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Sheriff Won't Budge

in Charlie Sheen Plea

6/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is going to have a hard time nabbing the plea deal he thought he was getting, because we've learned the sheriff ain't budging ... and Charlie could end up working at a dump.

Sources at the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department tell TMZ .. Sheriff Bob Braudis still insists he never signed off or gave permission to give Charlie work release.  We're told the Sheriff is pissed at a local reporter who wrote that Braudis confirmed that Charlie would be able to smoke during work release.  Sheriff Bob says he was misquoted.

The Sheriff, we're told, is letting the Jail Administrative Officer, Beverly Campbell, run the show.  Sources say Bev is clear -- Charlie is not eligible for work release.

If he serves time, the only way he can get out during the day is under the Useful Public Service program (UPS).  The way that works --  each day Bev gets hundreds of emails from businesses and organizations in town, including the dump, the landfill and the hospital. She decides each day where inmates eligible for UPS will go. 

Theatre Aspen is on the list.  But good luck with that one.


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If they won't stick to the original deal, Charlie should just go to trial. Screw Aspen.

1565 days ago


Looks like Charlie smacked around one to many bitches... You need to get a handle on that anger Fu** Face!

1565 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I was one of the 5 people in America who sat through Men At Work. This is reason enough to make him to his work release at the dump.

1564 days ago


Theater Aspen didn't even have a set job for him, they were just trying to think up things for him to do. How much do you wanna bet they will be hounding the jail now saying they desperately need people hoping to get Charlie a break. I'm so glad this woman sees through all this BS.
Hey Charlie - remember when Keifer went to jail? He acted like a big boy and did his time and did menial tasks like washing police cars and paps got photos, remember that? Learn a lesson.
You're crying about not being able to smoke and not being able to get out freely every day for 12 hours? You threatened to kill someone with a knife. QUIT BEING A CRYBABY.

1564 days ago


Charlie was publicly making the legal system in Aspen look like a joke. The jail staff and sheriffs should be grateful Beverly Campbell put her foot down so they don't look like pus*ies.

1564 days ago


TMZ wrong again?? Read the former news "stories" from TMZ about this.
"Sources tell TMZ...." hahahaha. And you react with a riot mentality from outright fabrications by a has-been dwarf lawyer and his side-show staff consisting of dog acts and clowns. What's that make you?

1564 days ago


Good for Sheriff Bob Braudis if Charlie Sheen was a fry cook and had done whathe did he'd do the time for the crime actors work it is a job not a get out of jail free card

1564 days ago


Just do the f-ing time Charlie. 17 day's sleeping, reading
and maybe watching TV.

1564 days ago


Good - I am so sick of celebrities getting all this special treatment - I mean who else in this stuation would have gotten to "serve time" at a community theater - come on!....good for the sheriff and Bev Cambell for applying the same rules to everyone no matter how many zeros they have in their bank account!

1564 days ago


Just another good for nothing celeb thinking he's someone special and entitled to preferential treatement. What is wrong!!!! with these people

1564 days ago


Just another celeb thinking he's something special and is entitled to special treatment. What is wrong with these people

1564 days ago


The jails are too full so what's the sense of putting a guy like Charlie in there? We pay for his board. Let him do something useful. If he wants to smoke, put him to work on forest fire detail in California.

1564 days ago


Just do the time Charlie, forget any type of work release. The woman has it in for you and is going to go out of her way to make things as rough as possible on you and will violate you for looking in the wrong direction so you will have to do the full 30 days.

People are forgetting Charlie was not the drunk one in the incident and that his wife changed her story but was threatened with prosecution. She has said she won't testify. The state will use her original statement. Charlie is taking the deal for his wife not himself.

1564 days ago


Charlie should do his 30 days at Colorado's Super Max Prison where he doesn't get to watch TV (his own show) he should stay in his cell for 23 hours a day and have one hour to strech his legs out no visitor's nobody. He Charlie as Bretta said " If you can't do the time don't the crime".

1564 days ago


Stop slappin around ur woman *sshole ! -by chauvanist pigs suck

1564 days ago
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