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Little People to Spike TV -- Stop Calling Us Midgets!

6/10/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new reality show about vertically challenged wrestlers is seriously pissing off an organization called Little People of America ... and it's all over the word "midget."


The show behind the controversy is Spike TV's "Half Pint Brawlers" -- which features several wee wrestlers who drop the M-bomb on each other about a gazillion times an episode.

But the LPA claims the M-word on the show is just as offensive as "guido" on "Jersey Shore" -- because it reinforces "archaic, objectifying and stigmatizing stereotypes" about little people.

The LPA suggests more politically correct alternatives like "little person," "person with dwarfism," and "person of short stature."

But according to Spike TV, "Only the 'Half Pint Brawlers' use the term 'midget' in the show," and note that the Brawlers, "respectfully disagree with the LPA's assessment of the word."


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RIIIIGHT... a "person with dwarfism" has a lot more creed than calling them the dreaded "M" word eventhough they call themselves that every millisecond, gimme a break...

1595 days ago

bob watford    

"Political Correctness" is a joke and always has been. I'm sure that all Jamaicans like being referred to as African Americans (no...they're not from Africa) when the idiotic powers that be decided 'black' was hurtful...LOL. How about that evil term "oriental" to describe japanese, chinese etc that had to be changed to Asian. Sadly all people from 'Asia' don't look oriental...but again...why call people an actual descriptive term when you can mislabel everyone? Stupidity.

1595 days ago

Sandoz Laboratories    

Great! first Michael Richards can't use N*gger, now midget is out of bounds?!?! That was the perfect name: a cute, short name for cute, short people. Dwarf is no substitute. Dwarf makes him sound deformed and like an evil minion to a supervillian bend on world dominance.

Instead of "Person of short stature," I like "short stack." It's accurate and funny. Pea pod is another good one; so is tea cup. Just call them anything but a "roloff." Have you seen that show lately.

Don't get me started.

1595 days ago


Such a small problem !

1595 days ago


The LPA needs to shut up! If 2 midg...little people call each other midgets, that's okay. Now, if a normal-sized person called a little person a midget, that's not cool, unless the lp is okay with it.

For example, Howard Stern calls this one guy Eric the Midget. He's obviously okay with it, or else he wouldn't be calling in to the show all the time.
"Fly me with balloons, so I can meet Katherine McPhee."
"Ugh! I'm a ****ing dwarf, with a five-inch ****."
"Hey! Look at me everybody! I'm a flying ewok."

1595 days ago


ROFL Oh boo Hoo, Who the hell is going to say "little person," "person with dwarfism," and "person of short stature."

Yeah, I think ill stick with the shortest (pun not intended :P) word possible "midget"

1595 days ago


they are going to use gary coleman as there spokeperson..ooops that wont work..those midgets are lucky to have a job,,they could always get a job at walmart as a greeter or play a leprachun on st paddys days..little people blah they are midgets

1595 days ago


Yes, little people is much less offensive. Because you're not a "real" person. You're just a "little" person. Please! I seriously doubt the scientific term is little person. There has to be a better word. If they don't want to use midget, then fine. But I don't get why the word midget is offensive and why little people is not.

1595 days ago


"Only the 'Half Pint Brawlers' use the term 'midget' in the show," Sooooooo......then it's okay to use that "other" word on tv shows if only blacks use it?
Both words are offensive to the people in question.

1595 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Well, from now on, I'll refer to my classic British car as the 'MG Little Person." I hope that helps! I'll also protest any reruns of the show 'Gidget' just for good measure (but that's also for intensely personal issues I'd rather not go into.)

Seriously though, everyone is offended by something. I'm Irish - and even though the back of Police vans are called 'Paddy Wagons' I'm not offended. Why? It's not worth it. I'd rather waste my energy on other battles.. Instead, I take derogatory terms like 'Ginger' and wear them like a badge of honor.

1595 days ago


I'm 32 years old and have a form of dwarfism. Regardless of the fact that others may think they do not find the word offensive or as offensive as other related "callings" it is. The majority of all people with dwarfism find it extremely offensive to be called the "m" word. The half pint brawlers are exactly a good representation of the LPA organization or those with dwarfism. They embrace their degradation because basically well, that's all they have that makes them who they are. I worked at a night club when I was 21 years old. The half pint brawlers were hired in my second year of working their. I respectfully refused to work that weekend due to the fact that I did not want to be seen in the same light as them. To each their own but again you wouldn't have this on a show these days if it were the "N" word or their would be hell to pay. Only because we are not as great in numbers this is allowed. I'm very proud of my life. I am successful. I have conducted myself with respect towards others and expect the same in return. Usually I get it, however you will always run across the ignorant and uninformed from time to time. When that happens I do my best to enlighten.

1595 days ago


Also rather than labeling, names would be nice. When someone calls me the "M" word I usually say "actually my name is Michael, nice to meet you". It usually leads to a good conversation and I can educate them a bit. Most are very receptive.

1595 days ago


ohhhhhhhhh wee ones... lil midgies....go far away and piss and moan about somnmething else like all the elavator buttons are to high......... or ya cant reach to wipe

1595 days ago


Where is Andrew Dice Clay when you need him lol

1595 days ago


I think they also will accept the term "vertically challenged". You can quote me on that! ;P lol

1595 days ago
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