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David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

5/4/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources intimately familiar with the David Boreanaz situation tell us his marriage to actress Jaime Bergman (pictured right) is "stable" -- despite the ongoing legal drama involving one of David's mistresses.

David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

We're told the "Bones" actor and his wife have no plans for divorce -- and today they even ran several errands together in L.A.

As for David's wife, we're told she's the one who pushed David to publicly confess his liaison with the mistress .. the mistress who was demanding 6 figures, via Gloria Allred.

We're also told Jaime is handling the drama with the mystery woman pretty well -- but she had a much tougher time when David told her about his relationship with Rachel Uchitel.  David told his wife about Rachel just a month before the Tiger Woods scandal broke ... a day before Star Magazine broke the story.


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His wife is pretty! David is a dip****, and isn't that good looking to boot.

1635 days ago


His wife is very pretty, he should be ashamed...

1635 days ago


Boys will be boys!! LOL what can you do? He loves his wife, so what if he fools around a little bit on the side? His wife is the one he chose to marry! I would stay with a man like that as well. In fact, I already am! :)

1635 days ago


I wouldn't stay with someone who cheated.. if it was a continual thing. I think I might be able to forgive him for a one time thing.. but not more than one person and definitely not if the relationship continued after I found out. Even then, I'm not sure I'd stay. Trust is fundamental in a relationship and I don't see how it could be recovered after that. Regardless, best wishes to this couple. Divorce happens way too often these days.

1635 days ago


What an idiot!!!

1635 days ago


I never understood cheating. Any time I've ever been in a relationship that wasn't working, I'd try to see if I could make it work, and if that wasn't possible, I'd just end it, not sneak around.

1635 days ago


It's easier to forgive the father of your children even if it is more than one discretion, simply because women go into family protect mode...

This Rachel chick is nasty...Shame on you Angel...bad vampire

Oh and his wife is hot cuz she's a playmate...

Cheating on a playmate....dumbass

1635 days ago


Let her go get some strange & call it even.

1635 days ago


Rachel is a cheap tart. The guy must be blind to have looked outside his marriage for complete trash when he has completly bueatyful wife like that. Honestly dewd count yer blessings wifey is more then you deserve.

Boys will be boys?? Boy is the operative word there. I would not be willing to marry anything short of a honour their vows. I value myself too much to give myself away to any man who was not completly committed to me and i settled for nothing less then my soul mate. I feel pity for women whose self esteem is so low they keep mates who have so little respect for them. True pity.

1635 days ago


#9 LOL you're probably not married. I'm married and I love being married and all my girlfriends are jealous of me. So what if my husband cheats on me a little bit. He chose ME to marry, not those other cheap women, haha. I'm sure they were so desperate to marry him but he chose ME. And he will stay with me b/c he adores me. You just don't understand guys that's all. A man can have sex with a woman and feel nothing. It doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife. You need to grow up and understand the ways of the world. You're too stupid and naive. That's probably why you are single.

1635 days ago


Maybe he took the title of his show literally and Bones skanks. If so, he should of stuck with Angel. Also.

1635 days ago


I hope his wife stands by him and has a few things to say publically about the prostitute that is Rachel Uchitel.

1635 days ago


To the dumbass that is proud that her husband is cheating on her b/c after all he did put a ring on it. Let me know how much you still love him when you start itching down under. Dumb hag.

1635 days ago


#10 LOL, how old are you? Probably in your 20's? Your an idiot! He probably chose YOU because he knew he could be with you AND fool around on the side with whom ever he wants and YOU are not going to do anything about it! As long as he brings home the bacon right? Buy mama anything she wants and you can do what and who you want, right? You have a very low self esteem if you allow your husband to do this to you. Your girlfriends are not jealous and they probably laugh at you behind your back. And they are probably glad he chose YOU and not any of them because they see how he treats you. #9 is right, "boys" is the operative word here. A real man would not treat his wife this way. You are probably more than likely married to a "boy". This is not what the union of marriage is about, i.e., a man and a woman, not a man and several women! And by the way, I am married and he doesn't cheat!

1635 days ago


They both deserve each other. I guess we'll be seeing them at the Herpes clinic.... I, for one, will never watch anything else that douche-bag is in.

1635 days ago
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