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Sheriff Won't Budge

in Charlie Sheen Plea

6/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is going to have a hard time nabbing the plea deal he thought he was getting, because we've learned the sheriff ain't budging ... and Charlie could end up working at a dump.

Sources at the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department tell TMZ .. Sheriff Bob Braudis still insists he never signed off or gave permission to give Charlie work release.  We're told the Sheriff is pissed at a local reporter who wrote that Braudis confirmed that Charlie would be able to smoke during work release.  Sheriff Bob says he was misquoted.

The Sheriff, we're told, is letting the Jail Administrative Officer, Beverly Campbell, run the show.  Sources say Bev is clear -- Charlie is not eligible for work release.

If he serves time, the only way he can get out during the day is under the Useful Public Service program (UPS).  The way that works --  each day Bev gets hundreds of emails from businesses and organizations in town, including the dump, the landfill and the hospital. She decides each day where inmates eligible for UPS will go. 

Theatre Aspen is on the list.  But good luck with that one.


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This is a story about nothing just like the Seinfeld show was a show about nothing. Move along people.

1501 days ago


Amazing...I bet Nicole Simspon wishes she was married to Charlie Sheen...he is a failed wife killer...but he tried nonetheless and is searching for deals! And he still has a show! White justice!

1500 days ago


As much as I like his show- I stopped watching it after his go 'round a few years ago. I think he's a very ill man who is going to end up seriously hurting someone some day. The writing is on the wall/

1500 days ago


Y'know reading the comments here shows me why the US legal system is such a joke!! Anyone but Charlie Sheen would have been let go after 24 hours with a restraining order issued preventing him from going near wifey in Aspen but you can't issue an EVERY STATE protective order since you have no authority in any other jurisdiction - wifey has to file when she gets home!! Did she?! Uh no, she begged for it to be revoked so they could make a go of their marriage, when that didn't work she went into rehab with the kids, he went into rehab, she's now back in rehab after falling off the wagon again!! The woman was twice the legal limit at 8a.m in the morning and NO ONE, NO ONE but Charlie and the other occupants in the house know just how nuts she was going as she allegedly freaked out! He was sober, remember hm?! The problem is too many male cops and men in law are still under the deluded opinion that the poor little woman involved is a victim not the AGGRESSOR! While that still exists in their poor little minds some men will always be screwed over by women making false claims - in case you haven't noticed it's becoming an epidemic and while I'm female and have seen domestic violence up close and personal I have to say in this case I don't believe it was all Charlie's fault! Even if he'd tried to restrain her with a simple choke hold to stop her fighting, the cops would still have arrested him in Aspen! So tell me ladies, just what is a man suppossed to do when you start hitting him, when you start throwing things and hitting him with shoes with stiletto's on hm?! Is he suppossed to use a chair to run and leave you in his home with his kids when you're unstable hm?! If you say yes,then my answer is a simple one - you call the cops have her restrained, charged with abuse and you kick her out of the house permanently!! I'm not saying that those things happened by the way but I know they do, only Charlie, Brooke and those there will know for sure how much has been made up and comments stating you want someone thrown in prison for 30 years so they can be raped and sexually abused because they hit a woman are uncalled for!! I'm sure if sweet little Brookie had been charged you wouldn't be wishing that fate on her, you'd be blaming Charlie for her having to do time - hypocrisy to the end and a justice system that in Aspen is quite obviousy crooked if a plea deal's terms are not upheld lol!! I'd say go for a full trial Charlie, Aspen can afford it, withdraw your plea and stuff them lol!!

1494 days ago


Mel Gibson needs Charlie Sheen's connections and attorneys because Charlie Sheen told his ex-wife she looks like a f*nking N*gger and a c*unt, whore...etc. He has also been accused of physical abuse against his present wife and has come out of it basically unscathed! I think they should do a movie together.

Hey I'm just saying the truth...(ducking)

1457 days ago
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