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Sandra Bullock/Jesse James

Divorce Final

6/28/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Sandra Bullock's divorce from Jesse James is now a done deal.

Sandra Bullock
Sources tell TMZ both Sandra and Jesse signed the final documents last week. Sealed documents have been filed with the clerk's office in Travis County, Texas  -- sources tell us they are the papers making the divorce final.

Sandra filed for divorce back on April 23, saying the marriage "has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities."

And sources say the divorce clears the way for Sandra to complete a single parent adoption.


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Dumped Him    

Congrats Sandra for taking it all the way!

The poster Carol is exactly right. Betrayal DOES NOT GET WORKED OUT to the one who was betrayed. I divorced the lying cheating s***bag I was married to for 23 years and do not regret any of it. Mr. Mid Life Crisis couldn't handle life and took it out on me.

Bye Bye Loser!!!

The Loser made very poor choices, and I made mine. Mine were better.

Sandra and her beautiful son will be just fine and as the poster Physical Graffiti stated, it won't change Jesse.

1557 days ago


Wow that was quick !

Don't let the door it you in the ass on the way out Jesse.

Infidelity is ugly and that should be a very good reason to call an end to a marriage.

Bye, bye Jesse

1557 days ago


Good for her! Total respect for the way she handled the situation.

1557 days ago


Now Sandra just needs to keep that carnival freak out of her life and away from her son permanently. He is what we saw & he ain't gonna change, no matter what he says. And using his kids to get to her? What a total a-hole.

1557 days ago


I hope eventually they can get back together. Before all you very young and married a short time people trash me, I've been married for 40 years this year. I know what works. I have learned that to cut and run and on to the next only buys you another set of problems with the new partner. Nobody is perfect and humans are masterful at making errors in life. To work things out gives you the MOST AMAZING relationship EVER. It's strong and genuine with no secrets. You can't know that unless you've done this in your life. Shallow, easily terminated relationships are not worth having.

1557 days ago


Just because the divorce is final doesn't mean she's totally gotten rid of him. Why is he selling his homes here and moving to TX? The divorce final will aid her adoption plus it'll make it looks like she's distanced herself from him so her career doesn't suffer. I think she just did what she had to do but doubt she's completely dropped him. She's set things up so she now has the control.

1557 days ago


Sandra renounced all material claims,although she was entitled to monetary compensation (a proven adultery). Sandra refused the money and shorten the time of divorce.Remember Elin and her claims 750 million!I admire Sandra for being strong enough to save herself!

1557 days ago


To #1 Trish:

Why in the hell would any woman want to "work things out" with a cheating, lying, tatted up Nazi like Jesse James? He's is a loser's loser. Hell, Sandra'd be better off marrying a serial killer!


1557 days ago


I believe this divorce is only because they didn't want to lose custody of this adopted baby, and they would have due to his character. I think they will be together on the DL

1557 days ago


I love that picture. "You mean HIM??? He did what? To whom??? You must be kidding??? Him???

1557 days ago


How can it be final if it takes 6 months?

1557 days ago


In maryland it takes a year

1557 days ago


Wow she must have the best lawyers on the planet, I have NEVER seen people with money get their divorce finalized so quickly!

1557 days ago


I thought it takes 6 months? Maybe not in Texas......who said they move slow in Texas? He has too much guilt (and bad rep) to slow down the process, so she could adopt the baby. I believe that even if they get back together, it would have messed up the adoption process because of the obvious problems in the marriage. No hiding what happened. I still think it's possible for a reconciliation, but not till Louie is officially hers. She can count on that little guy, but not Jesse. So at least she chose the right priority!

1557 days ago


Wow! That was fast! When my daughter was divorced, they made her wait a year!

1557 days ago
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