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Dennis Hopper -- Probate Battle Brewing

5/30/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper may have died peacefully, but TMZ has learned a war is about to erupt over his estate -- partially because Dennis died a married man.


Dennis had been desperately trying to divorce Victoria Hopper -- he filed in January -- but the clock ticked too quickly, and the divorce was not final when he died this morning. 

Why the race to split up?  Under the prenup, Victoria gets 25% of Dennis' fortune and a $250,000 life insurance payout -- but only if they were married and living together when Dennis died.

That 'living together' part is critical because Victoria has been living in a separate house, on the same property as Dennis. Sources tell us Victoria will argue that since she was on the property, she was living with Dennis -- and is therefore entitled to the big payout.

Dennis' high powered attorney Joe Mannis isn't surprised, saying "She said she would challenge it, and I fully expect her to do so."

The divorce action is officially over now and this all moves to probate court -- where both sides say they're gonna fight.

Get ready for a battle royal.


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As I am sure Harvey can tell us, living together would be in the same house, and even taking care of Dennis, living as husband andn wife. Being a wife as the pre-nup meant.
This woman was not being a wife before the divorce, and was only allowed by the court to live in the guest house to save money on renting(for both parties)and she WANTED to live there. Probably to keep a close eye on funds.
It will go by the pre nup, they were seperated, not living together, they were not living as husband and wife. RIP Dennis

1570 days ago


There should be laws against 'gold digger' marriages.

1570 days ago


Dennis Hopper was not like the character in 'Easy Rider'. Not some 'old seedy biker'.

So many stupid people think movies and TV characters are "real". And with reality shows, it is making viewers even dumber!

1570 days ago


Why should his wife get what is owed to her? A marriage that outlasted his many previous marriages and a daughter created by his wife and him say so. His adult children started all of this when he was weak and couldn't fight them off. 14 years says so.....

1570 days ago


What an evil man to try and divorce your wife just before you die. She was with his crazy mean foul mouth drunk drug addicted azz for 14 years. She deserves his entire estate! If he didn't want to be married to her then why wait 14 years? I hope his older kids don't get a dime for trying to manipulate their father.

1570 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

No surprise here.

Unfortunately, she probably has a right to the pre-nup and insurance money. She was living on communal property. If I were the kids, I'd give it up. I'm sure he left enough for everyone.

1569 days ago


Can't believe how many people think that his wife of 14 years, mother of his child, is a goldigger. It's his adult children that manipulated their sick, weak father.

Dennis reportedly filed the divorce papers on Jan. 14 even though his lawyers would not let him sign other do***ents that day due to his mental state. If Dennis's cancer is indeed advanced to the point where he only has weeks to live, he is likely on a great deal of pain medication and probably isn't often lucid. The divorce filing, a family friend said, "[is] truly a tragedy, and sadly it's all about the money and who inherits what."

1569 days ago


I agree about let's not whitewash the man's life. I remember when Apocolypse Now came out in the movie theaters. I was 19. People were snickering when his character came up on the screen, it was so much "him" a druggie "counter-culture" pseudo journalist, emphasis on DRUGGIE.

1569 days ago


Nobody marries for love anymore huh?

1569 days ago


How sad for Dennis Hopper. Knowing you are dying and when you do, you know all hell will break out.

1569 days ago


I hope she gets everything the pre-nup entitles her to.

1569 days ago


Hey Victoria, I just saw Karma on the corner and she's looking for you. Run b#$%h run.

1569 days ago


#76 How sad for Dennis? She didn't file for divorce He did.He initiated the whole thing or someone (children from ex wife?)who wanted His money did.

1569 days ago


She was with him for about 13 years if I remember correctly... seems odd that he would wait until he was sick to file. I believe his children were jealous and greedy and influenced him when he was most vulnerable. She deserves her share for sticking it with a notorious stubborn ass, seriously. Just give her her fair share.

1568 days ago


If thats all she gets is what was in the prenup whats the big deal? 25 % for living with him and if she had a child come on.I think it is selfish on the part of the kids but guess they were hurt because he dumped their mom

1562 days ago
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