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Lindsay's Landlord Triggers Restraining Order

4/26/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan's landlord has set the ball in motion for a restraining order against daddy Michael Lohan.

Here's what went down.  This weekend Michael came by Lindsay's West Hollywood apartment again, and caused a major commotion ... refusing to leave and, at one point, grabbing the house phone from the valet.

We're told the landlord contacted Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and said Michael was becoming "a huge problem" and asked if there was any way to get a restraining order.

Holley tells TMZ, "In light of the landlord's concerns, I may go to court to keep Michael away."


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@Hussie "Like him or not, Michael has EVERY RIGHT to step up to HIS daughter...You don't stop being a parent just because your kids are grown, and he's clearly showing that he's willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to prevent Lindsay from becoming yet another "Hollywood Statistic"..." - Give me a break! I'd say he's a day late and a dollar short for that... but the sad reality is he's 23 years late and a lifetime of child support payments short of being a father. You say you don't stop being a father just because your kids are grown but i'd say he stopped being a father when he walked out on his wife and daughters. He wouldn't know a genuine paternal feeling if it walked up slapped him on the back of the neck and screamed "your daughter needs you". If he truly cared about Lindsay he wouldn't be running around to every gossip rag known to man and lying about her and his intentions. Far from helping her i would guess his antics are driving her toward being suicidal. She wants nothing to do with her "ex-father" as she calls him. It's time he got the memo and a restraining order is as good a place as any to start.

1639 days ago


ali is gonna make her own choices and daddy is makin ali defy him and act against his wishes because he keeps his business in the streets... i think he likes the publicity, DUH...and of course ali is likin the attention... she probly wanna be like her sis, daddy really needs to step out of the spotlight... i dont like him. i'm not condoning the way lindsay is being a bad influence and maybe she needs to consider, as a non-minor. what she's allowing her sister to be a part of, as a minor. thats my two cents

1639 days ago



Right on! Lindsay is screwed in the head and can't possibly pull herself out of this. Michael is the only one who wants to help her so if we get him locked up we can sit back and watch her slowly die!

1639 days ago


@Wiley - If anyone get's Michael Lohan locked up it will be himself and he'll have no else to blame. Showing up at someone's apartment and causing a major commotion, refusing to leave when told to do so, and even grabbing the house phone from the valets's hand at one point is not the behavior of a stable individual. It's the behavior of a mentally abusive bully. Who is it that's had multiple requests for restraining orders against them, who is it that's been accused multiple times of being physically abusive and arrested for it, Michael or Lindsay? Michael that's who. Lindsay is a freaking saint compared to this mentally and physically abusive bully who will apparently stop at nothing to get his way.

1639 days ago


#TeamLindsay has obviously been drinking the "Dina Lohan" Kool-aid...

Are we supposed to believe every word that comes out of Dina "I pimp my daughters out" Lohan?...Or Dina "I leech off my daughters because I'm a loser" Lohan?...Or Dina "I use restraining orders to get my way" Lohan?...Or Dina "I got turned down by George Clooney because I'm unstable" Lohan?...Or Dina "My daughter doesn't have a problem, even though the ENTIRE FREE WORLD SEES IT" Lohan?...

Thanks, but I'll pass...I support Michael Lohan 100% in his efforts, despite what idiots like you say...Where is Dina "The Stage Mom" Lohan anyhow?...Clearly not where she belongs, which is tending to her OUT OF CONTROL children...Seems to me that Dina "The Money Ho" Lohan is more concerned with money (Michael hasn't paid child support) than she is about the LIFE of her daughter...
Way to parent there...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1639 days ago

Lynn T    

Is this the same landlord that handed Michael. the key to Lindsay's apartment? Sounds like some serious CYA going on.

While I'm not a fan of Michael, I do think he knows an addict when he sees one. The failure of many posters to see that Lindsay is exhibiting the classic behaviors of a person with addiction problems.

1639 days ago


Couldn't agree w/ 'russian' (#15) more.

1639 days ago


I'm sayin'... that if he was truly concerned about her, we would never have heard about this in the media. He would have used great discretion, again, if his actions were truly in HER best interests.

Could it be that he needs the attention and her money? Or maybe...they are in cahoots and his actions are to distract us from the bad publicity about the stolen rolex, temper tantrums and getting axed from her most recent job? Interestly, Britney's dad rescued her from skid-mark-face and his cohort, thank goodness. Maybe someone should rescue LL from her dad (and mom)?

1639 days ago


Where does this nutty father even get the plane fare to LA? Isn't he just an unemployed ex con? He is only after the money he can make off her.

1639 days ago

thane thomas     

If we all just stopped talking about her She and her crazy family would all just fade into the oblivion they so richly deserve.

1639 days ago

This Girls Life    

Lindsey's family is a bunch of wackos. She's a lost cost. I think her dad is a media whore that is exploiting her. How dare he put her business out like that. Yeah she's always messed up on something, but he's her father and should be keeping his mouth shut and really trying to help her instead of trying to gain fame off her troubles. Dina is a money hungry bitch who couldn't get her other daughter famous off the reality tv show they had, so she pawned her off to Lindsey so she could see if Lindsey could get her famous somehow even if its negative. Clearly none of them are right in the head, but drama sells, Thanks TMZ

1638 days ago


I think this is very funny and has to do with the american life style. This people do what you people wants to see. I like it, because I can see it from outside. You may not like it, because is part of your life.

1636 days ago
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