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Lindsay Lohan -- Extremely Late, Very Irate

6/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is declaring war on a reality TV show -- claiming she's being unfairly portrayed as an irresponsible slacker who almost sabotaged a photo shoot for her own line of leggings ... problem is, it's all true.


It's all over tonight's episode of the Bravo reality show "Double Exposure" -- which is centered around Lindsay being several hours late to a NY photo shoot that went down back in September. The episode is titled, "Is Lindsay Here Yet?"

Lindsay -- obviously pissed about the way the episode is being promoted -- went to her Twitter page a few hours ago and claimed everything on the show is, "UNTRUE" -- adding, "Sucks when 'friends' use you(in this case for ratings) even if they're lyin."

But sources close to the production tell us Lindsay really was 11 hours late for the shoot -- which was scheduled for 10 AM. We're told Lindsay's excuse was that "she woke up late."

However -- when Lindsay did eventually show up, one source tells us, "she was fantastic to work with ... it's the 'getting there' that's another story."


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Pretty LL    

This chick got so lucky and she blew it. She's not that great of an actress but she had real opportunities and threw it all away. Unbelievable. Lindsay isn't that special and there's no reason anyone would hire her when they can get a real actress who won't act like an idiot.

1581 days ago


TMZ broke another Lindsay story! And like always all sources are unsubstantiated at best, the typical riot mentality response brought on by the limited (if any) brain power of jelly belly and the rest of the kennel's imagination. No wonder radaronline is kicking your a@@!

1581 days ago


Hey, Lindsay! The Partridge Family bus wants its paint job back.

1581 days ago


...and why this is news? < yawn >

1581 days ago

Ozzie X    

She has got some of the best legs.. she must be hot in bed.

1581 days ago


No wonder she can't get real movie roles - who would pay an actress who shows up 11 hours late? Just picture the cost of paying all the technical people (cameras, sound, etc) and other actors while they all wait 11 hours for LiLo to show up - no producer would stand for that.

1581 days ago


the real question is what idiot would hire her to promote anything...legging?????

1581 days ago


Who would buy ANYTHING with druggie drunk deadbeat Lindsey's name on it, lol

1581 days ago


This woman is not worth a nickel's worth of attention.

She was a child actress,and was marketable back then,but the only thing she's good for now is a laugh.

She never has taken any responsibility for her actions,and it's more than obvious she never will.

Not sure what's more sick..Lindsay as a person,or the one's she hires to come to TMZ to defend her.

Stop trying to push this bimbo on the American People!!

1581 days ago


Lindsay created the Leggings line out of necessity. They are very useful when trying to hide a SCRAM bracelet!

1581 days ago


She is amazing and always will be. Quit talking haterz your makin her more fameous hahahaha haterz are funny. Keep doin you lindsey keep your head held high the whole time.

1581 days ago


This moronm is too stupid to know the ARTICLE portrays her for what she is...... more like a drunken.....drugges up...irresponsible slacker who will most likely die by her own hand......The judge is actually doing her NO FAVORS by letting her get away with her bad behavior....She belongs in just might actually save her life.....oh well.....

1581 days ago

go home!    

The freckles she has surrounding her crotch are disgusting. No one i know with lots of freckles has no dark gathering at the crotch like that.

1581 days ago


Does anyone have any info on Lindsay's friend, John? I've also heard him called Johnny Boy?? He's supposed to be like a playboy and he and Lindsay are BFFs and are or were dating?? It's like impossible to find anything about him, just random stuff that isn't around very long.

1581 days ago

renee sick of her trashy has-been ass!

1581 days ago
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