever paid $35K for either of them is stupid or setting up an insurance fraud because that model can be bought in hundreds of palces for a lot less than the alleged price.

1642 days ago

Rolex sucks    

I'll give her a Timex if she blows me!

1642 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

Two completely different watches. Hands are different as is the face ... Lindsay's appears to have a magnified date 'bubble' an the other doesn't ... TMZ needs to dig a little harder if they're going to convince me..

1642 days ago


Sheesh, Lindsay, give your friend his watch back. You don't need a watch anyway since you never show up for appointments... such as court appointments.

1642 days ago


Um the metals are totally different.(look at the shine) Lindsays seems like a platinum shine and the other more like silver which would make more sense costing only 35k Also the font on her watch is black instead of white.

1642 days ago


I don't know about this. Personally I think every person has their difficulties. And it's not "life" that is "not fair"-it's "people" that are "not fair". Most everyone doesn't really know the heaviness of competition being relavent in mainstream media. And the sacraffice that you make being persuaded-YES, persuaded to become an artist! Whether it's music or drama, the gift then becomes a liability! Everyone, even people who say they love you-expect something from you all the time. The minute there's any delay, there's many from the low-life of Hollywoods underbelly ready to kick you down! I think she's an embattled woman trying to survive. Yes, alcohol and drugs are everywhere and all there to make you feel good while your feeling down! I bet some of you are totally using while commenting! Accusing while abusing! No everyone who uses does not steal-B.S. totally! Between her parents, hangers-on, so-called fans, and fellow artist and the media riding her so much-seems like you all may just push this once unknown person-to the brink of destruction! Because sometimes all you want-is to hear some damn silence! And not wake up to rumors, lies and exaggerations about your personal life-that is now not so personal anymore! Sorry does not help then people. Better think-before you type...that's my advice!

1642 days ago


I can't believe someone would forget a 40 thousand dollar watch LOL, hopefully it was insured or something!

1642 days ago


why are all these people cackling that's it's not the same watch?
the story clearly states it's not the same watch. losers, learn to read before you spout drivel! please. it's annoying when people are stupid.

1642 days ago


I might be wrong but the one on the left is a Rolex Oyster daydate w/ diamonds, probably made of platinum. that can easily be a 35k watch

@CGS - yes, they make platinum w/dimonds on request

Please, stop saying that it's not the same watch!! :-)

1642 days ago


I don't have a Rolex watch. I have a New York Giants watch. I will not let Lindsay Lohan to have my watch. I love Lindsay Lohan. To see Lindsay Lohan totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Lindsay Lohan. Someday Lindsay Lohan and I will meet each other on purpose. I care about Lindsay Lohan. I am concerned about Lindsay Lohan. And I will not stalk Lindsay Lohan.

1641 days ago


The photo of the watch captured in the photo of 4/14 is a Rolex datejust (cyclops lens on the crystal) with a stainless/gold jubilee bracelet. The Rolex captured in the burglar bunch photo looks like an older model AirKing with an oyster bracelet. While the difference in price is significant, if any of parties involved paid $14,000 for either watch, they are stupid!

1640 days ago


Why is everyone still speaking about Lindsay? Stop giving her space in any newsprint, she is not news worthy, when she stops seeing her name in print ANYWHERE, maybe she will realize she is over and a BIG MAYBE, she will realize she needs to get help, I am sure when cameras catch her going to rehab she will say to herself, OH, is that all it take to get back int the news, she is washed up, yesterdays print, I would love to know if she even has any money left, I can tell buy her photos she has to lower herself to stealing, hopefully the store will press charges and off to jail she goes, STOP writing about her, waste of print

1640 days ago
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