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Mel's Baby Mama:

He Gives Me No Money

6/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_oksana_grigorieva_reg_gettyOksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson doesn't help her financially at all when it comes to raising their daughter, this according to an interview with the Russian singer.

Grigorieva tells The Mail on Sunday that she has to borrow money from friends and use credit cards in order to support herself and her nine-month-old daughter Lucia. She tells the paper, "He is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

As for their break-up, Grigorieva claims she was the one that broke up with him, not the other way around.


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I feel like he has been backed into a corner by this woman. He maintained a long marriage and had multiple children with his previous wife who on all accounts that I have seen is very much a lady as opposed to this Russian female. I am no expert, but the Russian has rubbed me the wrong way from the begining. He will do right by the child without court intervention and I hope he is able to throw the mother of the child to the curb. I truly wish he could get sole custody and remove the child from her premise. It is obvious that she had this all planned. Shame on her for doing this to that child.

1533 days ago


He only need to support his child ..after DNA testing.. and that is all.. I think I saw Clint Eastwood..on opra once talking about how he was also taken by his girl friend who claim he gave her the house she lived in with her gay husband..

1531 days ago


Mel was a great actor and not to give him any excuses but his career consists of pretending to be someone he is not, eventually that all caught up with him.....Now he doesn't even know reality from movie.....That is still no excuse for him just like it's no excuse for her, the first time he crossed her the wrong way she should have left but she didn't....instead she chose to make his life imposssible by ruining what's left of his life....Now the one whos is getting hurt by this is the baby....They all need counseling together and individually....after that everyone should just go there seperate ways....And if he beat you and did you wrong that way then why do you want his money.....if it was me i would want nothing to do wirh him.....everyone, GROW UP!!!!!

1529 days ago


Oksana says she has no money and has to live on credit cards? However, she doesn't say who is paying off her credit cards, does she? She is in the habit of giving out half-truths and thinks the U.S.public is stupid. Unfortunately, the one who is completely innocent in this whole mess is Lucia, the baby. If I were Mel Gibson, I'd make sure a DNA test was done to be sure he is the father and if he is, he should stop thinking with his loins and use his brain, which according to facts, works extremely well. He's talented and showed the world he was willing to back up his own production of the Passion of the Christ and it beat the Hollywood odds that said he would fail. He succeeded then and he can do it again, but first he has to control his temper, his libido and has to learn to think before he acts, and if this experience hasn't taught him those lessons, nothing will....that being said, I wish him luck and hope he finds the happiness he so desperately seeks.

1526 days ago


The money you get from Timothy Dalton should tide you over until your planned lawsuit against Mel goes through. Too bad you didn't take the 15 million Mel offered you so you and your sister, Natalie, did not leak the suspect tapes. That money would have been tax free. Also, now whatever you end up with will be shared with your lawyers and pr staff. Unless Mel gets stuck with your lawyers fees also. You should have tricked him in to marrying you, then you woould have gotten more. You were off your game in not getting married to him before your plan on getting his money went through. Wish you would got back to Russia and your sister too. People that take advantage of someone in the midst of a obvious mental breakdown get no sympathy from me.

1517 days ago


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1453 days ago


Wow, a mess! She knew exactly what she was doing when she had this baby and before. Too bad Mels wife left, sounds like she was very sensible and a steady hand. He made a mistake, true, but I doubt if he laid a hand on her. She is a money hungry little bitch.

1446 days ago
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