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Gary Coleman's Ex -- I Can't Afford His Funeral

6/3/2010 9:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary Coleman's ex-wife had a passion ... for getting pampered and spending money in Las Vegas -- and now she's begging Gary's fans to help her with his funeral costs.

In an interview shot the day after Gary's death -- and obtained by TMZ -- Shannon Price talks an awful lot about money ... bragging that she "bought high-end stuff" during trips to Vegas.

Price also says she's hard up for cash now because Gary couldn't get life insurance -- due to his kidney condition.


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Doesn't his parents want his body? They should pay for the funeral costs since they are next of kin.

RIP Gary. Sorry you couldn't find someone that liked you for you.

1610 days ago


Maybe she should sell her high end stuff on ebay to help defray the costs. Why are people today so fiscally irresponsible? Live within your means! I hope no one gives her a dime.

1610 days ago


@ Jody

AGREE WITH YOU! 1000 percent.. cold fish.. You will see her with some new desperate for a lady celebrity soon I am sure. no sympathy for her here!

1610 days ago


If I was ever put in the position of having to make that kind of decision for my husband or any loved one,It would take a HELL of alot longer than 15 min to do.
This would be a struggle, I would talk to every possible Dr., medical professional and clergy. This is a permanent outcome no turning back. A decision not to be made lightly.
Like others have said SELL your car, sell what ever you have to to pay for your "beloved" funeral.
Then when its all over GET YOURSELF A FREAKING JOB !! You lived off him long enough. He is NOT here anymore to live off. GET A JOB !! Mc Donalds, Walmart GET A JOB!!
Oh thats right you have seizures. Are they do***ented by a Dr.? If they are you will have no trouble collecting disabilty and living off the Tax payers. For some reason I think they are not.
As far as not being able to stand the blood, you are going to Gag. What a POS you are. there is your husband injured and you can only think of yourself.

1610 days ago


Very strange, she has no empathy.

1610 days ago


@ chia

That is what I said..They stole all his money..That is the least they can do. But was wondering if there alive???

1610 days ago


I work as a psychologist and from what i've seen in her two videos, she is definitely hiding something. If you notice her eyes moving about, or head looking down, that's a sign of something someone's hiding. She is definitely hiding the truth. It's human nature. A good liar will even look down or their pupils will dilate when lying about something.

PEOPLE, ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO A PERSONS EYE WHEN TALKING TO THEM. It shows a lot. Trust me. I been in the profession for 25 years.

1610 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Let the poor soul rest in peace - and my she suffer all the days of HER horrible life! According to what I have read - their marriage was never comsumated, anyway. He was afraid of her. Good Grief! what a stinking mess she is. Yes - the money in on the mule tain! Gary's parents have claimned the body and having a private autopsy and hope they find out she hit the guy from BEHIND and as was bleeding in the back. I hope they don't go with the accidental death - as this was NO ACCIDENT but a planned murder by a money hungry slut! As some one said before - have a garage sale and maybe you'll get a couple of bucks, and can get a trailer - as you are nothing but trailer trash. POOR DEAD GARY had to put up with the likes of you? He did - because you threatened him and refused to leave or would do bodily harm to him. Nice loving couple. You didn't leave - but sure did the bodily harm. Couldn't wait for him to die - had the plug pulled. If anyone sends you a dime - they are crazy!

1610 days ago


@ Jeff

LMAO.. your funny. But for what purpose would she have to kill him? HE was broke..He had not life insurance. Unless it happened during one of there heated arguments.. To me she just looks like she could give a crap less. And again begging for money. She was selling his clothes on E-bay sometime last yr. She needs to get a freaken job as the other poster said..
And Who EVER said re: her seizers?? And to file for disablitites.. PLEASE DON'T GIVE HER ANY IDEA.... lmfao You know she is reading all this! She will be a disablity tomorrow... lol

Creamate him! It is only a couple hundred dollars esp. if they are so broke. What does she want him Forest Lawn... Yeah..ummm good luck with that.. lol She is just begging for the cash and then she will say he was indigent and put him in a unmarked grave somewhere and run with any money suckers give her.. PATHETIC!!!!

1610 days ago


Is anyone really surprised? Why else would she marry an unemployed black midget? She felt he had some money or was capable of earning some based on his notoriety and not on any acting talent.

1610 days ago

Mr. Bate    

Blood sucking LEACH!

1610 days ago


Hey SHannon, sell some of that "High End" stuff you always bought in Vegas. This is unseemly

1610 days ago


Here's an idea, you clown. Take Gary to a taxidermist and have him stuffed. write a book and take him on a promotional tour -- tie some balloons to his hand, stand him up in the corner and get behind the podium. Then tell everyone how you mooched off of him.

1610 days ago





1610 days ago



1610 days ago
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