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Khloe Kardashian: Reggie's Not the Bribin' Type

6/13/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian clearly didn't have a hateful breakup with  Reggie Bush ... because her sister thinks he should be allowed to keep his 2005 Heisman Trophy.


Khloe Kardashian went on the Ian & Margery radio show in Minnesota -- scoffing at stories that Reggie  got improper benefits while he played for USC.

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When a comedian isn't funny and can't get the laughs, he starts to get dirty. Same here, no talent - now it's just sex!!!!!!

1594 days ago


whats with this ladys family and ******s **** i hope her fahter doesnt hook up with a ****** from like basebale or somthing heheh

1594 days ago


she is a ugly whore.

1594 days ago

Keeping it real    

Oh come one Stop giving this Gypsy air time. Who is she anyways. Who cares about her? Her father helped get a murder off. and shes so happy to call him UNCLE OJ. and then her sister has a sex tape. So she rides her coat tails. Her mom is the Smoke Monster from LOST! and no she marrys a Great Basketball Player With the brain of a Nut, to think that she married him for love! She married him for the money! Just like the mom Married Bruce for the money. And they say that Hookers and Being a WHORE isnt legal in California!

1594 days ago


All of the Kardashians need to fall off the planet. Please.

1594 days ago


*Shaking head*

1594 days ago


ALL OF YOU PEOPLE ARE S***! youre sitting here bashing Khloe, and it's not even for her comments defending Reggie, it's because she opened her mouth?! Kick rocks, and find something better to sink your self hating teeth into. Leave the girl alone, she's doing perfectly fine. And to the REJECT who called her a gold-digger...check your facts homie, Khloe's got her own money, where's yours??
BRUHUHAHAHA! Feelin' stupid boys??

1594 days ago


Yeah, all you celebrity loving, living in a fantasy world FANS,
who defend these talentless hacks, do you really KNOW these people?
Do you think they give a rats ass about you and your pathetic little lives? STFU and get into the real world.

1594 days ago


Ok, yes Reggie knew he was in violation. But come on people, you all know these guys get special treatment and "gifts". Have you had your nose buried in the ground?

Way back when I was in high school even, if a football, baseball player held the team up, they got A's, or nearly straight A's for doing nothing! It starts there and goes thru college, into pro's if you have what it takes.
My brother graduated high school, never did a bit of work, or homework, walked around school looking hot in his letterman jacket, and playing some awesome football.

Reggie and USC just happened to get caught one time in 1
million. :(

As far as everyone getting tired of the Kard sisters, well quit buying their stuff and watching their shows. Seriously, there is no talent, no acting ability, nothing.

The funniest and greatest one to watch is Bruce Jenner, I think he steals the show!!!! They should totally change the name and idea of the show around Bruce, lol, I laugh constantly at him, a diamond in the rough.

1594 days ago


Kardashians still have lots of viewers for their reality show otherwise the network would drop them. Why don't they leave these black men alone.

1594 days ago


People who talk about things they know nothing about really look ignorant! Obviously, she does not know Reggie Bush that well...........Do you think he got to USC due to his academic abilities? Ha! No way!

Mike, knowledge is power..........now, go educate yourself. You sound as ignorant as Khloe!

Trainwreck, ditto!

1594 days ago


Maybe I am listening to the wrong tape, but I really don't hear her say he didn't do it. She cleary says she didn't know him back then. Maybe he did know what he was doing was wrong, maybe he didn't. The fact is that USC has a history of these kinds of violations. So the theory of "OH THEY JUST GOT CAUGHT THIS ONE TIME" is the biggest crock. Plus USC should have known where Kiffen goes, NCAA violations will soon follow. GO SEC!!!!!

1594 days ago


Why are the Kardashians consider "celebrities" anyway? I think I read that O.J. Simpson is Kim's godfather. Why is it that they never mention the dad's old pal? He was front and center during that frenzy.

1594 days ago


USC ruined USC's football program, NOT Reggie Bush. If Reggie had turned down all the perks, they would have just bribed another talented kid. The young, talented, and naive are preyed upon every day. This is no different.

As far as Khloe goes, Reggie may be a very honest guy, but that doesn't mean he's immune to mistakes.

1594 days ago


Like she knows anything .Shes as dumb as she looks ...

1594 days ago
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