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Lindsay's Dad

Moves on Conservatorship

4/26/2010 1:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan tells TMZ he's on his way to his lawyer's office to start the Lindsay Lohan conservatorship ball rolling.

As we reported this weekend, Michael was giving Lindsay an ultimatum -- either meet with him today or he's going to court.  Our Lindsay sources say she wasn't keen on a tête-à-tête -- actually, she said no way would she sit down with daddy.

But here's what's ironic. Michael says Lindsay did text him that she wanted him to help smooth things over with the bouncers from Trousdale, the club she was reportedly banned from after allegedly throwing a glass at Sam Ronson.

What a mess.


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This is just a solid piece of evidence of how irrational Lindsay is. She texts him she wants his help getting back into a club that she threw a glass at someone in? OMG, that is the height of being unaware of reality. Michael-do what you must-never mind those who can't process why you are doing it. Just do it-and fast.

1643 days ago


@Chris: Robert Downey Jr. is proof the there is a come back for anyone who is willing to get help, do the work and stay clean. I agree the Dina is a "POS". All the clubs should ban Lindsay. When she is cut off maybe she'll get help.

1643 days ago


Want a simple answer.... Lindsay get your **** together and no one will be able to get involved in your life.... And you can say goodbye once and for all to your s***my parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1643 days ago


He should have done that to begin with instead he would rant and rave on how bad she is doing...he should have just gone and filed without all of the other bull crap. Then I would think he would have look as if he cares about his daughter and not look for just fame.

1643 days ago


both parents are tmz and other tabloids paying him?? so sad....

1643 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Gloria Allred would make an excellent conservator for Lindsay.

1643 days ago


Do you guys have an opinion on how good his chances are of getting the conservatorship?

1643 days ago


To all of you who don't listen, Michael has said over and over he doesn't have to be THE conservator. He's perfectly comfortable with someone who they can trust to do right by Lindsay. Why then do you all post this crap that Michael is a fame whore and he wants her money. He wouldn't be ABLE TO GET HER MONEY. My God.

1643 days ago


Michael Lohan is not after Lindsay's money. PERIOD. Come on, the guy has plenty. Remember, he inherited his father's successful business. And besides, what amount of money could he go after with his daughter not bringing in much?? According to many sources she is broke. Therefore, oh wise ones ... don't you think he is caring for his daughter from his heart... now that he has one? People do chance. His stint in the slammer and coming to grips with his addictions are testimony enough for him to finally see what his past has come home to bite him big time. His former wife, Dina .. who I guess doesn't know that she also is a "sinner" just like her ex-hubbie Mikie. No doubt he is in such denial about her own problems (let's call them sin) that she can judge Michael carrying for their daughter as some kind of devish plan. Both her daughters are on the fast track to nowhere. It is like the old saying of the "blind leading the blind" ... when one falls in the ditch the follower will easily do the same thing. The only one who has any sight at all in this is, Michael. However, if the court really do get involved then it is the court who will decide on this terrible situation. I just pray it does not drag its' feet in getting involved. Lindsay's recent behavior and statement and even her friend's statement certainly leaves a lot to be desired. It is clear to many that help is needed quickly. Like today!!! Keep up the fight of faith, Michael. Don't let up now.

1643 days ago


Is Lindsay pimping her 16-year-old sister out to these older Hollywood johns for more drug money? - Lindsay is reported to be broke with no cash in her pocket. - Film producers will not hire Lindsay because no insurance companies will approve her for work in Hollywood. Reason: Everybody knows she is out of control with her drug use, and is shaky on her acting, unreliable to even show up for a shooting schedule. - Michael, her father is the only one standing up that wants to save Lindsay, and her sister, Ali.

1643 days ago


Good lord.....the inmates run the asylum

1643 days ago



1643 days ago


there goes our constitutional rights , if messing up your life or so , is grounds for conservation status , there are a lot of homeless people who need a conservative appointed to them . a lot have drug issues , mental health issues .this is why it is hard to get conservation for someone or be committed on a 5150.

1643 days ago


Who said the fight to save his daughters has to be a fair one? You sometimes have to fight fire with fire. If his daughter's don't want to listen to reason then go to the media. Who cares who's listening or watching? His daughter uses the media all the time to communicate to her fans, etc. If my daughter wouldn't listen and she was on the verge of destruction I would use any method to get through to her, even if it meant turning to characters like Harvey and his staff or anyone else who would listen. We are not talking about playing some sort of sporting game there with rules and regulations. We are talking about a father who is trying to save his daughters lives. If more celebrity parents would have taken a more active role in trying to save their children instead of sitting back and allowing them to rule maybe some of the dead ones would still be alive today to sign another song or act in another movie. Get real, folks. You are watching a fight between good and evil unfold right in front of your eyes. It is real reality without a script. No one knows how this is going to end. And if someone doesn't take an active role to bring about a closing than it could very easily end is tragedy... which is lurking right around the corner.

1643 days ago


You will always hear people say that their addict is such a different person when they're not using so isn't it possible that her father has changed? Dina Lohan saw something in him or she wouldn't have married him in the first place and while I'm sure Lindsay's dad may have been an a** when he was using, I honestly think he has good intentions. Most recovering addicts benefit from helping others and I think he truly wants to help Lindsay out of the hole she has dug for herself. If anything, Lindsay needs protection from her mother, not her father.

1643 days ago
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