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Lindsay Lohan Must Check in Nightly

5/27/2010 5:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Lindsay Lohan will be making a nightly call to her probation officer -- to find out whether she'll have to take a drug test the next day.

Lindsay was right on time today for her meeting with a new probation officer, a female. Sources tell TMZ Lindsay and the officer went through the prescription drugs Lindsay can take, without SCRAM repercussions  -- which include Adderall and Ambien.

We're told the officer went over protocol with Lindsay -- which requires her to make a nightly phone call to the probation office.   During that call, Lindsay will be informed whether she will have to go to the probation office the next day and submit to a drug test.

All in all, we're told the meeting "went well."

After the probation meeting, Lindsay took a trip over to Fred Segal for some retail therapy.


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1610 days ago


honestly .. all this talk about lindsay.. I dont understand why>> shes bad

1610 days ago


Test the crap out of her but the two drugs they are allowing is the one's she is most addicted to. Ridiculous!

1610 days ago

Dick Lichtenburg    

How will she check in nightly if she has all that ambien in her system?

1610 days ago


If she is told she has to come in for a drug test, then why is it called "random" testing? Isn't the point of "random" testing is that the person doesn't know when its going to happen. "No, Lindsay, no drug test tomorrow, you can do drugs tonight, but call tomorrow night and we'll tell you again when you have to test." So much for trying to help her!

1610 days ago


I guess she can not call collect.

1610 days ago


How long can cocaine be detected in a drug test?

1610 days ago


This system is certainly set up to accomodate this person. Random? NO, she is alerted to when she is tested. She's going to work it big time.

1610 days ago


How many times has she sneezed today?

1610 days ago

Lindsay Rocks!    

Lindsay, you're doing GREAT sweet girl! You are still as beautiful as you've always been. Don't worry about all the haters; they're just jealous of you. Rock on, Lindsay!

1610 days ago


Nothing like a SCRAM bracelet for her to finally put some clothes back on. She should be checked for diabetes, she constantly has somthing to drink in her hands and that muct thirst is one of the first signs.

1610 days ago


Who gets a heads up courtesy call letting you know exactly when your 'random' drug test is??? This is all just a waste of money and time.

1610 days ago

Professor Obvious    

I think that Lindsay should be fitted with a special collar that delivers an intense electrical shock when a button on a remote control device is pressed. I think the shock should be sufficient enough to cause her to fall to the ground, have a grand mal seizure and lose control of her bladder and bowels. I think that the government should distribute, to every man woman and child in America, a remote control that activates Lindsay's collar. I think that everyone (it takes a village after all) should carry their remote controls and if the see Lindsay misbehaving they should press the button and deliver a shock to Lindsay. This seems drastic but it's they only way we're going to be able to get her under some semblance of control...

1610 days ago


That is very dumb drug probation rule. There are drug cleansers that could keep her clean even knowing she has a drug test the next day. If she has to call nightly, she has many hours between to get high then clease her system with special products that do it quickly.

1610 days ago


She's a train wreck and those disgusting leech fame whore parents of hers aren't helping any. Sad.

1610 days ago
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