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Lindsay Lohan --

Parlez-Vous Party Time?

5/21/2010 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan should've spent the last few nights trying to get her ass back to the U.S. -- here's what she was doing instead ...

Lindsay Lohan
TMZ obtained several photos showing LiLo fully immersing herself in the French party scene within the last few nights.

Hope she had a good time, 'cause she's gonna be paying for it -- courtesy of one tough Beverly Hills judge.


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I wonder what excuse Dina will come up with now? Oh she'll say that Lindsay was around it, but didn't partake in any of the "activities". Lindsay is a 20-odd year old child. She needs to grow up. Her mother needs to cut the strings and let her be responsible for her own actions. Dina could use some help herself for being an enable/co-dependent.

1616 days ago


my kids are fine. they take thier drugs everyday too!

1616 days ago


Maybe now she'll do Celebrity Rehab.

1616 days ago


its sad . but 6 months , might be the wake up call . but look at paris
even after jail , back to her old ways . not a good role model. i hope the judge gets a good look at this photo / love the girl to the right . herion sheik ?

1616 days ago


Surprise she's a liar


Throw her in jail. She's too stupid to learn.

1616 days ago


Nice ... leathery, dimpled back-fat & ass in the last one - is that the best she could find to make herself look better? And what's with her fingers in her mouth all the time after God knows what they've touched all day/night? That's so filthy and gross.

1616 days ago


Usually once the first pic comes out with a celeb where drugs are involved, there are tons more to follow. Her "friends" will realize there is big money to be made in these photos and more photos will come out soon. She will be facing reality shortly as soon as she gets home today. Isn't she going to be fitted with a SCRAM bracelet and a drug test when she gets home today? Those were 2 conditions of her bond so I doubt the state will wait until Monday's court hearing to (1) give her the weekend to party, (2) give her the bracelet and (3) the time to "clean" her urine.

1616 days ago


Lindsay's acting career was on life support, it's probably terminal now. When Robert Downey Jr. had all of his problems he still had a number of successful acting roles, and did not offend everyone in Hollywood. He also had humility regarding his addiction, and took his punishments like an adult. Lindsay has continually lost jobs, burnt bridges, and subsequently became an un-bankable commodity in Hollywood.

The best, and really only thing she could do for herself is to get into a long-term treatment program. Then she needs some education, and employment that requires her to actually go to work everyday and become a contributing member of society.

1616 days ago

There's a problem here    

I didn't realize that Motel 6 had a chain in Cannes!

1616 days ago


I can feel the excuses now.

"She didn't know the drugs were there..."

"She was set-up by people trying to make money off of her..."

"Her Father planted the drugs (or arranged to have them planted)..."

Denile is what step?

1616 days ago


To Electric Zipper,
I have to agree with Greg. I think she is stupid enough AND arrogant enough to pose in a picture with obvious drugs in it. She is clearly past normal behavior by the fact she went to Cannes in the first place. What person (who is thinking straight)would take a chance at possibly jail time just to go to a party. Do you notice there hasn't been one photo of her "promoting" her biopic?

1616 days ago


TMZ, you seem to have a personal vendetta going on against Lindsey Lohan. She wasn't hauled away in handcuffs like you wanted, and now she has to pay for pissing you off.

You have it in for certain people. Michael Jackson was - and still is - one, and now Lindsey. You tried with Elin Woods for a bit, but that wouldn't really fly and now she's left the arena. You are pretty lenient against rapists though and you are feeling sorry for Conrad Murray - yes, he did kill someone but hey, it was just Michael Jackson who (in your mind) probably would have died anyway.

Unprofessional. And you're not even good at your own sordid game, because you're always wrong. For how long can you profit from the fact you were the first to tell us Michael Jackson died? His tragic death launched you, and oh boy are you showing him respect.

More and more people are disgusted with you and leave, and those left will be the bitter and angry nutcases who jump at people's throat at your command.

1616 days ago


Nice find, TMZ! I hope these pics add more fuel to the bonfire!

1616 days ago


its fake...with that many people in the room as as you all say obvious cokeheads there would be no lines left..they would be snorted as soon as they were laid out..this is a photo op with lindsey playing you off....actually those could even be toothpicks in wrappers for all you cannot tell by looking at the picture and even if it was coke ..where is the proof that she did any,,holding a ciggerette in your hand is not against the law,or a rolled up bill all are being played

1616 days ago


Aston get a grip,lindsay seems to cause her own problems. That picture of her with coke must look real good to ya huh. TMZ can't make this stuff up. Lindsay is nothing but a train wreck in progress and everyone wants to watch. Because she is sure being stupid about everything. Guess she likes her career she used to have going down the toilet.

1616 days ago
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