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Charlie Sheen's Car Over a Cliff ... Again

6/15/2010 8:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen's car went over a cliff in the Hollywood Hills -- but Charlie was not in the car ... he was at home, when police called to report the accident ... and it's the second time in 4 months the exact same thing has happened to him.

Charlie Sheen car over cliff video
Fire and police responded to a call ... that a car had been ditched off the side of Mulholland Drive at around 3AM, according to LAPD.

We're told officers arrived on the scene and found a Mercedes at the bottom of the cliff -- and after running the registration discovered it was Charlie's ride.

Just like 4 months ago ... police are at Sheen's house -- not far from the wreck -- making out a stolen vehicle report. Technically, it's stolen and recovered at this point.

Back in February ... a number of cars were vandalized in the same area where Charlie lives.  In addition to Charlie's car, a Bentley was also rolled off the cliff.

This time around ... cops tell TMZ as far as they know Charlie's car was the only target.


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Apparently, the cops have a problem on their hands since Charlie is not the only one that has had cars lobed off the cliffs. Geez, I hope they catch the fools who are doing it. Probably young dumb-asses with nothing better to do or jealous fools that will face a stiff prison sentence for what? a few hahas.

1590 days ago


Charlie, I need a new car badly, I promise I won't roll it off a cliff.

1590 days ago


Charlie Sheen is an ingrate, and one of the world's most boring people. Why he's considered "news", escapes me.

1590 days ago


Wonder if his soon to be ex-wife has anything to do with it? She doesn't seem too bright.

1590 days ago


Either this stupid clot "walks, in his sleep", or he has a mental disorder called, "Munchausen, by Proxy"...where he is compelled to do things to get attention! Sheen could use a "psych eval"...(a psychiatric evaluation)...and, soon!

1590 days ago


Ah . why would you steal a car and dump it off a cliff .. twice? Can't you put some sort of low jack/gps thing on your incredibly expensive car to alert police. I'm not technically astute on this sort of thing .. but just sayin'.

1590 days ago


It sounds like it was an awful DWI excuse.

1590 days ago


At home? Wasn't he supposed to be in jail?

1590 days ago

Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien    

I'm sure he was driving it himself... But he was very drunk and after crashing it he forgot how he managed to get back home. Then the next morning he had no recollection of even where he was the previous night. He probably genuinely believes that someone stole his car and crashed it, but the fact is that he did it himself. That's called short-term memory loss due to alcohol intoxication.

1590 days ago

Prinz Frederic von Anhalt, Herzog zu Sachsen und Westfalen, Graf von Askanien    

The car doesn't look too badly damaged considering it fell off a cliff. Clearly it's not an insurance write-off. So Charlie will just have to try harder next week. Not only can he not act, he can't even crash a car properly when drunk. No doubt he parked it and then pushed it off the cliff, but he chose the wrong place. Next time he should try Rancho Palos Verdes, there are plenty of high cliffs down there.

1590 days ago


That's a pretty car - if he doesn't want it, call me. I'd be happy to have it.

1590 days ago


He should get a newer car that has a way to let you know you left you keys in the car.

1590 days ago


Please allow me to get this straight. Practically biliionaire P Diddy buys his son a 350,000 Maybach and white folks urinate on themselves. Since the purchase...his driver has been responsible and there has been "0" incidents. His son is 16.

Charlie Sheen, the actor that tried to OJ his wife, who still is free and has a sitcome...has his Maybach stolen twice in the last 4 months and it ends up with the keys in it...down a cliff? I think the 16 year old is the more sane, moral and sensible Mayback owner!

1590 days ago

Hey Now    

If Charlie hates the car that much he should give it to one of those charity groups that give them away to people who can't afford one. Seriously.

1590 days ago


The story smells like spoiled Halibut,,Charlie drove that Mother over a cliff.

1590 days ago
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