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Jesse James' Ex -- I Want My Daughter Back

5/24/2010 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James' porn star ex-wife has decided she wants to regain custody of their 6-year-old daughter -- but she can't afford to pay the legal costs to get the little girl back.

Jesse James' Ex
The woman making the claim is Janine Lindemulder -- who lost custody of her daughter Sunny James to Jesse while she was serving a 6-month prison stint in 2009 for tax evasion.

Lindemulder is now a free woman and claims she's ready to get 50-50 custody back -- but she's too broke to pay a lawyer to handle the case. So, she's filed documents in Orange County, CA asking a judge to make Jesse spot her a cool $5,000 for legal fees.

But according to the docs, Janine doesn't think Jesse's gonna play ball -- and expects him to fight her request for 50-50 custody.

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all she needs to do is a few porn movies and she'll get money. Sandra should get custody of her!

1584 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

STUPID SKANK! Not a chance in hell is this b*tch gonna get custody of a child. She has a serial history of assault & abuse, drug addiction, felony tax evasion ($300,000.00) & can't keep her legs closed for men or women. She's incapable of responsibly rearing a child.

"Janine was arrested in May 2003 after beating Jesse James. Jesse James filed for a temporary restraining order and legal separation from Janine Lindemulder in May 2003 after she attacked him in their Seal Beach, California house. Janine became angry when she arrived back at the house and discovered Jesse loading her possessions into a truck. According to court do***ents, Jesse said, "She began screaming and yelling at me... and punching me. She punched me in the face several times." Jesse was unable to defend himself because his right arm had just undergone surgery.[21]

According to the court do***ents, by the time the police arrived, Janine had already hit Jesse in the back of the head with a flowerpot and attacked with a metal sculpture. Jesse also claimed that Janine had attempted to run him over with a vehicle in May 2003 and had punched him in the eye on February 13, 2003.

1584 days ago


WHY should he pay her freakin' legal fees? She needs to get some help. She's delusional.

1584 days ago


It's not about the little girl, it's about six degrees of Bullock. If you can't afford a lawyer, how can you afford to take care of a child?

1584 days ago

Say what?!    

Good luck with that one, Porny!

How in the eff is she going to take care of little Sunny, and she can't even afford a lawyer?


1584 days ago


eck, he's so gross i don't know what Sandra ever saw in him. Very disgusting. He NEVER deserved her, and he proved it by his actions. S***

1584 days ago

Professor Obvious    

Again Jesse is doing that sissy kissy pouty lip thing he does! Sheesh!!!

1584 days ago


why does this website censor the word S C U M

1584 days ago


Jesse - when it rains, it pours. Makes you sometimes want to cut your **** off?

1584 days ago


Oh please! The only reason she wants custody is because of Sandra's affection for her little girl. Now that she and Jesse are kaput, I guess she thinks she can become BFF with Sandra and play happy families. Allowing Sandra access to the child, for a pretty fee. no doubt.
She knows that Sandra is ONLY interested at this point in maintaining a relationship with Jesse's and her little girl. Not Jesse himself. Therefor getting custody of her little girl is grounds for a chance relationship with Sandra on a higher level than she previously had before. As there wasn't any type of relationship. I feel sorry for that child. Shame that the only positive influence in her life was Sandra and while they remain close still, in the future it could fade out. Poor girl, I mean what role model does she have now to keep her on the right path? A stipper felon and a cheating, stripper loving, racist, nazi. Yeah, it really makes for a good childhood upbringing. Not!

1584 days ago

Professor Obvious    

The "Six Degrees Of Sandra Bullock" is a game you can play with anyone in the adult film industry. Just like the Kevin Bacon game except we're dealing with the fact that SANDRA IS LINKED TO EVERY PORNSTAR in the industry. Actually there's not a single porn star that is more than 4 degrees from Sandra Bullock. Just as all roads lead to Rome, all porn stars share a common link: Sandra Bullock.

1584 days ago

Capt AC    

She can raise money for a lawyer, all she has to do is let somebody pee on her again.

1584 days ago


THE TRUTH IS--When Janine was 8 months pregnant-and JESSE's WIFE-is when he started hookin up with Sandra. Live by the Sword-Die by the Sword! How can you cheat with a married man, marry him, and not expect it to happen to you??? And to further be the Sh%tb*g, that he is, HE was the one who dropped a dime about tax evation-and had her put in jail so he could have that little girl in the first place. Stupid, stupid people.

1584 days ago


The poor kid has almost no chance in life with these two as parents. I am not trying to judge, but just look at their lives.

1584 days ago


poor sandy

1584 days ago
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