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LT Alleged Victim -- I Had No Choice

5/9/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by Lawrence Taylor texted her uncle for help after the alleged sexual liaison with Taylor went down.

The girl told the New York Post in frightening detail about the events that led up to her alleged encounter with Taylor. According to the Post, when she initially refused to go with her pimp, Rasheed Davis, the girl says, "He hit me in the face, so I covered my face." She then crouched down to protect herself, but "[Davis] started kicking and stomping on me."

According to the paper, the girl was told to tell Taylor her name was Carmen and she was 19 -- and this is consistent with what Taylor has been telling friends, according to TMZ.

The girl says she feared for her life if she didn't do what she was told, telling the Post, "If I didn't go through with it, [Taylor] would've called Rasheed and there would have been consequences ... God knows what would've happened if I didn't go through with it."

After the alleged incident, the girl says she texted her uncle, "Help me ... I don't want to live like this" on her way back to the Bronx.

The girl is now in foster care, the uncle told the paper, and her biological father is seeking custody.

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Rafaelle Zuccaro    

L.T. is more to blame than the 16 year old--- Are you people NUTS??? Larry is a Rich, Married, Celebrity-- and A living PIG...It is really SICK, that people blame this on a POOR little girl who is being USED and ABUSED by a PIMP and a very STUPID , Famous MAN-!!!! The girl needs HELP, Larry needs help to, BUT he should go to JAIL!!!

1574 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

L.T. is more to blame than the 16 year old--- Are you people NUTS??? Larry is a Rich, Married, Celebrity-- and A living PIG...It is really SICK, that people blame this on a POOR little girl who is being USED and ABUSED by a PIMP and a very STUPID , Famous MAN-!!!! The girl needs HELP, Larry needs help to, BUT he should go to JAIL!!!

1574 days ago


Yes Will - Of COURSE the Father is NOW seeking custody. The daughter will probably hire Gloria AllPuss and get a big pay day from LT.

1574 days ago


So she calls the Uncle prior to banging someone famous????? But for THREE weeks she allowed her Tuna to take in others and suck strange penis?

LOL That's funny!

Can't help but get a kick out of the ole "feared for her life factor." This low life didn't think of calling the police, her Uncle, or a YMCA for help BEFORE getting whored out??

She's beyond stupid to think people will fall for that excuse.


1574 days ago


me too @ sports grl. he should be charged to the max bc it is what it is...all prostitutes have some very f-d up issues hence why they are prostitutes...so for anyone to patron them shows their disregard for an obviously severely troubled person. add to that the fact she showed up with a black eye...A HOOKER WITH A BLACK EYE....and i don't care how developed she may or may not be, as adults we know when we are conversing with a minor...i've been able to tell ever since I turned 21 so as a 40 or 50 something year old man i refuse to believe that prospect never crossed his mind. yes she is responsible for her actions but only as much as a child can...her parents are supposed to be fully responsible for her and they have failed miserably. these celebrity men are acting like urge-driven animals...they have no sexual self-control nor morals so they deserve every consequence that comes with the situations they put themselves in be it prison, HIV, etc.

1574 days ago


The girl puts a whole lotta assumption of taylor calling the pimp. But what was she hanging out with a pimp for anyway? A role model/support her drug habit ? How's do you think she pays for that? That's why lots of ladies are out hookin? Wonder where her mother was at, wonder if she works for the pimp too. No, mention of where she was at ?

"The girl says she feared for her life if she didn't do what she was told, telling the Post, "If I didn't go through with it, [Taylor] would've called Rasheed.

Put it this way if your daughter was hanging out with a pimp would you sort of wonder, ah gee. What's the chance of her hookin?

A gal that's 16 years old and livin in the city and hang'in out with a pimp is probably more mature than most ladies in their mid-20's. This gal probably matured when she was 13, as where was her mother at ???

1574 days ago

kate kroll    

Does Mr Taylor have any daughters" What goes around, come around.
What a pig! I hope he spends a lot f time in jail , giving him plenty of time to think about what he has done... he is an animal

1574 days ago


For all practical purposes (purposes being money, fame, adoration) Lawrence Taylor has died. No company, show, sponsor, or group will want anything to do with his name or likeness for the rest of his days. Unless its some side freak kind of show, or a Tom Sizemore kind of thing----its over. Lawrence tempted fate his whole jock privileged life and it all came crashing down on just another of thousands of paid for encounters he's had over the last 25 years. Right or Wrong doesn't much matter anymore unfortunately, when the story includes; athlete, HO, pimp, underage, beaten, there are no winners, just losers and LT has lost for the rest of his life. NO matter what a jury says, no one will come near this man unless its for a Freak Show appearance. Big Ben, Tiger, Clemens, Warren Sapp (DWTS connection?), Michael Irvin, LT and countless others have been exposed for who they truly are----Abusers, and Rapers of Women, both of age, and underage, for a fee, and for simply taking it for free. None of those names will forever be free of being thought of as abusers and/or rapists, irregardless of their Sports Stats. Join the club now LT, you're its newest exposed member, regardless of your intentions that evening---karma caught you after all these years.

1574 days ago


Yes, LT is a no good pig for cheating on his wife. And then to use hookers off the street is just stupid. But he probably goes thru a pimp as a layer of protection due to who he is. Any girl he picks up in a club would just turn out to be like Tiger's mistresses who are coming out of the woodworks now looking for a payoff.

This is a sad story but I find it a little hinky. She has a pimp who beats her and forces her to have sex with men but she has access to a cell phone? Don't pimps usually control their girls religiously? Take all their money and not let them have possessions? How come she didn't text her Uncle the first time she was beat? How many other men had she been forced to have sex with before she decided she wanted out of the life? There weren't any shelters or churches or police stations she could have gone to for help? I wonder if she knew who LT was or if the pimp told her he was big time rich.

LT is a dog but I think it was a scam that got out of control. Next thing you know Gloria Allred will be representing the girl and suing for millions.

1574 days ago


LT is a 51 year old married man with 5 children older than this 16 year old. If LT ordered a prostitute, and she showed up young looking with a beaten up face,then he is responsible for who he sleeps with. He is 51. He is married. and after having 5 children which he watched grow up, he should have known something was up..
He slept with a 16 year old child. He is responsible for his own actions. He committed statutory rape. He has a history of problems following the law. Just last November he committed a hit and run, which he still has to go to court for in Florida.
The DA has already charged the pimp with kidnapping, assault, and endangering a minor, if the DA believes that Taylor was told by the pimp to call him if the prostitute did not do what she was suppose to, then I expect the DA will charge Taylor with kidnapping, and forcible rape. Taylor is lucky, he is only charged with what he is charged with. It could be, and might be much worse.

1574 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Imagine how unpleasant the prospect of having sex with LT is that the only female that will do it is an underage prostitute who is simultaneously being paid and threatened with a beating if she refuses to do so...

1574 days ago


the girl ran away, that was a choice. she chose to pick up and take off with a pimp. she aint that stupid. instead of turning tricks, she could have gone home, or to a shelter or to the cops. she wanted to maintain her "lifestyle" of freewheelin whatever. foster care now??? hope it lasts. the john and little ben have had a head knocking exposeure to say the least. a tad humiliating. like spoiled little rich kids gone amuck. quantity. ????? wow. makes me sick to the gut. sad so sad. having to pay for sex.?? what happened to his wife? NOT enuff. put him in psych ward permanently. little ben got put on the shelf for awhile. his mom should be sooooo proud. has to use a nasty bathroom to do his thing. and to boot, get the chick stinkin drunk. amusing. this current scandal he had to have a skinny young, beat up girl.

1574 days ago


Ok so knowing it was Lawrence Taylor, a sports icon, and AFTER getting hit by the pimp, it never crossed her mind, once she was away from her pimp & with Taylor, to tell HIM she was a minor & the pimp hit her & she was afraid for her life if she didn't have sex with him & ask KT to help her? Gimme a break. So she has sex & goes back to the pimp she was afraid of. Yeah right, good thing i wont be on the jury for this one. Not buying any of it. And since she had access to a cell phone that she could text her 'tio', AFTER the pimp dropped her off at the hotel, THAT would have been the opportune time to text the tio!

1574 days ago


Don't feel sorry for him. He's been doing this all along. He just got caught. He's not the only one. These football, basketball, golf, hockey, etc. all do it. This crazy, sick man just got caught.l

1574 days ago


I believe the girl. Her story is not that unusual and these situations are not uncommon. I have heard a lot of abuse stories. So she made some poor decisions. It's not a very questionable story.

1574 days ago
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