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Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller

Divorce Documents

6/16/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller signed a 43-page agreement -- obtained by TMZ --  that lays out who gets what in the event they divorce ... and Brooke has made it clear ... she's not going to get less than Denise Richards

According to the docs, signed by both Charlie and Brooke, they will get joint legal custody of their two kids.  Brooke gets primary physical custody and Charlie becomes a weekend dad, getting the kids on the first, third and fifth weekends of the month from Saturday at 10 AM until Monday at 10 AM. 

Brooke gets $55,000 a month in child support, plus various other expenses, but, according to the docs, "under no circumstances shall the child support paid by Charlie for Bob and Max be less than the child support paid by Charlie to Denise Richards for Sam and Lola."

TMZ broke the story ... Denise gets $50,000 a month in child support ... although the new document suggests Denise may be getting $55k a month.

Brooke waives spousal support but still cashes in.  In addition to getting a 50% cut on the baby photos the couple sold to Getty Images, Brooke gets several bank accounts and a lump sum parting gift of $757,689.70.

Charlie gets the house but has to buy Brooke out to the tune of around $1 million.

Charlie also gets to keep his $5.6 mil watch collection.

At the end of the document, Brooke agrees "not to disclose to any media sources personal information relating to Charlie's sexual affairs or alleged drug usage."  For his part, Charlie agrees not to talk about Brooke's alleged drug use.

And they're not allowed to talk crap about each other in front of the kids.

TMZ also obtained divorce documents that were signed by Charlie but not filed with the court ... at least not yet. The documents cite "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for divorce.

We're told no decision has been made on whether to pull the trigger on the divorce.



No Avatar


He can afford it.

1591 days ago


I love Carlos, but you do the crime, you pay for it. Stick you the professionals. At least you pay them to go away like you say...

1591 days ago


This is ridiculous. She clearly doesn't and never needed his money. This is all about big game hunting, getting scratched, & blaming the game!
Charlie has an irrefutable responsibility for those kids - but you can raise 30 kids on 50k a month. Calling that 'child support' rather than a penalty for not conforming to a womans whim... thats ridiculous. She knew exactly what she was getting when she married him.

1591 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Sheen, stick to the porno ***** and give up on the balls & chains. Find a ho who is hot but is a brainy tom boy who understands men. Forget the sassy drama queen lookers. They're all f-ing airheads out for a meal ticket. Instead, rent your holes and save a fortune.

1591 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

He'd best be sellin' some of those watches on eBay so he can save up some money for his next divorce.

1591 days ago


who saw this coming? ummm i think everyone did..wat a fool she was for marrying this low life..what makes a girl think that she can change a man...i dont get it...

1591 days ago


When is a guy gonna get fifty grand a month in child support? Women get all the perks of being "equal" like they get more jobs and are in the military and cops but yet they constantly get treated like its the 1950's when it comes to kids and money. The so called modern day woman should be embarrased. If this sounds like a broken record tell the judges to stop giving special treatment to women. Maybe you wont have to hear from me so often.

1591 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey Charlie. Now that the details are worked out - DUMP HER.

Your lawyer did an excellent job.

Buy that man a Cadillac.

1591 days ago

Illinois person    

Just think all of Sheen's wealth has been spent on hookers, ex-wives and really, for the highest-paid guy in television, he has nothing to show for it except a long history of crime, an impending stint in jail and an expensive care sitting in the bottom of a Hollywood ravine! How sad is this?
About the only person who'll still hang with him is one of his ex-wives (suffice it to say she knows a cash cow when she sees one). Goes to show no matter how rich you are there's always one thing money can't buy which is CLASS. Sheen is sorely lacking in this category. "Bout the only thing he seems to be able to hang on to is a pack of smokes".

1591 days ago


This whole thing is your fault Brooke. You were DRUNK and started a fight. Now everything is a mess and it's YOUR fault. When are you going to acknowledge that? When are you going to get help? I hope child protective servies knows about your drinking problem. You don't deserve kids.

1591 days ago


Holy ****! For a payday like that it would be so worth getting "knocked up" and "knocked out" by charlie $heen!!!

This must be "celebrity marriage worker's comp"!

1591 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Charlie needs an economic relationship intervention with free love artist Gene Simmons who hasn't even married the mother of his kids.

1591 days ago


Yeah right, like she needs that much money to raise those kids! MONEY hungry!!

1591 days ago


Both Brooke and Charlie are worth nothing more than the gum on the bottom of my shoe. What losers. Hey, let's give the kids to a good home then those two can go about with their drugs and sex parties. Hubby and I have been trying to adopt for two years and we would gladly take the boys for support needed.

As part of the divorce, they both she be sterilized. No mroe kids for either of these losers.

1591 days ago


FINALLY parents who put it in their divorce/child custody agreements that they're not allowed to talk badly about the other parent in front of the kids! About time these 2 give their kids a high priority!

1591 days ago
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