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Hospital Knew Gary Coleman's Ex Took Pics

6/7/2010 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials at the hospital where Gary Coleman died tell TMZ they were "aware" that Shannon Price and her family were "inside taking pictures" around the time Coleman passed away.

A rep from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center tells us, "We were aware that Shannon and her family were inside taking pictures ... we made notes that the family was taking pictures."

Shannon's rep -- who had previously doubted the existence of the photos --  now tells us, "Shannon and her family did take pictures but they were never meant to get out."

As we first reported, Shannon is set to get a cut of the action -- but her rep is still adamant that Shannon "is in no way getting compensated for these pictures."


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Bobo Frog    

She's bleeding him dry....even in death....literally....

1601 days ago


Is the hospitals rep retarded? That quote doesn't sound like correct English.

1601 days ago


Well, then there is a record that Shannon and HER family were in control of the pictures, so if they were sold...they are responsible for exploiting a corpse. Disgusting so called human beings, leeching off Gary in death.

I can understand taking quietly taking pictures at a funeral, one might want those months or years down the road, but NEVER to SELL.

1601 days ago


wow.. this bitch will burn in hell

1601 days ago


What kind of hospital allows cameras and cell phones in ICU?

1601 days ago


Why does this woman have a Rep? She may not have had anything to do with his fall but how long did he lie there before she called 911? Seems as though she had a plan and a photographer on speed dial.

1601 days ago


She makes me sick!! This proves she did not love him, respect him, care about him, all she wants is money. 4 years ago today I was in a hospital room, laying next to my brother as he passed away. Those memories of my brother laying there are imprinted in my mind. Never in a million years did taking pictures of him in that state cross my mind. She disgusts me!!

1601 days ago


BUSTED!!!!.....and I'm not just talking about her face.

I can't wait to hear her try to explain why a) she was taking pictures of her dying ex-husband, b) she had her family with her, and c) the photos coincidentally end up for sale. What more evidence will the Utah police need to get their heads out of their a***es and invesitgate this piece of s**t?

1601 days ago


Her 'rep' is as stupid as she is.

Sounds like the hospital folks thought she was s*** too. The doctors must want to just spit when she mentions them. Too bad they are not allowed to say much.

How on earth is there not an investigation?

1601 days ago

Nira K    

Damn! This bitch is even more evil than we thought. And now she has her white trash family taking pictures of a dead body too?. What next?

1601 days ago


Wow!! Now that's a new low for anyone that I've heard about! That's low!!

1601 days ago


What a piece of work..... It's sad that some men get hooked up with the worst piece of crap that calls herself a woman.

1601 days ago


That woman seriously disturbs me. It takes a heartless, soulless bitch to do what she's done. And of course she's getting compensated. She knew exactly what she was doing WHEN she was doing it. All smiles the very next day following Gary's passing. I can't wait until this women gets what she deserves.....and I have no doubt in my mind that she will. Turnaround is fair play.

1601 days ago


Maybe the cops are just letting her talk until she hangs herself?? Seriously, this is messed up.

1601 days ago


It's a toss up what's worse, the fact that this woman and her family took the pictures or that any media outlet, no matter how tacky would be willing to pay for them.

And on a related note, what kind of sick ticket are you, if you are someone who wants to look at these pictures? I mean if they are in Star Magazine what does it say about you, if you'd go buy it just for the pictures?

1601 days ago
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