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Bret Michaels -- From Deathbed to 'Idol' Judge?

5/29/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels returned to the stage last night in Biloxi, MS where Bret dropped a huge piece of info on the crowd -- he might be taking Simon Cowell's seat on "American Idol."

Right before Bret played the classic "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," he told the crowd, "I can't say this is true yet, cause I don't know. Next year they asked me to possibly be the judge on 'American Idol.'" Very vague, but still ...

As for the rest of the show, one audience member told us, "I figured he'd be wobbly and sitting on a stool. But he was energetic, running around the stage with his guitar. It was like when I saw Poison years ago. It was a awesome show."

UPDATE: A source close to Bret tells TMZ Bret is "in the running to replace Simon" but that nothing is close to being done yet. A rep for FOX says they are not commenting on any speculation regarding Simon's replacement. Stay tuned ...


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Ricky Gervais is my pick for the next American Idol judge!!!

1616 days ago


I am waiting to see RIP, its coming, this guys is a total moron. and someone please tap him on the shoulder and tell him its not 1985 he looks like an ass. he was a poser then, now he is a pathetic poser. and a soon to be dead one at that,

1616 days ago

mLflVR valencia    

no wayyyyy cant stand ryan! but im down w bret he makes all players from pld generations look good ,keep up the good work bret!

1616 days ago


GO AWAY BRET - you male whore. Why couldn't you just have died or something

1616 days ago



1616 days ago


Brett Michaels just killed ANY chance he had to be on Idol. Anyone in the industry knows you NEVER announce an offer or deal like that before it's official. I bet they kill the offer the minute this went public. Next time, SHUT UP.

1616 days ago


enough of Brett , over kill , get rid of the head band and face reality, your bald...

1616 days ago


Wow, some of you people are absolutely amazing, and not in a good way. To say that someone would fake medical problems for publicity is insane! I think Bret is an amazing person,rocker,and father.He has many many fans and that is his motivation. Keep your negative comments and rude opinions to yourself!

1616 days ago


Soo let me get this straight. This guy ****s 4353543 women and he's an idol. A woman does the same thing and she's called an std ridden whore. Double Standard anyone?

1616 days ago

Joe Jackson an illiterate child abuser    

Russel Brand should get a shot as judge on AI. He is very entertaining and can be caustic as well. ELLEN dont know sh#t about music; she is boring and corny as hell; she is tolerated because people dont want to be called homophobic; at least Kara knows music. They should pay off ELlen and let her go. She has nothing of value to offer the show - in entertainment or identification of talent!

1616 days ago

lil jeanie    

Bret-Sorry to say...I think you are toooo nice.

Elton John would be GREAT, AW and truthful.

Graham Norton would be a hoot.

We need a witty, acerbic Brit for this spot.

1616 days ago


bret has been a celebrity judge on a talent show before. he was a jusdge on "nashville star" for a season and was pretty awful. he used catchphrases like randy and couldn't give criticism just like paula.

gene simmons would be a MUCH better choice to replace simon. he is a strong personality, who isn't afraid to express his p-o-v even if it isn't popular with the crowd. (bret is too much the people pleaser and wants to be loved.)

1616 days ago


oh give me a break! his illness is the biggest publicity stunt of the year and now look at how much everyone is paying attention to him! nice job for his PR people.

1616 days ago


If he replaces Cowell, I will NEVER, EVER watch AI again. The dude had a lucky streak way back in the 80s, because of his HAIR! He is the epitome of "SUCK"!

1615 days ago


This man is a self absorbed, self admitted drug abuser and alcoholic plus a womanizer with two children from a woman he did not feel interested enough in to marry. Why the hero worship? He may make interestingmusic, but as a person, there are a lot better heroes out there. His physical problems probably stem fromhis life style so I don't see why he is lauded for being a nice person when he obviously is an addictive one.I am really sick of hero worship for druggies and alcoholics and womanizers.

1615 days ago
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