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Kobe Bryant -- Bike Cops on Parade

6/21/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and his family just got the ultimate escort to the Los Angeles Lakers championship parade in L.A. this morning -- thanks to an army of bike-riding LAPD officers.


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..why didnt he fly in by helicoptor?and how much is that costing the city,,whats a few hundered thousands dollars anyways

1553 days ago


Way to go Kobe! My son looks up to you. Stay positive.

1553 days ago


Funny to watch an entire city idolize a rapist

1553 days ago


Why are they waisting money on this crap? He has money to pay for his own security if he wants it. And were all those cops needed? I doubt most people would know who he was if he didn't draw attetion to himself. This kind of stuff irritates me. Gee I wonder why the state of California is failing?

1553 days ago

Get the facts    

For all of your uninformed opinions, THE LAKERS association picked up the tab of the entire parade this year (source: http://tiny.cc/76lzq ). That's why there is no rally before of after the 2 mile celebration. Relax.

1553 days ago


Did they escort that girl Kobe raped from Colorado as well?

1553 days ago


In response to "Laker" - they idolize a rapist the same way they idolized a murderer (OJ)....thats why Hollyweird is so F'd up....

1553 days ago



1553 days ago


Spend some of that money to put people back to work in LA. Let that Rapist pay for his own security. Stop idolizing this ****y rapist. Hate the Lakers, but glad to see Ron Artest get a ring.

1553 days ago


Q..You sound like a racist idiot. have you ever been to downtown.. its mostly homeless white folk. For someone who is judging so many and idolizing your own kind you sure as hell sound like you need to go back to school to speak right. All lot of people have a point but nobody needs to be so racist and disrespectful. i hope you burn in hell.

1553 days ago


So many idiotic comments on this site. First, the Lakers are paying for the entire parade. Second, those cops are just driving by as he is getting ready to climb onto the float. Third, he was never convicted as a rapist. Just because a woman accuses someone of rape, doesn't mean they did it. Just by reading this sites comments, I can see that most of you are no better than the people you talk smack about. Just a bunch of mean spirted, uncouth louts who hide behind their computers and spew out some of the most vile crap they can think of. If this is what our future leaders are going to be like, this country is headed down the drain real fast.

1553 days ago


what woman goes into a hotel/motel with a man and expects nothing to happen? Kobe Bryant is not a rapist - he cheated on his wife - that's their business. Some of you people are so ignorant and jealous - get a life!

1553 days ago


Kobe was stupid enough to cheat on his wife...plain and simple. Problem was the he picked the craziest chick in the whole state of Colorado to cheat with. Chick sperm from 5 or 6 different dudes in her underwear when she was examined...PLEASE!!!!! Chick has too many problems to count.

1553 days ago

Silent Few    

#8, #9, #10 and the rest of you fools should try and think right for once in your life time. Stop being a big and atupid fools. If you all don't have anything good to say on a day like this when this Guy, Kobe Bryant who happens to be mentol to a million of kids around the globe is celebrating a life time achevement. Jealousy is a sickness that is hard to be cured. The damn white bitch wanted a f-- for money and she did not get it, she chose to go public after almost 12 hrs. Stop making it a big deal fu---rs. Something tells me that racism is mean reason you jacka---s are writting all this garbage about one of the greatest athletes of all time. SHUT UP FOOLS!!

1553 days ago


What real cop would ride with a rapist?
L.A. is truly the land of Holly weird -- where black is white, up is down, and the rapists are the heroes and the police become their hand maidens. Sick.

1553 days ago
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