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Lindsay Lohan -- One if By Land, Two if By Sea

5/21/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is asking for it ... if and when she comes home from France, because the judge ain't gonna like what she's about to see.

Beverly Hills' flakiest probationee got off a yacht in Cannes this morning -- at around 7:30 AM to be specific ... after a night of partying.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay has booked a flight that will take her back to L.A. tomorrow, but who knows if she'll actually board.  We're told Lindsay is asking around for a private jet to ferry her home.  So far, no one is biting.

Lindsay is scheduled to be in court on Monday at 8:30 AM -- but we're filing that under "Believe it when we see it."

UPDATE:  Now this is the best.  Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and her pal got stranded on the boat because a friend took off in their car. We're told Lindsay wanted to leave hours before and only went out because it was someone's birthday.


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Ben Gunn    

Is it me or is that a couple of lines of blow on the tray with a card and a pile behind that drink?

1618 days ago


Wow sometimes you just can't fix stupid. Wish they'd drug test her by her hair. You'd think she'd come back right away to get a class in.

1618 days ago


I wonder if her dad or mom put up the ten grands for her bail. BTW, the ten thousand dollars is not refundable.

1618 days ago


Where exactly does she get all her money for these trips and private planes and bail? I mean wasn't her last big movie like 6 years ago? The little bit of modeling she does couldn't afford the lifestyle she is photographed in. If it is "friends" paying her way I'd sure like friends like that lol.

1618 days ago


Ugly shoes. Just sayin.

1618 days ago


Celebrity Justice once again. The judge should play by the rules and send her to rehab or throw her in jail. She is making a mockery of the justice system, and has alredy had enough chances. Her father is a fame whore and her mother is a total fool. Get this girl some help or she will be dead before too long.

1618 days ago


Actually, you can rent those same shoes at my local Bowl-A-Rama.
$2.00 for the first hour, $1.00 every hour after that.

1618 days ago

Irish Pubes    

Nice titties, Lindsay

1618 days ago


Whoever is submitting the pictures, including the ones inside, especially with coke - PLEASE KEEP SUBMITTING THEM - you may save a life.

1618 days ago


Lindsay may have already posted bail, however, when her violation of probation hearing comes up she has virtually no shot at avoiding jail time. The pictures taken last night in Cannes of her holding a coke straw with lines of coke clearly set up before her will not bode well with Judge Revel when she was supposed to have been before her in court that morning!

1618 days ago


wtf is wrong this chick!!!!!

1618 days ago


You know what? I'll bet TMZ got the pics because Lindsay's "friends" from the previous evening probably set her up and turned them in the next day. That guy in the party pic is probably getting his a33 beat right now in some dark ally or room by Lindsay's security team.

1618 days ago


Or maybe he is not but I am just sayin....

1618 days ago


There are lines of cocaine on the table!!!!! If anyone else behaved in such a court-defying manner they would be in jail by now.

This judge is too lenient with Lindsay!!!! What is going on??

1618 days ago


2 Questions
1. If she's on parole, why was she able to leave the country?
2. Why is she in Cannes in the first place?

1618 days ago
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