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Polanski Party,

Table for 2?

5/19/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just over 24 hours to make it back to L.A. -- or she will become a fugitive from justice.

Roman Polanski & Lindsay Lohan
Lohan has been ordered to come to court ... and as TMZ first reported the command performance is because the judge has determined she has not complied with the terms of her probation.  If Lindsay does not show tomorrow, the judge will issue a warrant for her arrest

It's 4 PM in Cannes, and Lindsay is still there.

We checked with the airlines.  There is no way Lindsay can make it back flying commercial for the 8:30 AM hearing.

It's possible, of course, someone could offer Lindsay a mercy flight on a private jet.  But so far there's no sign of that.

So here's where it stands.  No evidence of Lindsay making her way back to L.A.  Officials from Lindsay's alcohol ed course have told the judge LiLo is in compliance with the program, but we know Lindsay has only completed 10 of the required 13 classes.

Tick, tick, tick ...


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There's Always Elvis    

My God!! How many chances does this girl need?? She knew she had a court date, yet she went away. She had all of this planned so she didn't have to show. Please, I'm begging you. Put her in jail. You will be saving her life. She is going to die soon if no one steps in to help her. I really do commend her Father for being so concerned about his Daughter. Please put her in jail for the 180 days. I'm sure you will see a turnaround in this girl.

1587 days ago


She's not worried about showing up for court, she knows as well as the rest of us that judges only slap celebrities on the wrist. She'll get a free pass just like the rest of them have. There is no justice when it comes to celebs, they do what they want without repercussions.

1587 days ago


f@ck!ng pedophile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1587 days ago


I for one hope she gets some decent jail time. Honestly, anyone else, even most celebs would be in jail by now. She may not have raped anyone but like Polanski she does have a nasty, self-entitled mindset and thinks she can get away with anything because she's a 'celebrity' (and I use that word in the loosest possible sense). I think that awful stage mom of hers is partly to blame.

She needs at least a couple of months in jail followed by six months of rehab. Enough time to sober up and seriously reconsider where her life is heading.

1587 days ago

pj blogger    

It is not her fault if there was a freaking volcano. That is an act of God. How can the judge put her in jail for something like that?

1587 days ago


Who doesn't think she has aged 15 years in the last year? I love the piture of her in court , nice look for the judge.. HA!

1587 days ago


Who doesn't think she has aged 15 years in the last years. I love the picture of her in court, nice look for the judge.

1587 days ago


TMZ your coming across like gloating tattletales

Move on already, and grow up while your at it

1587 days ago


exactly how many times do you need to run over a dead animal to get it in your head that its dead?

ALL TMZ is doing is repeating the same crap over and over. Its OLD and TIRED and pretty sad to cling on to this story in its desperate attempt to get visitors to the site and make comments.

This thread is as dead as her career.

Does TMZ even read these comments? If they did, they would see the majority of comments blast TMZ for being obsessed with this has been

1587 days ago


this is all so stupid because as others have pointed out..california does not have the money to send her to jail..its cost much more to house a high profile person than your average thief or other type of jailable offense...a non violent prisoner is not going to worst she will be given an ankle bracelet in designer colors....this is all a waste of space

1587 days ago


WOW I'm no LL fan but do not set her at the same table as a known molester. Also TMZ you have become Lohan obsessed I mean worse than Perez Hilton now come on that is just sad.

Please no more LL stories until the hearing when there is actually something new to report on. I mean checking departure times? Someone at TMZ is in need of some serious therapy

1587 days ago

Jamaican sam    

24 hrs!!! She should make this into a reality t.v. series.
Will she make it back before she turns into a pumpkin? Oh...wait.
She already is a pumpkin.

1587 days ago


Lindsey will make it there, all she has to do is take the magic celebrity portal that they have access to, pop the change reality pill that Paris Hilton gave her and rub the get away with anything lotion that only celebrities have.

She'll be fine.

1587 days ago

Jeff Conte    

Taking into account gaining 9 hours in the time change to Pacific Time, and maybe 14-16 hours traveling (flying and getting to court) time, she should be able to make it back in time for her 8:30am(PT) court time, if flying a private jet with leaving no later than between (1:30 and 3:30)am Cannes' time (4:30 and 6:30)pm((PT)L.A. time). Maybe for looking for something to report about (TMZ and others), it seems that people are, and have been, picking on Lindsey unfairly. It's her life, just leave her alone. Nobody lives a perfect life. It's easy to criticize other people when you're not in their shoes or ever have been. Lighten up, and live your own lives, and not others' for them.

1587 days ago


So what if she gets a couple of hours in jail and then house arrest.That's almost as bad because she would have to live in her own filth.Maybe it would give her an opportunity to clean up her apartment.

Now just another thought. If she's only allowed to leave Cali for work, does the judge check out whether she actually has a contract for the blow job movie? That was her excuse for partying in Canes, right? If not, can she be charged with comtempt of court?

1587 days ago
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