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Tiger Woods -- Mike Ditka's Got My Back

5/13/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods claims he was in too much pain to play golf this past weekend -- but was definitely healthy enough to shoot a new EA Sports commercial with his boy Mike Ditka yesterday!!

Tiger Woods & Mike Ditka
Tiger and the legendary Chicago Bears coach hooked up in Orlando to shoot a new spot for the video game company -- a shot that also included several other pro golfers.

Woods claims he also had an MRI yesterday for an "inflamed joint" in his neck. Still no word on when he's expected to make a return to the non-scripted kind of golf.

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Tiger has an inflamed joint between his legs and one between his ears.

1623 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I thought it was bogus when he withdrew because of "neck pain." He won the U.S.Open on one leg and had to have major knee surgery afterward. If he could do that, playing with "neck pain" is easy.

The MRI results confirmed my suspicions. "Inflamed joint." What BS! 95% of adults could be diagnosed with that. Treatment...massages and some pills. Tiger has turned into a lying p*ssycat!

This reminds me of when Michelle Wie withdrew from a tournament last year claiming injury when she was in jeopardy of losing her card. The next week she was out playing again.

1623 days ago


Good to know he has his priorities straight and won't let something like a "tournament-ending injury" interfere with making REAL money.

[end sarcasm]

1623 days ago


I agree with #2 completely. I won't be buying any of EA's garbage anytime in the near future either.

1623 days ago

Jim in LV    

Woods is ridiculous. Even his fellow golf peers that were once scared of him now openly mocky him. His carefully crafted bubble has been burst for good. He may still win some tournaments in the future and have golf success, but not at the level of dominance he had before. And he'll always be the butt of jokes, even at 70 years old there will be Tiger jokes floating out there.

1623 days ago


OMG TMZ - Really????

I am not a huge fan of Tiger lately, but even I know the difference in playing golf in a major competition - and playing around for a commercial.

Are you guys so hard up on anything Tiger that you try to find a conspiracy in THIS?

Give me a break.

1623 days ago


How convenient...he isn't doing spectacular so now he is conveniently injured.

1623 days ago

Rachel es una puta    

His wife is dying inside and he doesn't seem to care at all of all the damage he created.
My God I wish I could kick his ugly face with a driver.
Keep laughning stupid idiot. Something tells me you won't laugh any longer. Go to hell with your sluts. Were they worth it ?

1623 days ago


"Tiger" as he renamed himself, is a p u s s y. He can't deal with anything where he's not in control i.e. winning. He's immature, not a real man. Elin should celebrate since she is getting rid of the ugly lecher. It doesn't bother him one bit that he destroyed his marriage/family. He knows he'll get plenty of attention from the porn stars and prostitutes later.

1623 days ago


This cheating lying pond s*** is an insult to other golfers and should banned from any and all appearances where decent people go. Sew his mouth shut and his pants, too.
Instead of getting rid of his wife, kids and coach he should get rid of himself. Go kill yourself nasty bastard. Nobody cares about you anymore except the stupid losers who can't live without you.

1623 days ago

Milkaholic Blowhan    

The one time tiger is now a flaming little puddy kitten.

1623 days ago


Maybe it's a symptom of syphilis.

1623 days ago


Ahh. Tiger's got a tension spasm. He needs a backrub. Any of you gurls out there want to help him. But, before you do, please understand this: HE IS FINISHED!!! The only guy who could ***back from this kind of personal self-emploding is SATAN HIMSELF! Ha! I knew it! He is made of the same material that our president is ( and notice I didn't capitalize his status et.al.) Before we know it our country will be made up of bi-sexual, drug-using isalmic terrorists bound on turning our country into a war-zone. Hit 'em straight. Me

1623 days ago


#7 love your comment - don't follow golf but do know that there is a definite difference between PLAYING golf and shooting a commercial.
#14 - love our president - you are pathetic.

1623 days ago


12. Maybe it's a symptom of syphilis.

Posted at 11:32 AM on May 13, 2010 by Algonquin




1623 days ago
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