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The Next 'Jersey Shore' -- Rednecks Wanted

6/9/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The masterminds behind "Jersey Shore" are looking for a new stereotype for a new reality show -- keg tappin', mud ridin', Skynyrd lovin', God fearin', honky tonkin' Southern folk.


TMZ has learned Doron Ofir Casting is looking for "12 lucky guys and gals who are keepin' it country and want to party their asses off" to star in a new reality show called "Party Down South."

According to DOC, there will be a casting RV that'll slow ride through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennesse, Kentucky and West Virginia -- and hopefully land a crop of rednecks wild enough to make "Jersey Shore" look like "Hey Dude."


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Northerners are, at best, shy, insecure fools!

1596 days ago


Marshall Space Flight Center. Wonder why they didn't locate it in White Plains, New York as opposed to Huntsville, Alabama?

1596 days ago


Meth pipes and mac & cheese! Will the chicks have scars on their calves from the days ridin bich on some biker's Harley (muffler burns to the lower leg are a right of passage)

Bring it!

1596 days ago


I reiterate. Yankees, shy, insecure fools!

1596 days ago


# 34 you're right! Thanks, couldn't remember what it is called. That's it, noodling!! I use a hook mysel! LOL!!

Oh Chaz, please!! Go back to your over priced,tiny apartment, with no grass and think abt how great my life is down here. Great hubby, 2 beautiful daughters, nice home with a beautiful yard, 4 Tennessee Walking horses around back, 4 pugs, 1 english bulldog, nice car collection (with awards n trophies),neighbors aren't in my face AND they all speak ENGLISH!!!

Seriously, I've visited New York and would NEVER want to live there myself.

I get it...the vibe of it, just not for everyone.
Glad you like it though. To each his own...

As for me, I love my "slower paced" life down here. I love the land, though BP has affected our beaches too.

Peace man!!

1596 days ago


HA!! I've got that scar #38!!
LOL!! It is sort of a rite of passage!!


1596 days ago


Somehow you misinterpreted what I had to say.
I live in Tennessee, am an Alabama football fan, graduate of The University of Tennessee and hate everything yankee. Everything that is, except my wife who hails from The Bronx!
I was, in fact, having a little fun at the expense of northerners!

1596 days ago


Hey, B. Mclane, your obesity rates, infant mortality, and general ignorance make it pretty easy to insult you. AND the fact that you pretty much tried to string up black people for wanting to vote 100 years after the Constitution said they could. Nice tradition there.

1596 days ago


West Virginia is not a bunch of in-bred people. In every state, there exists a group of lower class citizens. With the state of our economy, it's prevalent everywhere. I find this prospect demeaning and disgusting, just like "Jersey Shore". This country has worked so hard to move toward equality and away from stereotypes. MTV is just fueling the fire of discrimination, all in the name of a dollar. Anyone who finds this to be entertaining obviously has the intellectual capacity of a two year old.

1596 days ago


I'm glad they left TX off the list. And Ed one would need to look in deep east TX for the really scarey rednecks not around Brookshire, Katy or ColumbusEagleLakeSealy. Try Jacksonville TX or Athens TX for the outrageous rebel flag wearing rednecks.

1596 days ago


Everyone needs to get a grip on this whole thing. First off--Rednecks would never do a show like this. REDNECKS are proud of where they come and yes we do 'keep it country' white trash on the other hand=are the no teeth, mullet having, trailer living people that this show is looking for. Get your terms straight before you go bashing people. And as a matter of fact I say YALL every day. Proud of it.

1596 days ago


b.mclane- as a Yankee transplant living in the south I think you said it all. I would never move back.

1596 days ago


Gotcha, people are so quick to say we're all stupid and redneck and I know that you know that's not the truth.

I got defensive abt it, I apologize if I hit any nerves!

I usually don't throw my thoughts that far out there, but for some reason I did.

My bad.

Tennessee is beautiful too! We go there often. I've been wanting to go spend some money in Nashville after the flooding and all.

Not in the " NJ Housewive's; Teresa" kind of way!
I probably sounded like that too! LOL!!

This show could be hilarious though if they cast it right.

Put my foot in my mouth! Sorry!!

1596 days ago


MTV is ghetto television.
A disgrace to humanity.

1596 days ago


You can find rednecks everywhere...not just in the south and you will find them in the same place as you will in the south...back woods and boondocks. Most southern people are not rednecks!

1596 days ago
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