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Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Could Set Off SCRAM

6/25/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is flirting with danger by spray tanning, after being warned it could trigger a positive alcohol reading with the SCRAM people.

Multiple sources say people have told Lindsay she can't get a spray tan while she's wearing the bracelet, because a chemical in the tanning solution can create a reading which would show the presence of alcohol. 

Lindsay's response to that warning -- we're told she's still getting a spray tan 1 to 2 times a week.

And it gets worse.  We're told the famous probationer is "climbing the walls" ... and is "filled with anxiety" because of the mandatory accessory.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay was OK with it the first week, but the bracelet started digging into her skin, irritating it.  As one person put it, "She's made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain."

And Lindsay's 24th birthday is July 2, and she doesn't like the accessory.

Lindsay wants the bracelet off, we're told, even before her July 6 hearing.  Ain't no way Judge Marsha Revel would even hear of it.


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maybe she was hanging out at a beach on the gulf of mexico,kind of hard to have clean feet there

1559 days ago


Well, to be fair she actually looks good in this picture. Guess a few days without alcohol/other substances do help.

1559 days ago



1559 days ago


Her feet are disgusting, I see that a lot in young girls that the new thing, ewwww!
I hope she gets better, she looks better.

1559 days ago


It isn't the bracelet, it is the results of having that bracelet and not being able to drink or do drugs that is making her crazy.

1559 days ago

Um, wow...    

Oh, PLEASE!!! The only "pain" she's in is from WITHDRAWALS--which have been proven to WORSEN after the first week, before getting better... AND she's got ALL the classic signs: being bitchy (more so than usual), ANXIETY, climbing the walls, etc... And, if she DOES continue to get spray tans, it's probably so that she and her lawyer can say the next time it goes off that it's NOT alcohol, but from her "spray tan"!!! Which, this time, won't hold up in court, since she's been warned, by people that it CAN register...which makes sense, b/c it can even detect the alcohol in mouthwash... Guess that'll be the excuse for the first time it tripped... She needs HELP--and NOT from her so-called "family"...she needs INTENSIVE in-house treatment, for MONTHS and MONTHS, meet with a psychologist, THEN go into a follow-up treatment, for YEARS...and she needs to KNOW that she can't BS her way out, like she does EVERYTHING else she does... She's basically a spoiled BRAT (bitch) that has had EVERYONE close to her kissing ass, NOT telling her what she NEEDS to hear, but rather what SHE WANTS to hear... If you REALLY loved her, like you say you do, you'd get her HELP, and NOT keep sugar-coating everything... Face it, at some point she's going to end up "hating" you, even if you continue to kiss up... SO... Be grown-ups and make HER, GROW UP!!! I've never seen such BS in my life...and the courts and legal system are coming off looking as bad as Lindsay!!! PATHETIC!!!

1559 days ago


Please set it off yourshank ass belongs in prison

1559 days ago


This lil girl is screaming for help!! Her mom needs to be ashamed of herself! She is trying any loophole to get high! PUT HER AWAY!! She will soon be the true hollywood story and that mom will be the first to try to profit!

1559 days ago


OMG, wash your feet!!

1559 days ago


It's called withdrawal..

1559 days ago


like they say, dirty feet dirty *****

1559 days ago



1559 days ago

Enough Already    

She really is in a sad state of despair. Those feet are pretty bad, but what is more saddening is her boobs hang down to her belly button. At age 25??????? Now that's sad! LayLo (and preferrably out of sight)....DENIAL is more than a river in Africa!

1559 days ago


well let's see, the last time she set it off she paid money. so what's the point?

1559 days ago


I think the rash excuse is mostly BS. It is quite possible that it is irritating her skin, but I'm sure they don't just leave you to suffer if it is serious. She can go to a doctor for treatment, and if it is serious enough they must have provisions for moving the scram to the other leg or some other way to treat her without having to get rid of the SCRAM altogether.

1559 days ago
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