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Bret Michaels -- From Deathbed to 'Idol' Judge?

5/29/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels returned to the stage last night in Biloxi, MS where Bret dropped a huge piece of info on the crowd -- he might be taking Simon Cowell's seat on "American Idol."

Right before Bret played the classic "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," he told the crowd, "I can't say this is true yet, cause I don't know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on 'American Idol.'" Very vague, but still ...

As for the rest of the show, one audience member told us, "I figured he'd be wobbly and sitting on a stool. But he was energetic, running around the stage with his guitar. It was like when I saw Poison years ago. It was a awesome show."

UPDATE: A source close to Bret tells TMZ Bret is "in the running to replace Simon" but that nothing is close to being done yet. A rep for FOX says they are not commenting on any speculation regarding Simon's replacement. Stay tuned ...


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Shame on Bret for faking his brain bleed just for publicity...check the's IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to recover that quickly and with no visible effects if one actually suffered from his alleged brain injury.

1616 days ago

Michele from Ohio    

I don't believe he was ever that ill. Too coincidental. Is Bret showing up for Apprentice finale? Is he well enough? And what is with the "secret" location he was hospitalized in? You're close to death and you want to keep your scarf on your head? Really.

I think Bret is hot and entertaining ... charming. But I'm not buying it. Gary Coleman dies of a brain annurism (sp?) but Bret does a concert. RIP Gary. Bret must be a cat and had a few lives still left.

1616 days ago

liz brooker    

Bret's health scare was a hoax by Trump.

1616 days ago


HAH! See? I'm not the ONLY smart TMZ commenter out there - Bret's PR stunt shouldn't be rewarded. People who are really sick are too weak to beat his ass for lying.

1616 days ago


Ryan needs more music producing behind him , Brett has the knowledge and experience to know a gr8 singer compared to a good singer. Talent recognizes talent, let it happen, it will give him a rest and the blend of judges will be unbelievable!

1616 days ago


SIMON'S REPLACEMENT SHOULD BE .....ozzy ....the prince of darkness would be PERFECT!!!!!! VOTE FOR OZZY!!!!

1616 days ago

Music Critic    

Why doesn;t he fix the oil spill? Accordiing to a lot of you,he's done everything else. Bettter yet, why doesn;t BP simply put an open valve on the pipe and then close it down ?....

1616 days ago


I will watch American Idol, just because bret michaels is on it. He needs to be the next judge.

1616 days ago


Turn off the lights,close and lock the door,go home.IT IS OVER,THE SHOW IS DONE,FINI,KAPUT,USELESS AS YOU KNOW WHAT ON A BULL---------------HISTORY--HISTORY---HISTORY

1616 days ago


Brett is an average singer but he is one hell of a performer. He has a lot of experience in Rock and Roll but I don't know how he would fair in the pop music world of AI. Ryan Seacrest is a good host, it's not easy to do what he does, but being a judge doesn't fit him.

Ryan is building his own TV Empire, I see him being the next Merv Griffin or **** Clark.

The person I would like to see would be a record exec type that was huge at some point in their singing or band career that is in the business today. Ric Ocasek fits the bill perfectly imo.

1616 days ago


Something is fishy here. Why can't people see that it is strange for him to be so sick and almost dead and now he is out on stage jumping around all healthy after he wins. I aint buyin it. I didn't fall for the obama speaches of yes we can like everyone else and I aint fallin for this. He faked it like MJ faked his death!

1616 days ago


It Brett Micheals is the new judge...I'll start watching American Idol again..

1616 days ago


I'd love to see Bret as a judge. He wouldn't be a replacement for Simon, he'd be something different. It would be a risk though, as Bret doesn't have the snark that Simon or potentially Elton John bring to the table. Would change the dynamic of the show, which may not be a bad thing after 9 years, but is a risk nonetheless.

He certainly has the credibility, and I suspect he's got a strong mentoring streak in him. Hopefully he makes it through the next few months okay and we get to find out.

1616 days ago


Let's hope show will get more audience!

1616 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

No One can replace Simon. American Idol would be a complete bore without him - - like it is without Paula. Ellen and Kara are silly, publicity whores who shouldn't be on it at all. They can't sing. All Kara does is talk, talk, talk. Ellen is blah. American Idol is OVER.. . . and that's sad.

1615 days ago
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