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Lindsay Lohan --

Parlez-Vous Party Time?

5/21/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan should've spent the last few nights trying to get her ass back to the U.S. -- here's what she was doing instead ...

Lindsay Lohan
TMZ obtained several photos showing LiLo fully immersing herself in the French party scene within the last few nights.

Hope she had a good time, 'cause she's gonna be paying for it -- courtesy of one tough Beverly Hills judge.


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This photo is just tragic. While everyone is cheering for her to go to jail, make no mistake, she will go to jail. She's just taking the detour route. Her alcohol and drug addiction is clearly leading her down the wrong path in her life. You all think she's getting away with something, but you don't see the whole picture.
Every single step she takes in the wrong direction is leading her closer to her death. Will that make all of you happy ???? Then you can come on her and comment all about her death as we are given the line "awaiting toxicology reports" when we all damn well know she's going to die from her disease of addiction. Have some compassion.

1585 days ago


Wow, had to take a second look and it does look like two lines of coke on the table,lmao

1585 days ago


Man that picture really is sad, she is sitting there with a straw or a rolled up bill in her hand and cocaine on a table not even 2 feet from her. I mean holy crap she will be tested the minute she gets in that court room, and you just know her father is seeing these pictures as he is also a fame whore who probably reads this site every single day. Not that I blame him for being concerned for his daughter. Lindsay does look hot though, hey thats what she is shooting for these days as her career is waning.

1585 days ago


i hope she does so much she gets a heart attack and dies. and everyone at her funeral will be like 'omg lindsay was such a ho'

1585 days ago


I knew Lindsay had pretty bad taste in women when she decided to go carpet-munching with that Sam chick, but this chick looks like Rosanna Rosanna Danna's ugly sister. And the guy in the photo... lol!. Even in France this guy must be known as king douche-bag.

1585 days ago


DUI = 85 minutes in lockup
Violating Parole and FTA = Unknown

Snapshots take at Cannes while avoiding arrest and punishment in LA = PRICELESS

1585 days ago


I wonder...does TMZ even realize what's going on in this pic? They have not posted anything in the comments...but yet again, I AM new here, so I don't know how TMZ Staff works. LOL.

1585 days ago


She is now claiming that her father is responsible for her stolen passport.
I wish the judge could get a look at this picture. And di she forget her pants? This photo is disturbing on SO many levels!

1585 days ago


Oh I hope the judge sees these! Someone PLEASE do something before she is the next Anna Nicole! The denial, is sicking. Lindsey PARENTS need to get her IN rehab BEFORE she goes to court. Maybe Lindsey has some thing to get this out of her system, I hope not, because coke stays in your system for 3-5 days. Put her in jail, rehab! before its to late please judge.

1585 days ago


cocaine and a straw for each nose hole.

1585 days ago


Due to Lindsay being a no show at court, she now will be drug tested at least weekly and alcohol monitored continuously. GREAT !!!
She will not be able to stay away from alcohol, plus I bet she fails her first drug test.

1585 days ago

Dan Tree    

Oh yeah, sure, blur the ass next to Lindsey so the site remains family friendly. Geniuses

1585 days ago


I did not think really much of her. Good or bad.
But NOW i love her! Go girl! the lines on the table and everything
somebody tilted the camera to get it.
Some a** nobodys she was partying with

1585 days ago


and clearly shes flipping the finger in most pics.
this pic will get news laster.
can't wait!

1585 days ago


Oh yeah, none of the upstanding citizens in any of these pictures could have "stolen" her passport. She must have been pretty messed up to be oblivious to the lines of coke on the table when the pic was shot. I can't wait to see the fallout from this one, and Dina's excuse for this.

1585 days ago
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