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Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for Battery

4/23/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Survivor 'Villain' Arrested for BatteryOne of the stars on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" was arrested in Louisiana early this morning after cops say he attacked somebody at a street festival.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Russell Hantz -- the runner-up from "Survivor: Samoa" -- was partying at the Festival International de Louisiane, when he allegedly "shoved" somebody to the pavement.

Cops say Hantz was immediately arrested by Lafayette City Police -- and taken to a nearby jail.

Hantz was eventually released.

But get this, Hantz is still in contention to win "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" -- which is airing now on CBS ... and yes, he's one of the "villains."


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Guy's a schmuck!

1642 days ago


I hate this guy and CBS and Survivor have revolved the whole show around him..he is a terrible human being, it is so obvious!

1642 days ago


dude thinks he is all that!!!! Im from Lafayette and we dont do **** like that we are friendly fun people.He needs to get his nasty looking ass back whr he came from!!!

1642 days ago

Sharon Weaver    

Now it is clear - they do not say at the place of the show - they must come and go

1642 days ago


Dorinha - yes none of the other players know what Russell did previously. Why would Survivor give him this advantage where none of the others have it. I think that was unfair of CBS to do this. I liked Survivor the first few seasons but now it is getting too cutthroat. I know it makes for good TV viewing but enough is enough. They usually try to give you previews and edits that look like some certain person is going home but it never turns out that way. I'll watch it but not because they showed the preview of what may happen. Seems the more scandal they put in shows, they seem to think that is best.

1642 days ago


When Rupert was on the first time he stole the other peoples shoes. But yet he won a million because people loved him. He had played dirty as well. Don't remember but someone also threw all the food out as well.

1642 days ago


Obviously more to the story. It's not like he just walked up to someone and shoved them. I'll bet that he was provoked by someone who was harassing him. Then that person turned into a big baby when the tables were turned and a boohoo cop caller!

1642 days ago


Some make it seem as if he's a convicted murderer or something. He's a great player and some die hard boston rob fans are mad. Oh well, there are also Russell fans. I was sad to see Tom and JT go. I love the way Russell plays and I'd do the same.

1642 days ago


I live in the area where this happened. The local news stated he was arrested for shoving a woman down to the ground! What a low life!

1642 days ago


@ Scoobie: it is an additional advantage for Russell, yes, but there was no way around the issue due to filming constraints, other than preventing Samoa contestants from competing in HvsV. Had Russell not been included in HvsS, there likely would have been fan backlash. Russell is the ultimate Survivor villain, along with Richard Hatch. Producers knew they had a goldmine contestant in Russell after filming Samoa, so his inclusion in HvsV was a no-brainer. I understand your feelings about the cutthroat nature of the more current seasons of Survivor, but I also think back to Sue in Season One, or Jerri in Season Two (she is much less of a "villain" now), who were both as cutthroat as anyone. Like you, I don't trust the previews. They tend not to mesh with what actually happens when the following week's episode airs.

@ no one in particular: As for scripted "reality shows", check out "Kenny vs Spenny" (or not...fakery disguised as reality from start to finish). In Survivor season one, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Sue had help composing her "snake eats rat" speech (she seemed too dense to be so modestly clever). It's total speculation on my part. I would also not be surprised if, during the Samoa reunion show, Russell was prompted to be deliberately ungracious in defeat, in order to build up his "ultimate villain" status for HvsV. Building up Russell's persona is good promotional sense, but not evidence of scripting. The contestants often become characters through editing, but after thirty nine days of living in nasty conditions with a group of relative strangers -- tropical islands and a million dollars notwithstanding -- I'm guessing contestants don't need much prompting or scripting to elicit drama during production. This has been enough Survivor talk from me for today.

1642 days ago


66. Now it is clear - they do not say at the place of the show - they must come and go

Posted at 10:30 AM on Apr 23, 2010 by Sharon Weaver

AAAAaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! THE SHOW IS TAPED!!!!!!! THEY DON'T "COME AND GO" FROM THE SURVIVOR LOCATION!!!!!!!

1642 days ago


Russel is very conniving and crazy. I think the woman who believe he are crazy. They need to realize that he is playing them.
But they will find out. I know who is going to win. I know who the final 3 are already. And Yes Russel is one of the final 3.

1642 days ago


He reminds me of a troll doll paperweight I had on my desk once. It was squishy and designed to take your frustration out on. Now I want to look for it so I can shove it on the pavement outside.

He is crafty tho. I have to give him that.

1642 days ago


Dorinha, I agree that the other players didn't have a chance to watch him last season. I thought I read that they had already started filming HvsV. That is unfair to all of the other players. Had they studied him, he would have been the first one voted out.

I can't stand his ego and smug attitude. He is a sore loser that pouts when he's not in charge, bullies people into doing what he wants, p***y's out of the vote so he can lie that he had nothing to do with kicking off the guys on the jury. He is a horrible little man.

If he makes it to the end, I hope big bad Russ, who claimed last season to be in charge of 'dumb girls', losses his hairy, smelly a** to a 'dumb girl'.And then we can watch him cry like a little girl again. That was the best moment of Samoa.

And brittneycohen, if that is true that he shove a woman down to the ground, then that just sealed it...he is truly the biggest pig around. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me. Just think...he has daughters.

1642 days ago


Russell is a complete idiot. I really think there is something mentally wrong with him. I hope to god they vote him out next week, pleeezzzzzee

1642 days ago
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