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Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!

5/4/2010 2:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel -- the pilgrim of Tiger Woods' mistresses -- is totally pissed off at reports that she tried to extort David Boreanaz and she's going to do something about it.

Rachel Uchitel -- I Didn't Extort Anyone!
TMZ has learned ... Uchitel, who is in Mexico, is flying home today and plans to go on camera either tomorrow or Thursday to say she has "never extorted anyone" out of money.

We're told Uchitel had an affair with Boreanaz while his wife was pregnant, but she was not the woman who demanded a 6 figure settlement from him.  As we first reported, Gloria Allred repped the woman and claimed Boreanaz deceived her by saying she was the only one.  Boreanaz' lawyer, Marty Singer, calls the woman's demand for money extortion.

Sources tell TMZ ... Boreanaz was texting Rachel when his wife was giving birth last August.

And, TMZ broke the story Uchitel got $10 million from Tiger Woods in the wake of that scandal.

Of course, TMZ will cover what Uchitel has to say live.


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Yep I said that    

Yikes its like she's a walking Lincoln tunnel

1601 days ago


I agree with everybody here, Rachel is a whore and an ugly one too. But she'll get whats coming to her like a disgusting std.

1601 days ago


ok dont get me wrong because the men are just as much at fault here but what is it with this slut and her going after married men.

1601 days ago


She sleeps with married men and gets paid not to say anything. She's digusting andddd kinda a prostitute :) Gloria Aldred is gross too. Her cliental revolves around sleezy homewreckers. She's a joke

1601 days ago


Rachel really gets around. Does she feel so badly about herself that she has to only sleep with married men? All the guys she slept with are just laughing at her! They just use her to sleep with but not one of them will marry her.

1601 days ago


Ah, yeah sugar you're an extortionist!! You got 10 million from Tiger to shut up, and were even cleverer than some of these little star chasing ho's, you got pregnant!!! Now go away and hide in the gutter somewhere where you belong, seems Rachel Uchitel made it a career to screw married celebs then struck gold when she got pregnant by Tiger (that had to be planned too!), I'm sick to death of seeing her face or hearing her story!! Karma's a bitch though baby, so when you're all married and settled down and hubby cheats on you with a younger more attractive model, maybe then you'll feel as humiliated as these mens wives do because you had to not only screw them but had to tell your story to the world for profit hm?!! D'you figure her story will be along the lines of "I had affair with Uchitel's hubby, mistress to the stars" lol!!!

1601 days ago


what a sleaze bag dirt whore. does she screw everything? yes!!

1601 days ago


i hope his wife will sue this ho and expose her for what she is worth.... which is "0".

1601 days ago


Rachel, you whore go fricken die in a dark dirty corner before you destroy more marrigaes you ****.

1601 days ago


Her husband, who unfortunately passed during the wake of 911, rest his soul, would be very proud of how his wife turned out.

1601 days ago

Throwback kid    

I was thinking the same thing as another poster mentioned earlier. One day Rachel Uchitel is going to have sex with the wrong women's husband which will cause the wife to snap. And it will probably end in violence for Rachel.

1601 days ago


WOW? Not much more to say to that except WOW! She doesn't stop does she?

1601 days ago


Why did TMZ shut down the overwhelming negative comments on the "Gloria Allred on Boreanaz: What Happened Was..." story? I'm so sick of this woman abusing the legal system. Gloria Allred has made a career of walking right up to the line of what's highly unethical but still legally permissible. What she's doing on behalf of these jilted mistresses is de facto extortion. She's careful to skirt the legal definition of the crime but it's still extortion by any common meaning of the word. What else do you call it when someone attempts to extort money in return for their silence? Blackmail? If she weren't acting as the middle man in these negations these women would be arrested for extortion. I mean f'n Jesus Christ she comes up with these weak excuses to threaten to sue (because you can sue for just about anything even if it is frivolous) and then uses the pretense to enter "settlement talks" where her client will guarantee her silence in exchange for a fat pay check. How much you want to bet she doesn't even follow through with a suit now that David Boreanaz has told her to go to hell, there's no deal? Enough is enough already! When is the California Bar going to take disciplinary action against her already? She needs to be put on probation and ordered to take a remedial course in ethics. She's a disgrace to the legal profession!

1601 days ago


Ok, lemme get this straight: she obtained $10 mil from Tiger ostensibly so that she wouldn't provide all the juicy details about their relationship to the public, and now, she finds it necessary to show her ugly mug on TV again in order to defend her honor by stating that she has never extorted money from a celebrity who she admittedly had an affair with when his wife was pregnant? That about sum it up? If Gloria can broker a $10 mil deal for a woman who slept with a married man because she thought she was the only "one", why then can't Tiger's and David's wives sue her for the same thing? If nothing else, for intentional infliction of emotional distress because she knew these men were married and continued with the relationships anyway. Someone needs to put a stop to her reckless and hurtful behavior. It's about time wives fought back and stood up to women like this once and for all. Rant OFF.

1601 days ago


money hungry skank...first Tiger Woods, now him??? nice reputation slut

1600 days ago
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