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Michael Lohan's Lawyer

We Mean Business

4/26/2010 4:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan's lawyer has just sent TMZ a statement, saying unless Lindsay Lohan and her lawyer sit down and talk to her dad about the obvious problems, they will go to court to force the issue.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says it's clear Lindsay has a problem ... with photos surfacing nightly of Lindsay clubbing and appearing "under the influence of alcohol or substances."

Bloom says Michael will take "any and all appropriate legal action to save and protect his daughter."

As for what legal options ... Bloom says she's not foreclosing anything.

Bloom adds ... if Lindsay doesn't meet with Michael in the next few days, "Michael is prepared to pursue other legal action towards his one and only goal: to save and protect his daughter."


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Am I the only one who see's something crazy here?? How old is Linday?? older then 18 that's for sure.. he has no right trying to tell her how to run her life.. he's just trying to get his 10 minutes of fame back.. loser..

1620 days ago


Last I checked, Lindsay is a legal adult and she has every right to drink herself into stupor every night. That doesn't mean she doesn't need help to stop, but that famewhore of a father isn't out to help her. If he were, he wouldn't be communicating each and every move he makes to sites like TMZ. That s*** is absolutely repulsive, both as a father and as a human being.

1620 days ago

go home!    

Both Lisa Bloom an dher mother Gloria Alred are a disgrace to the legal profession. Their actions are both that of extortionists. They should be disbarred.

1620 days ago


There are two things tht are most likely in Michael's attempt to get a conservative order:

first, she clearly is no danger to others or to herself proving she is without witnessed actions is almost impossible. Clearly she is able to feed and dress herself and to some extent follow instructions. She is in compliance with her probation and is attending the alcohol classes.

Second: given Michael's track record it looks impossible for him to qualify as the conservator. The court simply could not give him that power. He is a convicted felon and ex drug user himself.

But then this is California so it could happen. When she is put in a conservators care it would most likely be someone appointed by the court, probably a lawyer and she would have a very strong cause to demand that Micael have no access to her or her assets.

1620 days ago


@Spot It has been reported already that LA police officers have considered a 5150 action against Lindsay, but at the time they did not have sufficient cause.

Now that a minor is involved, that complicates the matter. Mike, as a I said before, is in constant touch with the LA country sheriff's office and since Dina is not stepping up to the plate, he is the only option.

Her missed depo's and erratic antics, such as her blow-up at Sam the other night, all add to that track record of seeming instability.

And for those who claim that since she is above 21 that she can do as she pleases, remember this:

Britney Spears

Linds is playing right into Mike's hands by being stubborn. Denial of the facts doesn't help her cause one bit. She needs to take a vacation and disappear for a few weeks.

1620 days ago


If you are saying Lindsay does not need help then you are all crazy. If Michael is not the conservator then the court can give it to someone else. What his daughter now needs to decide is if this type of intervention is something she wants to respond to. Yes, she is an adult ... but stuck in the past... maybe around 4 years old. She is not making adult decisions other than to say it is all right to party and go into clubs legally. Yippie. That's being an adult. But, what isn't acting as an adult it her behavior once she does what she thinks is ok adult behavior. That is where it is very borderline. She is already on probation... without driving rights. Shouldn't that alone tell her something about her behavior?? That is is not "fine" .... Fine is not having the legal system takes your driver's license away. Was she an adult when she drove and got her butt in trouble??? Yes or no. How about throwing a glass at her former lover? Was that an adult action? Does the club not have the right to bar her from ever entering its' doors again? She is getting treated as an adult. Her father is only trying to help her become a "functioning" adult that makes adult decisions. If you are an adult ... try acting and behaving as an adult.

1620 days ago


I suppose Michael Jackson was an adult at well? How old was he when he overdosed? Where were his parents and brothers and sisters? They all knew well before he died that he led a troubled life. Sure ... kick the can down the road. Maybe it will go away by itself. Hollywood will never clean up its' own act. It would rather see its' stars die instead. If they cared they would have to admit they were wrong. That just ain't gonna happen, my friends..... until Michael Lohan came on the scene to try to save his daughter. Then ... everyone has a comment if what he is doing is right or wrong when we all know his daughter is in serious trouble. We would rather pick on his motives then address the real issues. SMOKESCREEN. Get past the smoke and weigh the issues here. Is sounds foreign to you all because this approach was not tried before. However, it is moving forward whether Hollywood and all its warts likes it or not. Believe me, everyone is watching this one. Because if it works then it could and should be repeated. Britney's family opened the door. Lohan is now moving up the bar a notch or two. GOOD.

1620 days ago


Um, last I checked Lindsay was over the age of 21. That means she can drink all the alcohol she wants, regardless of how many gigs she loses or how sloppy she gets in public. That is her legal right. Regarding the drug usage, if it were easy to just take legal control over those who do drugs in our lives, half the population would be under conservatorship. The only reason Britney went along with it was because her family was threatening to take the kids away. Daddy Dearest doesn't have anything to hold over Lindsay's head, so this will flop, just like the entire Lohan clan.

I actually think Lindsay is one of the nastiest, most toxic people in H-wood. She rarely smiles - is always scowling - is rude, self absorbed and lies like a rug. She has no redeeming qualities and I am actually ready for her to die and get it over with. And I'm not one to say things like that, but I just can't take this chick anymore. So many people have it rough in life and this clam has sh*t on everything that's been handed to her. What an ungrateful stain.

1620 days ago


Michael Lohan is a disgusting piece of garbage that will do anything and everything to get his ugly mug in the media. She's an adult now and if she wants to over-party, that's her business, not his. She ought to counter by trying to get him declared senile and suffering from dementia and needing a conservator, see how he likes it. His life is at least as screwed up as hers.

1620 days ago


Check out the Wikipedia entry on Michael Lohan...

"My dad is crazy!!" is the only entry over and over!

1620 days ago


NO... number 60. Michael's life WAS screwed up. There is a big difference. He has been there and done that. Who else would expect to speak up and against the Hollywood lifestyle of the rich and famous. We should all be happy someone is finally coming up against Hollwood. The celebrities think they can get away with just about anything. However, many find out way too late that the consquences can be and are just as serious to them as they are to others. YET!!! Hollywood still promotes the "Holywood" lifestyle by promoting drugs, sex, boozing in most if not all of its' movies. Do you think it would learn from its' victim's lives? Do any of them take a stand against abuse??? Where are all the mothers and fathers of the stars who are leading useless lives now that their addictions have just about won? When will someone take a stand? When will a Hollywood parent try to save their loved one's life? WHEN? Where does it start? Where would it start if you were in the same position??? Don't you think the dead celebrities families wish they could have another change at saving their loved one's lives??? COME ON!!! What are you all blind.

1620 days ago


Where are high profile private professional partiers that can teach her their ways and mentor her so the paps and her father cant get to her?

1620 days ago


Lindsay is an adult with issues just like we all had at that age. All stemmed from deficient parental guidance as we grew up. Now that she is an adult he has no right to get involved if she doesn't want him there. He seems to me like he wants the fame for acting like he wants to help her. What happened to the original reason of keeping Ali from being with Lindsay? He is just making things worse for her. It's a total violation of her person by continuously embarrassing her with his attention getting whoring interviews. Her father is the cause and TMZ is not helping by partnering with him and having him on the show and continuing to make Lindsay a public spectacle. She just needs support from her friends. I wish I was her friend. I'd create a mafia style posse to keep the paps and similar s*** away so she can party privately and responsibly. I'm with you Lindsay! Keep it together. Win this fight for all of us. Also, if there are some high profiles out there that can help her, please do. I cant reach her being the small fish that I am.

1620 days ago


Hmm thought when you turned 18 you were considered an adult

1620 days ago


Why are all these do***ents being sent to TMZ? Shouldn't they be being sent to Lindsay and her lawyers? He MAY have her best interests at heart, but doing it so publicly says more about his need for attention than his desire to get her help.

1620 days ago
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