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Juan-Carlos Cruz -- Murder/Suicide Plan

5/17/2010 9:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Juan-Carlos Cruz was allegedly involved in a Shakespearean plot to kill his wife and then kill himself -- and it's all over their inability to have babies.


Sources say the Santa Monica Police Department and the L.A. County District Attorney are fully aware 47-year-old Jennifer Campbell has been despondent for years over her infertility and has spoken openly to friends that she wanted to end her life.

But Campbell is a deeply religious, practicing Catholic and the church views suicide as a mortal sin.

Our law enforcement sources say the information police and prosecutors have "is absolutely clear" -- Cruz was trying to honor his wife's wishes by ending her life.  He then planned on killing himself.

As TMZ first reported, Cruz -- who hosted a show on Food Network -- allegedly approached 3 homeless men in Santa Monica to kill Jennifer.


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OMG.. really???... you aren't 'brave' enough to kill yourself so you're gonna let your hubby do it..and well...if he burns in hell..that's ok???? GOOD LORD...this is a hot mess mental health issue..if she really felt that way..she needs some sort of treatment... really sounds like a cop out on his part to get out of an attempted murder charge.....

1620 days ago


Come on people. ADOPT?? REALLY?? People this crazy should NEVER be allowed near children. They both need to be locked up.

1620 days ago

kooky sperm    

Thats ridiculous if he was going to kill himself after why not just kill her himself?

1620 days ago


Oh come on....really? How can people be so stupid. He was looking to get rid of her for whatever reason...nothing to do with babies and love....what a crock of s**t

1620 days ago


well if this works for him then all these fat lazy housewives better go out and buy that book...hmmmmmmm,,and beware of homeless people walking up to you
why didnt the stupid crazy lady just adopt a kid,,geez it only takes 5 years or so and even if your huband is a hitler fanatic ,,you too can still adopt a little lebron james

1620 days ago


Hey, lightened up on the Mrs.! "If she were as God fearing as she says she is...she could adopt...". Who are you quoting? I haven't read anything SHE SAID! I seriously doubt she asked him to go out and get 2 thugs to slit her throat! I imagine she was as shocked at the next person. I think - in his mind - this baby story is a convenient defense and one that will be proven ridiculous. And what happened to TMZ's May 15th story that she just inherited some money and "he wanted her out of the picture"?

1620 days ago


OH YES, Let's spin it as an act of kindness and mercy.

Truth is, If the cheapass moron hadn't low-balled the hitters, he probably could have gotten away with it.

And as for him offing himself......

PUHLEEZE.....if you believe that one, Michael Jackson needs flowers on his grave.

1620 days ago




Since he's in custody....has anyone checked his immigration status?

Or am I being insensitive?

1620 days ago


there are tens of thousands more cases of fathers molesting their children than preists molesting children.
Should we damn all fathers the way you damn and entire religion for the evil of a few?
There are more cases of male and female teachers molesting students. Should we damn the entire teaching profession?
There are cases of ministers from Protestant religions who have molested children.
The catholic church is made up of billions of people around the world. The sex scandal makes up 2% of that billion. just like you can't damn every parent, teacher or minister for the evil acts of a few... you can't damn an entire religion either.
I agree those priests should be defrocked immediately

1620 days ago


A 47 year old woman can't conceive, what a shock. This is nonsense because they could have gone the surrogote route, or adopted. All woman over 45 should be considered infertile and if she conceived the chances of a good outcome are not good.

1619 days ago


IF this were true, he wouldn't have been so CHEAP with the money end. If he planned to die anyway, he wouldn't need his money.

Game, set, match. The guys s***, throw him in a cell and lose the key.

1619 days ago


If it was a murder-suicide plot why did he have to hire a third party to commit the murder? He could have killed her himself and then committed suicide. Why bring other people into it who could go to jail for life? If the plan was for him to kill himself, according to her beliefs he would go to hell. Did she hire someone to kill him so that wouldn't happen?

1619 days ago



1619 days ago


What complete psychos. Obviously god had a good reason for not giving these two morons any children. Let's see...adoption or a murder/suicide thing? They really made the right choice there. Actually, they probably did. Nobody as nuts as they are should be allowed to care for a dog, let alone another human being.

1619 days ago

Jen O.    

The last thing we need is more people in this world. One entire generation need to tie their tubes and adopt what's out there and let them have kids.

1619 days ago
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