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Lindsay Lohan

Gets Reprieve From Dad

5/6/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Michael Lohan has backed off his threat to seek a conservatorship for his daughter, Lindsay Lohan -- at least temporarily.


Sources tell TMZ Michael -- who demanded to see Lindsay Wednesday or else -- will not make good on his threat.  We're told Michael's Lawyer, Lisa Bloom, had a pretty lengthy telephone conversation last night with Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay's lawyer. 

We're told the lawyers are trying to resolve the conflict short of Michael taking legal action.

But, as we first reported, the legal action may be coming down on May 20 -- the date of Lindsay's DUI probation hearing.  Our sources say Lindsay has violated the terms of her probation by not attending the required number of alcohol ed classes and the judge has already said in previous court hearings -- if Lindsay violates probation, she's going to the slammer.

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Michael really needs to go away!

1629 days ago


This Guy is a joke... it's no wonder she is jacked up... he should help himself first...and the Mom if u can even call her that is just as messed up too.. they should just throw them all in jail and be done with it..Mom from the dad down to Lilo... then we would be rid of them for a while only in american can u be famous for beging a hot Mess...

1629 days ago

Christina G.    

"Sources" tell TMZ. Haha! Who are you all kidding? Why does TMZ have such a soft spot in their hearts for this loser? So annoying. Can't wait for this "news" to die out.

1629 days ago


This whole thing is a giant BS publicity stunt!
He can't get a conservatorship she is not a threat to herself or others and is capable of taking care of her own self.
She is not going to jail, the judge has a long record of kissing her butt at progress hearings and her violation is minimal. Plus California is broke and can't put non violent offenders in jail. Even if they did it would be for a minimum number of days, more likely another revolving door 85 minutes.
Coming soon, the spin on why she is still out playing.

1629 days ago


TMZ may as well titled this "LINDSAY LOHAN CALLS DADS BLUFF -- AGAIN"... This is exactly what I predicted from him several days ago when he was flying back to CA and talking smack that this time he was going to do it. He's got bupkis in court and his lawyer knows it. He thinks he can mentally manipulate and bully her around with threats and ultimatums. Well guess what dude Lindsay's done called your bluff, several times now. Just STFU with your idle "TMZ EXCLUSIVE" threats and ultimatums to her and put your money were your mouth is. You know what you have to do, file the papers in court to get a conservatorship going. What's the matter? You afraid you'll get tossed out of court with what you have? Because that's what I think.

1629 days ago


michael lohan likes to throw out empty threats , like he is some god father . he has more legal issues he will be faceing if he does not come up with the child support money , come next week . lindsay does not qualify for conservatorship. i would call him on this crap seriously. lindsay needs to file a restraining order against him. lindsay lawyer can not do or agree to anything that lindsay says yes to , that would be un ethical on her lawyer and grounds for malpractice . lindsay would have to agree to let her lawyer talk to michael lawyer ,lisa bloom . she can not do it without her permission period. the only people that believe this stuff from michael , are people who dp not understand conservatorship . i am not all that sure this is a publicity stunt , because if the whole breaking into lindsay place was a publicity stunt , then we can sue him for the cost of the police being there . plus he can be accused of fileing a false police report, in regards to the welfare check . depending on how much the german tv production crew gave him , he could be in jail come by the end of next week . failure to pay child support is looked at very seriously , because if he does not , the american people become supporting parents of someone else kid. liked seeing gloria allred sweat on the whole extortion thing , they finally got it right . getting a lawyer does not make your demands all of a sudden not extortion . gloria is walking a thin line. well nice to have another lawyer in the family , she might need it. what claim does someone who slept with you have . the issue of palimony years back was and is stil rediculous. glad david did not back down , hope wife sues his lover , baby

1629 days ago


Just because Michael Lohan files for Conservatorship, doesn't mean he'll be appointed. I believe Michael can petition for a conservatorship for Lindsay and the Public Guardian can be appointed her Conservator. At least that way she'll get the care she needs to stay alive. Dina wants to keep Lindsay out of jail & rehab because Lindsay is Dina's cash cow.

1629 days ago


Every time this guy gets a scrap of information one his ex or any of his kids he runs to the tabloids and sells it to them
And when he can't get anything he manufactures drama and sells it
His motivations for this are so transparent

To bad LiLo doesn't have a father to kick this creeps ass

1629 days ago


I am tired of hearing about this. He is either going to do it or not. If he's not, he really needs to stop bringing it up. Its crying wolf already.

1629 days ago


I would not trust Michael Lohan to watch after an animal. He can't take care of himself. Why do you think Lindsay is so screwed up? Her parents tried to used her, take her money, overwork her, and did not care about her as their child, but a machine. He screwed her up. He only sees a chance to get his hand on what money she can make. If he really cared about her, he would have been a real parent years ago, and that crap about his ex-wife would not let him is crap. If he is not man enough to stand up for his children against anything, then he is not a father.

1629 days ago


He can't do anything, she's an adult. He's just a blow hard ex con.

Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity and she can do whatever the F she wants!

1629 days ago


If he could have done something by now he would have. All he cares about is trying to get his hands on any money Lindsay may have left for his personal use.

1629 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Michael: I will stop at NOTHING to save my Daughter
Michael: Left Los Angeles after 14 minutes of banging on her door
Michael: I will take this to NYS child welfare
Michael: No, I will give her and her mother another chance
Michael: I will seek conservatorship
Michael: I won't seek conservatorship

Does anyone else smell the inconsistant liar in this recipe?

1629 days ago


Should I throw up now or later? This family is nothing but LOSERS!!!!!!!

1629 days ago


Lindsay needs to get away from both her parents. Jail time for her would be in her best interest. She'd sober up and get away from her cash whores... I mean parents.

1629 days ago
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