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Little People to Spike TV -- Stop Calling Us Midgets!

6/10/2010 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new reality show about vertically challenged wrestlers is seriously pissing off an organization called Little People of America ... and it's all over the word "midget."


The show behind the controversy is Spike TV's "Half Pint Brawlers" -- which features several wee wrestlers who drop the M-bomb on each other about a gazillion times an episode.

But the LPA claims the M-word on the show is just as offensive as "guido" on "Jersey Shore" -- because it reinforces "archaic, objectifying and stigmatizing stereotypes" about little people.

The LPA suggests more politically correct alternatives like "little person," "person with dwarfism," and "person of short stature."

But according to Spike TV, "Only the 'Half Pint Brawlers' use the term 'midget' in the show," and note that the Brawlers, "respectfully disagree with the LPA's assessment of the word."


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STFU you god damn MIDGETS

1598 days ago


Geez, Another great 'MIDGET' show from TV geniuses. HAHAHAHA. Oh brother. Little wrestlers are just as unbelievable as normal sized wrestlers. What kind of stupid show is next..."Crikey, The Little Croc Hunter"

There is a difference between 'Dwarves' and 'Midgets'. Dwarves are all F'd up body-wise while Midgets are just short. These guys are dwarves. But who cares. If they don't know the difference in terms themselves, they shouldn't whine about it to anyone else.

1598 days ago


I have neighbors who are "short people" and they think its cool to have a program like this and have no issues with the word midget being used on the show even though they, themselves, prefer to be called "short people".
Instead of looking at the positive and being happy that another program is on TV that has little people in it this group wants to dwell on something negative. If you don't like the word midget then go after the 100s of "midget porn" sites that "exploit" little people. This company was respectful and called the program "Half Pint Brawlers" instead of "Midget Wrestling" that it has been called since the 50s. If you don't like people calling each other midgets then use your remote and change the stinking channel.

1598 days ago


I think that's a rather narrow view. I could careless if there is a show with "little people" or average height people. If it is demeaning to that group as a whole they could find ways to keep it with as much integrity as possible. Regardless of all of these comments, if (for each one of you) there were something like this that affect you, you attitude wouldn't be as negligent. It is easy to make these comments from the outside. As for your neighbors. There are many that have just absolutely given up on the issue and tell others that they don't mind at all. The if you can't beat them join them scenario. Regardless of what they tell you, it is a sensitive subject. I've seen this too many times to count.

1598 days ago


I remember this discussion going on on the Howard Stern Show with Eric the Midget.
"Little Person" implies that you're less than a person.
"Dwarf" implies that you aren't even a human- you're some Tolkien-esque non-human thing.
"Midget" is the best word.

1598 days ago


you are relying on the Howard Stern Show for reliable information on this? Get real.

1598 days ago


Why would the word dwarfism be accepted and not the M word it lumps them all together when a dwarf is phisiologically different from an "M".

1598 days ago


Based on medical diagnosis all short stature diagnosis are a form of dwarfism. "M" is not a diagnosis.

1598 days ago

Mr. Bate    

What's the big deal.

1598 days ago


Oh for God Sake GROW UP!!! Oh yeah that's right you can't cuz your midgets. Smarten up, your short get over it.

1598 days ago

His Prince Michael    

First-off, Chicks, PLEASE take ten-steps away from the computer.

I'll must be honest: I was a fan of "Half Pint Brawlers" after
it's premiere broadcast. The sheer heart and courage which these
brothers exhibit, is a lesson to ALL. I watched it with my teen-age nephews, and undoubtedly, they were impressed with the casts larger-than-life DETERMINATION. Now, what ANY man chooses to call himself, be it, Mookie, Bozo, Fonzie, or Midget, is only
his concern. Although, some people call me The Gangsta of Love.

So, to Puppet, Teo, Madd Mexx, Beautiful Bobby and the Crew:
If HALF the "Men" reading this, possessed "HALF" the testicular-fortitude that you brother do? This (what's left of it)nation,
wouldn't be HALF as messed-up, as it is.
May The True and Living God, bless YOU and YOURS, brother!

1598 days ago


I thought little people was the overall name for little people. Midget is a specific type of little people that isn't proportionate in their size (George Lucas comes to mind...little hands, little feet, little legs, norm trunk and big head).

To where a dwarf was proportionate. "Little People" sounds degrading to me...but I am tall (and am very grateful for my height).

1598 days ago


That's like saying:"Stop calling us black people!" when they are obviously black.

1598 days ago



1598 days ago


idiots. first time i watched this show their "friend/manager" was wearing a shirt that said "I Love Midgets" so these guys are idiots.

1598 days ago
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