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Restraining Order Against 'Survivor' Producer's Dad

6/2/2010 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Beresford-Redman's father just got slapped with a temporary restraining order -- filed by the general manager of the restaurant Bruce's murdered wife owned ... and she believes Bruce's dad wanted to kill her because she knew secrets about Bruce and Monica.


Norma Paula De Ahlf says David Beresford-Redman entered Zabumba restaurant late Saturday night with his right hand inside of his shirt and asked an employee "in a very threatening way, 'Where is Norma? I want to talk to Norma."

Norma says, "The way he was looking at me with his hand in his shirt as if he had a weapon ... so menacingly, I honestly believed he wanted to kill me."

Bruce's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, previously called the allegation "ridiculous."

But Norma says in legal docs, "I am afraid of him and fear that he will harm me because of all the information I have regarding his son and Monica."

Norma says, several weeks before the fatal trip to Mexico, Monica told her she was going to withdraw "a lot of money from their joint account.  In the following several days, she withdrew the money, she changed the locks on their house and threw Bruce's clothes out in trash bags and out into the street."

Norma claims "Bruce knew that I was aware about the extramarital affair ..."

And there's this ... Norma says in her declaration ... Monica told her Bruce and David had taken around $25,000 out of Monica and Bruce's joint account to pay a debt David owed.  Norma also says Bruce and David took additional money out of the joint account to buy either stocks or bonds in Bruce's name only.

In Norma's declaration, she claims she was suspicious of the trip to Cancun because it was the only trip Bruce planned during his 11 years of marriage to Monica.

A judge in Santa Monica granted the temporary restraining order, which prohibits David from going within 100 yards of Norma.  The order expires on June 22.

We shot video of Monica's sister Carla and her attorney Alison Triessl leaving court after this morning's proceedings.


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Very good they don't issue restraining orders without very good proof to support it.

check out the scratches on Bruce in this video.

1567 days ago


I don't blame her for being scared. It seems like he went there with some kind of bad intentions. If he really only wanted to talk to her he would have called.

1567 days ago


In an email, Bruce writes “I see my mother and father influencing men and my choices and actions” and says “I never wanted to turn into my father.”
He continues, “My mother was afraid of my father and lied to him about silly things. My mother bought me a bike, it was a beautiful Schwinn dirt bike, and she was afraid that my father would be angry she had bought it for me, so we had to pretend it was from my grandmother.”
He admits “I took the wrong lesson from this and the other instances where it was just easier to lie than it was to face my father’s temper.”

1567 days ago


Well she must be an idiot too..if one week your changing locks and throwing out all his stuff,,why the hell would you go to Mexico with the guy the next week..what a wacky bunch..I mean come on...

1567 days ago

Professor Obvious    

I am totally going to this restaurant!!!

1567 days ago


TMZ the guy who is suspect in the death of Natalie Holloway is now a suspect in another girl killing in Peru publish the story.

1567 days ago

Da TaxMan    


1567 days ago


The apple doesn't fall far from the coconut tree.

I see it now...Bruce's defense will be Jesse James's all over again. "My daddy used to beat me!" Personal responsiblity...pffft!

1567 days ago

Gary Coleman    

maybe he will off his parents and then himself when Mexico comes knocking and he is a few million dollars in the hole with legal fees from Richard Hirsch et al.

1567 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

Natalee Holloway Suspect Joran Van der Sloot Wanted for Woman's Murder

1567 days ago

Did tiger sleep with this one also?    

Tmz you guys obsess over one story one murder and neither he or the victim are celebrities van der sloot is a main suspect in another murder why not write about that story. Bruce is innocent till proven guilty and monica's sister is crazzzzzzy anyways so get over this story already!

1567 days ago


I would like to take the father of Bruce, stick his mouth onto the curb, and then stomp down HARD on his skull with my boots, until I heard ****tering... What a sleazeball s*** of the earth.

The need to hang Bruce's dad with Bruce. Let's expedite this extradition and get this waste of human flesh out of our country.

1567 days ago


#15, in one breath you say don't write about this story because they're not celebs, and then in the next sentence you say to follow the Natalie Holloway... She was no celeb either!

And let's be honest, the only coverage she got was because she was blond with blue eyes, cheerleader type... If it was any average joe, or god forbid, an average looking girl or minority, the story wouldn't even be reported.

1567 days ago


Wow these sisters are sure Dramatic wow Im sure he wasnt there to hurt anyone im sure he was there to give his condolences to her wow I just dont get why she wants Bruce quilty so bad!!! And she sure wants everything her sister had her restaurant and kids and im sure all her money wow talk about greedy !! all she has on him is he had affair which was out in the open before all this and not only that monica had affair too none talks about that ??????? She sure wants Bruce in jail so she can get her hands on all Monica had i say it again Where was she when this all happened ???? And why did Monica put in her will she didnt want her sister to have her kids ?????

1567 days ago


It's very clear the father went to the restaurant to intimidate or harm this woman. He had no business there. I think Bruce and David are one and the same. Very nasty men. We know that Bruce is a killer-past that, Dad certainly has taken up his cause.

1567 days ago
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