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Sean Penn

Cops Plea in Criminal Case

5/12/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Sean Penn -- who was charged with battery in connection with a paparazzi run-in last October -- has just copped a plea in his criminal case.

Penn -- who was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and battery by L.A. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich -- pled no contest this AM to one count of vandalism.  The battery charge was dismissed.

Penn was placed on 36 months probation and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service.  The judge said Penn's work for his Haitian relief organization will count toward his 300 hours, but his prior volunteer work won't count -- it's 300 hours going forward.

Penn was also ordered to perform 36 hours of anger management, which can be done through a private therapist.

If Penn successfully completes his probation his vandalism conviction will turn into a disturbing the peace conviction -- a lesser offense.

But there's more.  Penn must stay 100 yards away from the victim.  A restitution hearing over the pap's camera and medical bills is set for July 8.


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Jason Chambers    

All that just for kicking an azhole paparazzo?

1595 days ago


That's total b*llsh*t. Those paps are like friggin roaches. THey get what they deserve! That judge should be removed from the bench! He would be angry too, if the paps were following him 24/7! And most paps are overly aggressive while trying to stalk thier celebrity prey, but when the celebrities try to fight back they snap these photos and cry boo hoo. I guess this is a lesson that your damed if you do and damed if your don't. Hey Sean, if you're reading this... next time you should really kick thier ass!

1595 days ago


Community service and restitution was enough three years probation is a bit over the top.

1595 days ago


Penn is a punk. He is one arrogant, angry guy. I agree, he needs to be dropped, seems he understands violence pretty well..

1595 days ago



1595 days ago


In the words of Doug Heffernan:
Res-ti-tu-shiooooooooon followed by de-por-ta-shioooooooon

1595 days ago


Seans the man he should have really kicked his ass. Funny how the sounds turned off you dont hear these ahole paps talking smack.

1595 days ago

who cares about Sean (asphincter says what) Penn    

Sean Penn needs to go to jail so he can lay face down, ass up so Bubba can have his way with him for along time. Rectal cancer needs to be first and foremost in his mind after he loses all ability to tighten his sphincter.

1595 days ago


Penn deserves to be in jail.

1595 days ago


Penn the moron? HA... too bad he didnt kick the pap in the face. those uneducated s*** chasing people all day with the cameras deserve any beating they get!!! I always had the idea that the celebs should hire a group of teens, arm them with paint ball guns, masks, and have them shoot all the paps whenever they try to take pictures. what can anyone do? shoot and run. i would love to do that myself. or hire people to hold a really really bright light in front of the camers...blind these morons and their cameras.

1595 days ago


The paparazzi are parasites, TMZ is a bag of slimy parasitic worms culled from the psoriatic scalps of lowlife web fans, and Sean Penn's only mistake was leaving the photographer standing on two feet.

1595 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1595 days ago


Sean is a first class punk with a "little man's" complex.

Maybe that's why he can't keep a woman.

1595 days ago


I find it funny that people alway complain about the paparazzi, yet if it weren't for them, this site would not exist. I see the same post names on this this comment site every day saying the paps suck and they deserve to get beat down. You can't have it both ways. Either get off of a site where every picture comes from a paparazzi camera, or deal with it. Just quit complaining about something that you subscribe to.

That being said, Sean Penn has always been an egotistical, arrogant punk. He loves to hate this great country, yet will accept millions of dollars to show his ugly mug on the silver screen. Never liked him or his movies, but I guess if nobody cares that he's and ass and that he hates just about everything about the country he was born in, what does that say about our own society?

1595 days ago


Bah, another celeb gets away with a crime. He should have to do real community service instead of posing for the camera somewhere. Hope he does Milk2, lol. Washed up hacktor.

1595 days ago
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