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Woman Denies Affair with Matt Lauer

5/13/2010 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's half-sister flatly denies reports claiming she had an affair with Matt Lauer from "The Today Show" ... this according to her rep.

Matt Lauer

There's a story floating around that Matt was busted by his wife for cheating -- and that Alexis Houston was allegedly on the receiving end of said cheating.

But ... Houston's rep tells TMZ, "The allegations regarding Ms. Houston and Mr. Lauer are false. If they have met at the Today Show, in the past, that would be the extent of their interaction."

Houston's rep goes on to say, "However, Ms Houston has never had any sort of relationship with Mr. Lauer and does not even recall meeting him."


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Eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww and I mean that about both of them ...Who wants to have an affair with Matt Lauer. Whoop dee do who is he yeah, she is just another girl but hellloooooooooooooooo this is not news who CARES!!!!!!!

1593 days ago

Don Park Sr.     

I find it amazing that when Tiger Woods,Kate and John, David Letterman and many other Celebs are having problems it is blasted all over the news and the public has the right to know. NBC, CBS, and ABC shove it down our throats for days on end. Now one of the people, who, think it is so important for the people to know has got himself in that position and they keep it low keyed. I watch the news statiions every morning and I have not heard one word about Matt Lauers reported affair. In fact I have seen him everyday on NBC and you would think there is nothing going on. The only information I have seen has been on the internet.If there is infidelity in his marriage I think we should know about that just as they have blasted the other people. It is kind of like let Sarah Palin opens her mouth and the news service is all over her. Let President Obama, who, during his campaign put President Bush down for his slow response (4 hours for Federal help to arrive)) with Katrina not even show up in Nashville and you hear nothing about that from any of our Major League news services. Instead of the President or Vice President going to Nashville they send the Director of Homeland Security to acess the situation. This woman cannot even protect our borders how can she decide the damage in Nashville. I some how see double standards here. I feel our news services should do their job and put the news out and quit protecting their own. If Matt Lauer is cheating on his wife we should know just as much about that as we do any other person cheating on their spouse. He is after all a "public figure" and the public has the "RIGHT" to know.

1592 days ago


blah blah blah.....another ******* cheats on his wife

1592 days ago


I'm with you Don Park, you are Right on! We know these guys are NOT saints and yet the media are to scared or to liberal to say anything of one of there own. I hope TMZ checks into more of these people like they do the actors they stalk.

1592 days ago

Truth Weaver    

First of all: Matt's current wife and this new lover is on equal standing when it comes to looks. They are both fives on a 0-15 scale.

Having said that, if they actually had an affair, do you dimwits really expect her to say yes? This is a professional woman with a rock solid career.

I've never been a fan of Matt Lauer -- but this is somewhat unfair to him and his family. Media establishments like TMZ which thrive on smutty information like this are catalysts for the destruction of the children involved.

None of these guys deserve to be exposed like this, because they are just as wretched as the rest of us. Yes, you are just as wretched as Tiger Woods.

How would you like your shame broad-casted all over TMZ?!!!!?

1591 days ago


ISN'T IT A SHAME that many comments on this site, past and present, do not hesitate to label someone as "gay or lesbian" whether true or not. These same people are cowards who hide behind their "signature" names and DARE NOT reveal their true identity for fear of a law suit. Some write as if they have not progressed beyond middle school. In all the many years Matt Lauer has been in the public eye there as never been, to the best of my knowledge, negative reports concerning any inappropriate behavior public, or private. I wonder if some of these same people can say the same for themselves?

1591 days ago


Just wanted to say HI...

1590 days ago


What's up with her hair?

1590 days ago


This is not true either. First there was the web site toyotarunaway org deal. I bet she has a man and it is not Matt. Matt his happily married because Meredith say he was and she knows everything he does.

1590 days ago


oh my land,yuk! Who would want him!!!!????!!!!!!

1590 days ago


look at his eyes.they are pretty dilated.Scary.

1590 days ago


why does everyone keep speaking about race? I beleive this story the Enquier has been right on a lot of big ones lately, Maybe she wasn't the girl some other Black girland they got confused but he yp to something. His wife seem angry, mean and jsut as unattractive as this woman.
Rich Married men cheat with bottom of the barrel women Tiger Woods at least this woman looks classy compared to Tigers Ugly Skanks

1589 days ago


I think the more interesting story is that Whitney Houston's half sister has a rep...I mean, why?

1587 days ago


Yikes, per the New York Post, this chick is really a dude named Wellington and is not related to Whitney Houston. Seems that Matt likes chicks with d i c k s. Wellington had a sex change operation 3 years ago.

1580 days ago


oh gross!!!!!

1580 days ago
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