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Lindsay Lohan -- Extremely Late, Very Irate

6/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is declaring war on a reality TV show -- claiming she's being unfairly portrayed as an irresponsible slacker who almost sabotaged a photo shoot for her own line of leggings ... problem is, it's all true.


It's all over tonight's episode of the Bravo reality show "Double Exposure" -- which is centered around Lindsay being several hours late to a NY photo shoot that went down back in September. The episode is titled, "Is Lindsay Here Yet?"

Lindsay -- obviously pissed about the way the episode is being promoted -- went to her Twitter page a few hours ago and claimed everything on the show is, "UNTRUE" -- adding, "Sucks when 'friends' use you(in this case for ratings) even if they're lyin."

But sources close to the production tell us Lindsay really was 11 hours late for the shoot -- which was scheduled for 10 AM. We're told Lindsay's excuse was that "she woke up late."

However -- when Lindsay did eventually show up, one source tells us, "she was fantastic to work with ... it's the 'getting there' that's another story."


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Um anyone is surprised that she is late for something? How many days late was she for her own hearing?
Always everyone elses fault same old **** different day. Everyone is out to get Lindsay!

1583 days ago


What world is she living in? 11 hours late?? Sweetie, just because you were in a few movies does not make you the most important person ever, your mother needs to zip it, because she and all the rest of your posse are enabling you.

You were a talented young actress what happened? Now you are poor, wearing a scram bracelet, have some serious addictions and still entitled, hmm will it ever end?

1583 days ago

yep yep    

wow when is she going to do porn? She already looks like a porn star. What a sad demise for someone that had potential as a child actor. Her family really F@*ked her up didn't they?

1583 days ago


Good to see Lilo back in form.

1583 days ago


You stupid C U Next Tuesdady. Take responsibility for your actions. Not even old-school Hollywood A-Listers act like that, which may explain why they are Hollywood A-Listers. If you get your ****ing act together, you could have it all. You used to be talented, now you are just a washed up has been promoting a line of leggings for hookers.

1583 days ago


The producer of that shoot should have packed up the crew and shut down after 4 hours. 11 hours late is bullsh*t!

And I would squel like a stuck pig about her never showing up. Bookings would dry up and she'd be the next Dana Plato!

1583 days ago


I hate when I oversleep by 11 hours and miss work! Also...she's trying to SELL those leg things? For money? D:

1583 days ago


Notwithstanding the photoshop, these photos show what a waste Lindsay has become. She is without a doubt a beautiful woman who has thrown away what could have been a great life.

1583 days ago


Lindsays whole family is living a fantasy in their own heads, reality is quite a bit different. One has to ask are they all on drugs, because they don't remember things accurately, they don't see things accurately, they are simply messed up from the core. Dr. Phil should lock them all up in a house and address the issues of family addictions, family bickerings, family pathological lying, and everything else that is wrong with the Lohans. Make them wake up. And smell the coffee at 6:30 a.m. and live a happy productive life like the rest of the world living in the real world.

1583 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Wow, she really DOES have a "fire crotch"!

1583 days ago


I'm hating myself for saying this but DAMN I'd still hit that

1583 days ago


There are "victims" LaSleaze..............only volunteers!

1583 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

The blonde photo is almost two yrs old. Yes when she did this shoot she was in her prime of downward sprial.These are friends of Markus of chorse there going to use her.She's so hard up for work and friends

You have to laugh at her legging line.Its for hookers or strippers

Come on Linds no one in reality is going to leave there house dressed in any of your line. Hope your not planning on making money on nthis trashy line

1583 days ago


Ah bugger off you guys got a whole show out of it that nobody watches anyway but will now because it made TMZ. At least she woke up and at least she remembered where she had to be...eventually

1583 days ago


Who Cares?
who even watches this show... thanks to Lindsay.. ppl are actually talking about it!

1583 days ago
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