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Jenna Jameson

Alleges 'Tito

Threw Me in the Tub'

4/27/2010 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson claims Tito Ortiz got very violent -- throwing and injuring her -- and that he's falsely accusing her of OxyContin addiction because he's "very, very desperate."

TMZ just spoke with Jenna -- while she was driving to Las Vegas -- and her version of what led to Tito's domestic violence arrest is brutal.

Jenna claims that during an argument Monday morning she "said something very hurtful to his ego." She alleges that Tito then grabbed her and, "threw me into the bathtub and tore two ligaments in my shoulder."

Tito's attorney Chip Matthews strongly denies that, saying ... "He did not put his hands on her, he did not hit her, he did not do anything to her."

Matthews claims Tito found pills in Jenna's pants pocket -- and that when Tito confronted her she had an "emotional meltdown."

Jenna says Tito's addiction allegation is, "completely false" and "the last nail in the coffin" for their relationship.

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As a huge fan of MMA and a victim of domestic violence Jenna makes me sick. her bs charges are the reason people dont believe woman and give them such a hard time when they do file charges. 1.She says he didnt touch her, the 2 hrs later she says he beat the crap out of her. Its not cause shes ashamed its cause she new she messed up, n Tito spilled her druged prob. Jenna has the weirdest Tweets saying she miscarried then an hr later saying I think im Joan Jett. Her tweets have become more and more crazy.

1607 days ago



1607 days ago


Are you high #98?????
tito's cash? What cash?
That so called " man" lived off of Jenna for over 4 years.
His clothing line was a failure until she endorsed it .
The house is hers
The cars are hers
The boat is hers
The only thing this balding gorilla owns is three pillows, clothes, shoes and the Punishment crap.
That's it , he owns NOTHING.
He is paid for by everyone else , he is a man whore and before Jenna came on the scene , good 'ol tito was screwing a different chick every night that he met on MySpace.
And most disgusting of all , without a condom.
He is backpedaling because he has nothing if she leaves him and Dana fires his pancake azz.
Look what happened to chris brown , career , whats left of it, down the tubes.
Same for tito.
The only leverage he has is to paint Jenna as a druggie therefore he can sue for sole custody so that she will have to pony up money for support.
This douchebag will stoop at nothing when it comes to money.

1607 days ago


Truth AKA Jenna go away and quit spreading your lies all over TMZ!

1607 days ago


I don't know what happened obviously but if a man hurt me, tore ligaments in my arm shoulder (?), and scarred me emotionally, I would want to be with my babies away from the press and paparazzi. I would need time to sort out what happened and to get treatment on my severely painful torn ligaments (They usually require surgery. They at least have to be stabilized in a good sling and the arm can't be used. You can't raise your arm even a little.).

People say she lived in Las Vegas. SO? Her father and children are with her in CA. Isn't that where she should be? With supportive family and her children rather than driving off alone to Vegas (with torn ligaments in her shoulder that would make driving with that arm almost impossible).

Yesterday Jenna said she wanted to stay together for the sake of the kids. Today, she said he brutally beat her (throwing her forcefully into a tub but not injuring anything at all but her shoulder) and that the nail is in the coffin of their relationship. Look at her face when she realizes he came out and spoke of her addiction. It says a lot.

It's pretty easy to drug test someone. But she isn't there is she? She went to another state. Why now?

I hope the truth comes out, whatever it is and that, if Tito is innocent, he is vindicated. If he isn't, I hope there is some proof to back up what Jenna said because her statements so far are really inconsistent. And her tweets, after saying she was leaving twitter, are INSANE.

I feel for those poor little twins.

1607 days ago


Stalker Chris , the same guy that wrote Jenna hundreds of letters , stalked her wherever she went , sent naked pictures of himself (tiny penis balding head ) and finally tito had to go outside and threaten chris within an inch of his life. Now he is stalking here thinking that I am Jenna. Good going chris, when does it end???
Very very sick.

1607 days ago


Wonder what ego damaging thing she could have said to set him off. Maybe that she wanted to or did F Chuck Liddell...

1607 days ago


You all know that drugs legal or not have no name on them..They will take any and everything you have...Have=ing the spot light on you just makes it that more paimful...I just hope taht she get's the help she needs..God knows we don't need to lose another celeb to this..

1607 days ago


I don't care whether she was a porn star or not. Everybody has to be somewhere, and I've known enough "decent, stand-up, church-going citizens" with perfectly disgusting inclinations (and I DO mean disgusting...and I have a very open mind) and sexual habits to not be condemning someone for being involved in the porn industry. Also, there are quite a few people who are living quiet, "normal" (whatever that is), acceptable lives, working regular day jobs, even raising families, who were once in porn. Jenna Jameson did mainstream porn intended for, and largely purchased and viewed by, couples. Most of what she did a lot of you, and your neighbors, probably do in the privacy of your own homes. And a lot of you have probably watched her videos. Quit being so damned sanctimonious.

That said, her history speaks volumes about her problems and personality. She isn't terribly intelligent, she is manipulative, and she had had serious issues with drug addiction on more than one occasion. I have no sympathy for drug addicts. I've been there myself, I quit (no NA, no rehab, no hospital or detox...yes, I had a serious problem, and no, I've never relapsed or victimized anyone else), and I never made excuses for myself, or ruined anyone else' life to avoid difficulties in mine. Her inability to maintain a consistent story about the "assault", the fact that she's showing no signs of pain or injury at all (I've had torn ligaments, if she had them, she wouldn't be driving all the way to Vegas OR carrying her children around so easily), and the nature of her alleged injuries versus what Tito could have done had he really assaulted her (turned her into a pitiful, ****tered pile of broken bones) give me the clear vision of an addict desperate to not have her addiction revealed, have her "baby" taken away (not her children, her pills), and to get away scott free. Which she has.

Tito's ex-wife has said that he was NEVER violent with her, or any other woman. I think that he is telling the truth, that he found her with Oxycontin, and she completely melted down. When he wouldn't back down, and insisted on taking her to a hospital, or rehab...or perhaps threatened to take the kids away, she decided she'd been "assaulted". If he so much as left a bruise on her, even in the act of restraining her to keep her from hurting herself, the police would have had cuffs on him in a heartbeat. Read up on incidents in which women assault their partners, sometimes with knives or other weapons, and when the men defend themselves, even by blocking a blow, and leave a bruise, THEY are the ones who go to jail. Jenna Jameson didn't want to give up her pills, or her "good life", or go to she gave up her husband instead. It was a mouse for her.

I don't believe in domestic violence of any kind. I grew up with it. When an ex husband tried to inflict it on me, once, I made sure it never happened again. But I don't believe that Tito hit Jenna. And I have to wonder if a single cop on the scene thought to check her for oxy, or other drugs, before leaving her with those helpless children. Just a thought.

1607 days ago


I don't believe her. You don't run to Las Vegas, you stay with your family and kids. Her arm seemed fine. This is what I think happened, he found the drugs and tried to take them away and she starting hitting him and he then pushed her away and she fell. She can lie to the police and the man has zero rights, he is always arrested even if the woman does not tell the truth. She is into drugs so she can not be trusted. Her background of being a porn star is not going to help her.

1607 days ago


The 1st step in recovery is for Jenna to admit she has a drug problem. The 2nd is to apologize to Tito for lying about being pushed.

1607 days ago


ok, if hes lying, then it an open and shut case, all Jenna has to do is go take a drug test. End of Story.
Not sure what kind of 'innocent' mother runs off to vegas leaving her babies behind though.... even Britney didnt pull that one when she was shaving her head strapped to a gurney laughing maniacally....just a thought..

1607 days ago


Please this chick looks high in every video posted on here. TEAM TITO... take those kids away from her!!

1606 days ago


They need to sign with TNA!

1606 days ago


i come from a family that has dealt with drug addiction, and the only reason some one would put someone in the tub is so that you can run the cold water on some one so can sober up. so if she fell it probably becuase she couldn't stand up or keep her balance, she is a sad sad person for hurting some one who is only watching out for her best intrest and maybe he was trying to aviod the situation from getting out of hand but when you try to help some one who doesn't want help you always end up getting burned. why would she get a U/A in vegas and not in huntington because when you have money you have connections, and chances are the U/A is false so it can help her look like the victom......

1605 days ago
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