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'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka:

No Hard Feelings

6/22/2010 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jake Pavelka just flew back into L.A. -- solo, by the way -- and dropped a bombshell in the already explosive breakup of the century ... claiming he and Vienna Girardi will be friends!!!


"The Bachelor" must not have heard all the accusations that have been flying around while he was in the air.

Luckily, our camera guy broke one of 'em to Jake -- the whole he's just a "fame whore" thing. Check out his response...


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WHAT?? Tenley has not been interviewed yet!?

1550 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

He's GAY. Everyone Knows It.
And if you're stupid enough to have watched "Dancing With the Stars" and not realized it , then you're a complete, clueless moron.
On the "Bachelor" he had producers constantly telling him to " keep it BUTCH" and tirelessly editing out his "Mary Moments", which were frequent BTW.
On "Dancing With The Stars" however, he had no such producers trying to keep his masculine image intact, and was not being intensely edited, due to lack of time as well as lack of concern. Therefore, because Dancing was a live show, you got to see "The Real Jake", and what a sissy he really is.
It's just ridiculous, that so many fat lonely women in middle America could convince themselves that he was straight during the bachelor and even more so during Dancing.
And Vienna was practically an escort for God's sake. She's a tramp and fame whore and "Everyone knows that too".

1550 days ago


YAWN.... Who?

1550 days ago


I'm sure they are paid to "keep it going" (for the public) for a period of time. It's like renting a fiance' and a gorgeous ring. In this case, she will probably not have anything close to that for real, and neither will he. They just got caught up in their own hype. It's a "show".
And it was nothing to of course they will be friends; IF they ever see each other again.

1550 days ago


He is gay and in it for the fame. She is dumb and a cheater and is in it for the fame.

1550 days ago


He should have chosen Tenley!!!!! shoulda woulda coulda!!!!

1550 days ago


Great! Now can the two of them just go away....please!!!!

1550 days ago

Rosie Jones    

Jake is an idiot for choosing Vienna!!!! Everybody knew the relationship was going to end. He deserves what he gets because he should have selected Tidley. Vienna is unattractive and I hope she does not decide to stay in Hollywood. I do not want to see her on T.V. anymore she is so annoying. She needs to go back to Florida. Vienna is fake and a horrible person.

1549 days ago


That was the last Bachelor show for me it's all fake. What a waste of my time.

1549 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1549 days ago


jake was a fool for picking vienna. She was a cheater when she was married. She looks like someone who would go for Tiger Woods, she is a no class ho

1549 days ago



Duh, trista and ryan have been married for 6 or 7 years now, and have two kids and they met on a reality t.v show

1549 days ago


Jake, what an *******. You should get in your plane and fly straight into out of space..AND TO NEVER RETURN!!!!!! What a JERK!!!!! WE ALL KNOW WHY YOU DID THE SHOW ONLY FOR PUBLICITY... We all also know why you really did this to Vienna too, don't we? We are not fools stop blaming Vienna bcse its you, right? CLOSET??????

1549 days ago

ima loozer    

Breakup of the century??? That would only apply where it involves people of notoriety, importance, or influence. This is merely a breakup of the moment. It involves two people seeking attention and worldly gain. Why do we give them so much of our time? Are our lives that boring and empty that we feel a need to wallow in the cesspools of media chatter? All this hype over a couple of nobodies. Much of the posts and comments I've been reading lately are down right malicious/viciousness from the darkest of souls. I use to enjoy them and thought they were funny. Not anymore. They have gotten so ugly. Is this a true reflection of the hearts/minds of the real world? Do we have no sense of brotherly love left in us? Have we all become little lucifers out to destroy as many as we can? Do we even care anymore whether or not our souls are lost? What a wake up call for me this has been. I have allowed myself to get hung up in the webs of worldliness. I've wasted so much time on unimportant things. I've gone a full 180 from selflessness to selfishness. Much fasting and meditation is needed to get back on the forgotten better path. I'm ready to prioritize the order of things in my life: 1) Christ 2) others 3) self. I will find ways to make better use of my time and energy being of service and benefit to others while enjoying the precious time allotted me. Maranatha!

1548 days ago


A goon of the 11th magnitude. Jake gives face the word creepy. That weird grin after every little kiss. And he must have a squeeze bulb full of salt water hidden in his butt so he can squirt tears with a quick cheek-clinch. Well, gotta go...but first - sniff - just let me say it's been the most amazing experience of my life to peck out this little post. You're all the most incredible people and so am I...sob sob gulp gulp

1548 days ago
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